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Coldea Productions is a highly respected professional video company specializing in producing premium quality video content designed to lift your business brand, drive traffic to your website, and increase sales and revenue. We are a full-service video production house staffed by industry professionals classically trained and experienced in filmmaking and skilled in producing video marketing content that will increase your online presence and establish your business as an industry leader in your market.

Video content is no longer a fringe option for companies looking to compete in today’s crowded online marketplace. Producing and distributing professional-quality video content is now a baseline standard element and necessary component of any comprehensive digital marketing campaign. Posting dynamic, engaging videos on your website, and social media properties can increase conversion rates and lead to increased sales, revenue, and a larger share of the market.

Professional, Reliable Video Company

Today’s consumers cannot get enough video content. With everyone accessing high speed and wireless internet connections through cell phones and other handheld devices, videos have become the prime source for getting information and communicating with others on a personal and business basis. Though everyone with a modern cell phone can shoot video and post it publicly on their webpage or social media account, it takes professionals at Coldea Productions to create the kind of digital marketing content that will be effective at driving current and new customers to your website and grow your business.

Benefits of Professional Video Company Services

Talented videographers, editors, writers, and digital marketers at Coldea Productions skillfully combine the creative and technical aspects of producing a high-quality video with industry knowledge and experience to market videos in a crowded digital marketplace.

Video content produced by the industry leaders at Coldea Productions helps to establish and grow your online presence and raise your company’s brand awareness. Benefits and features to the wide range of professional video services offered by the industry leaders at Coldea Productions include:

Consumers Love Videos

As a society, our appetite for video content is voracious. Videos have become the primary source for information and entertainment with websites and social media platforms dominated by all kinds of live-action and animated forms of video. Viewers of videos are far better able to absorb, process, and retain the information compared to standard text or even photography.

Search Engine Rankings

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, behind only Google. Properly optimized video content on the massive digital video warehouse can help improve your search engine rankings and help to widen the reach and scope of your audience. Google and other major search engines are also now placing increased importance and credibility on video content.

Social Media Loves Videos

Videos have taken over social media and outlets like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter allow for the targeting of paid ads to specific demographic clusters based on users’ age, location, income, buying habits, and other determining factors to reach the widest segment of potential customers than ever before.

Mobile Devices Love Videos

People are constantly buried in their phones and other mobile devices wherever you go. Most of the time they are viewing videos online. More people are watching more videos every day. Short, concise, and entertaining videos are a great way to capture the attention in the fast-paced environment of digital marketing and nobody does it better or has more experience than the industry professionals at Coldea Productions.

High Return on Your Investment

When implemented by professionals in the industry who understand the connection between high quality, creative video production, and effective digital marketing tools that can be used to increase sales and expand your customer base, marketing videos show exceptionally high returns on the investment in your marketing and advertising efforts.

Boost Conversions, Increase Sales

The ultimate goal of implanting any kind of marketing or advertising campaign is to increase sales and profits. Nothing in today’s digital age is more effective at doing just that than the marketing content produced by a highly regarded video company like Coldea Productions.

Video Production Options to Increase Sales, Profits

Corporate Videos

We will tell your stories and showcase your business in the most creative and engaging ways, using the latest advancements in video technology and processes. Give your business the best chance of getting noticed in the crowded digital marketing landscape.

Product Videos

Show off the benefits and features of your products and services through professionally produced product video. 

Website/Social Media Videos

Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram have millions of daily users who watch hours of video every day, offering you a potential customer base that you can tap into through targeted distribution of dynamic, engaging, and impactful video content that will drive users to your website.

Training Videos

Keep your staff all on the same page about your business objectives and goals, and fully informed about your company policies and procedures, and the products and services you provide.

Drone Videos

Aerial video using the latest drone technology is especially effective in the real estate and travel industries to give viewers a spectacular overview of the property. Always ahead of the latest technology, Coldea Productions produces spectacular imagery used in a variety of business video applications and industries.

Professional Video Company for Your Digital Marketing Efforts

The impressive staff of creative professionals at Coldea Productions brings a filmmaking background that allows us to produce the highest quality video content possible. We are a reliable video company in a unique position of being able to offer a perfect combination of video production expertise and the digital marketing experience to distribute video content to the largest possible target audiences most likely to do business with you.

Coldea Productions is a video company best suited to help you increase your online presence to help generate the kind of traffic to your website that leads to more sales and a larger share of the market. Get started today with a free estimate and get all of your questions answered by contacting a knowledgeable representative today.

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