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Manufacturing Videos

Video content has taken over the internet. You cannot go anywhere without seeing people looking at video on their phones or other mobile devices. Digital marketers around the world have taken full advantage of the access to online videos and their power to reach large numbers of consumers. Coldea Productions has a team of video production specialists uniquely positioned to use manufacturing videos to help inform your customers and employees that will help to grow your business. 

Videos are highly effective at breaking down complex concepts and making them easier to understand and remember. This makes manufacturing videos incredibly valuable for industrial companies to communicate through B2B and B2C channels.

Manufacturing Videos for Marketing by the Numbers

There are hundreds of millions of hours’ worth of video content being consumed every day on YouTube. Coldea Productions produces manufacturing videos that get noticed in your market for a broad range of marketing and internal applications. The popularity of video content online continues to grow with no ceiling in sight.

The proof is in the numbers:

Benefits to Manufacturing Videos from Coldea Productions

The manufacturing industry features products that are complex and often difficult to explain through text descriptions and instructions. Video is highly effective at breaking down the most complicated and involved manufacturing process to explain to them in terms of your customers, vendors, and contractors will understand.

The following are among the benefits and features of using manufacturing videos produced by the professionals at Coldea Productions:

Viewer Retention

Information presented in a video is absorbed and retained at a far higher rate than text or even photo displays. Video content can be viewed multiple times, starting and stopping when needed, and archived for later use and distribution.

Connect with Your Target Audiences

The internet offers opportunities to pinpoint those online users that are more likely to be interested in the information your manufacturing videos provide. Targeting specific audience groups based on demographics like age, income, and location allow you to get your video content to the people who will find the most value from it.

Overcome Customer Objections

Purchasing decisions in the manufacturing industry are often large and long-term. Your prospective customers need to know that they can trust that your products will fill their needs and solve their problems. Videos can answer all of their questions and address all of their concerns in a concise, direct format.

Provide a Human Touch

Posting your manufacturing videos on your social media properties also allows you to communicate directly with customers and prospects to further the discussion on a personal basis. When social media users follow your company page and engage with you, it adds a human touch to your business relationship building a level of trust and loyalty that no other medium can match.

Increases SEO

In addition to being a massive digital video warehouse, YouTube is also the second-largest search engine in the world, second only to their parent company Google. Posting your manufacturing videos on your YouTube page will increase your subscribers and show up on search engine results pages when people are looking for the kinds of services your business provides. This will lead to a greater online presence and increased brand awareness.

Share Over Social Media Properties

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter is massive digital communities offering unprecedented access to large segments of targeted audiences. When you post engaging, informative video content on your social media properties, your followers and others will like, comment on, and share your videos.

Types of Marketing Videos for Manufacturing Industry

Videos can be used for a variety of digital marketing, trade shows, and internal applications. At Coldea Productions, we understand your audience and your customer base has different needs and backgrounds than other industries.

Manufacturing videos can be targeted to B2B prospects more than the individual consumer. We use the right combination of live-action, animation, and motion graphics to grab viewers’ attention and have them want to watch the whole video. The following are among the kinds of manufacturing videos that are particularly useful in this specific industry.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos allow you to provide an overview of the way your manufacturing process works and how your business fits into the market. These are typically short in length and provide an overview that will have viewers looking for more information.

How-To Videos

“How to” searches remain among the most popular types of search engine inquiries for those looking for an easy and satisfying manufacturing process. This is because videos are so great at breaking down complicated topics and making them easier to understand for trade shows and online applications. How-to videos in the manufacturing market can provide step-by-step instructions for set up, maintenance, and troubleshooting aspects of your products.

Demonstration Videos

Demonstration videos take how-to content a step further, teaching the viewer exactly how your product works in a dynamic way. Your customers and prospects will be provided with a valuable tool that will help them get the most of your product they can refer to back to when needed and share with others who are interested.


Why Choose Coldea Productions?

Coldea Productions features an impressive team of experienced video marketing specialists that understand the manufacturing business and can customize content to your business’ goals and objectives. We will produce the king of manufacturing videos that will help you explain complex material in a way that potential customers and prospects will understand, compelling them to want to do business with you. Our videos will present you as an industry leader that offers a valuable resource in the market.

Contact Us for Your Video Marketing Needs

Our team has years of successes producing premium quality video content that informs, entertains, and performs well on Google and other prominent search engines. Contact us today for complete information on the professional manufacturing videos for your industrial business.

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