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Trade Show Videos

Trade shows are incredible opportunities to get your business in front of large groups of industry professionals and potential customers and videos provide ideal supplements to your trade show exhibit that will draw visitors and engage them in your business operations. Trade show video displays have become more elaborate as video technology has advanced, requiring the professional services from a full service video production house at Coldea Productions.

Trade show displays produced by our team of talented video artists and technicians provide visually appealing information on a large LED screen in a compelling and entertaining way that will make your exhibit booth and your business stand out. At Coldea Productions, we partner with you to create video content that includes visually appealing imagery that educates viewers about your company and the way you conduct business.

Present Your Business in the Best Light with Trade Show Video Displays

Video content has taken over as the world’s most popular and effective medium. It is effectively used through the digital marketing world to generate interest, website views, and sales. The video artists at Coldea Productions take those benefits and apply them to creating dynamic custom displays that will draw attendees to your exhibit booth at a large convention or industry event.

We are not the only ones to have discovered the power of including a video component to your trade show booth. That makes it even more important to have the experts at Coldea Productions create trade show video display content that stands out above your competition. Elements our video production professionals will include in your trade show video displays to maximize their power to draw people to you:

  • Product descriptions, demonstrations, and reviews
  • Customer and employee testimonials describing various aspects of your business
  • Explanation of the goals of your business, essentially serving as a visual representation of your mission statement
  • Customized static and motion graphics that will appeal to convention audiences
  • Attention-getting visuals that will draw attendees to your exhibit and seek more information
  • Sneak peeks or previews of upcoming products or events

Our video production teams at Coldea Productions will partner with you to customize your custom display content, highlighting your most important elements that will lead to the greatest success. Multiple exhibitor objectives can be achieved by creating a number of different videos showcasing various aspects of your business operation.

Benefits to Trade Show Video Displays Produced by Coldea Productions

Coldea Productions produces dynamic video content for specialty advertising opportunities like trade shows. Our video production team will tailor your content to get the attention of passersby and those crowded around your booth waiting to speak to a knowledgeable representative of your business. When attendees walk by your exhibit, the trade show displays will catch their eyes and compel them to want to stick around and learn more about what you do.

Benefits and features of the trade show video displays from Coldea Productions include:

Video Content Rules the Internet

With recent advances in mobile internet technology and the availability of more powerful cell phones and tablets, the video has risen to the most-used medium online. Viewers of video are drawn into appealing, motion visuals, and are far more likely to absorb and retain the information than from reading text or even looking at photos.

Because video is so prevalent and effective on social media and other digital spaces, people are used to focusing on video content. Their eyes are attuned to being able to absorb and retain information presented on a TV monitor. Coldea Productions produces professional video content that attendees will be comfortable with as trade show video display content that will be organically associated with the quality of your brand.

Engage with Trade Show Attendees

As people walk around the trade show floor, they may be hesitant to physically approach your exhibit feeling they will encounter a high-pressure sales pitch. Bold images, clear messaging, and visually-appealing visuals will engage with attendees without having to approach you until they are ready. We will produce video content for your trade show booth display that will get and keep visitors interested and engaged long enough to feel comfortable with direct communication.

There may be times throughout the trade show where your representatives are busy talking to potential clients, forcing others to wait. Being able to have them focus on professional produced trade show video displays will keep them engaged and interested until it is their turn.

Cost-Efficient Marketing to Target Audience

At Coldea Productions, we create premium quality video content that makes good use of your marketing and trade show budgets. A video that runs throughout the course of a largescale trade show is a cost-efficient way to reach large groups of people in a concentrated area and time frame. Video content can be repurposed for other digital marketing efforts, increasing their value even more.

Connect to Social Media and Other Digital Assets

Cross promotional opportunities that come out of our trade show video displays will help to broaden your online exposure. Hashtags and social media handles that are inserted into the video content will connect users to your exhibit in real-time. Using your trade show video to expand your social media following can lead to long-term business relationships that can be beneficial for years to come.

Why Choose Coldea Productions?

Video is now the most often used form of media to communicate in business communities all over the world, and at Coldea Productions, video is our business. Whether you need effective, engaging trade show video displays or comprehensive video marketing campaigns across all of your digital assets, we have the experience, talent, and team of professionals to help your business succeed.

Contact Us for Your Video Marketing Needs

We are a highly respected, full-service video production house that produces professional video content for a wide range of business uses and applications. Contact one of our knowledgeable representatives today for complete information about trade show video displays and other video-related services.  Get started on taking advantage of the immense power of video today.

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