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In order to make a dent in today’s highly competitive digital landscape, you will need the full video production services of a top video production team like Coldea Productions. We specialize in producing high quality video content that ranks well on search engines and is effective at generating web traffic that results in increased sales and a larger share of the market, via promotional video.

Watching videos is now the most popular way users receive information online and all comprehensive digital marketing plans need to include a major video project. Coldea Productions provide a long list of video production services designed to widen your online presence and increase your brand awareness among those most likely become future customers.

Video Production Services Offered at Coldea Productions

An extensive filmmaking background prepared Coldea Productions to produce high-quality video content that ranks well on Google, YouTube, Bing, and other major search engines to provide maximum exposure. We will partner with you to come up with the right combination of video service that gives your business the best chance to generate web traffic that will lead to more sales and a larger share of the market.

Corporate Videos

Put your company in the best possible light with dynamic, engaging, and entertaining corporate videos that will get you noticed in the crowded digital marketing landscape. Our video production team of specialists will help you determine your digital marketing goals and create a plan to meet them with an impactful final product of video content to promote your business, and the products and services you provide.

Product Videos

More consumers are doing their window shopping and making purchases online than ever before. Professionally produced product videos from the industry leaders at Coldea Productions make sure your products stand out in the crowded online marketplace. Our product videos make a lasting impression on potential customers using the benefits and features of the product combined with the appeal of superior technology and effects.

Website, Social Media Videos

Marketing videos from Coldea Productions effectively communicate your message instantly to people who visit your website and social media platforms. Videos can be used over and over again throughout your digital properties. The more often people see your videos, the more they will recognize it and become loyal to your brand.

Training Videos

Video is the best training format for absorbing and retaining the information your staff needs to know about your business goals, company policies, and procedures, as well as the products and services you provide and how they work. The creative, experienced team at Coldea Productions utilizes years of experience to create customized corporate videos for education, information, and promotion.

Benefits of Video Production Services at Coldea Productions

The main goal of producing corporate videos as an essential part of an effective digital marketing campaign is to drive quality consumers to your website and compel them to make a purchase. At Coldea Productions, a team of industry professionals works together to create effective marketing tools through high-quality video production services.

Improved Search Engine Rankings

In 2006, Google bought YouTube and made video much more of a priority in their search ranking algorithms. Videos are now included in Google search results, allowing videos to increase your overall rankings and provide more of an opportunity to generate web traffic and boost sales. Coldea Productions is experienced at optimizing video content for maximum exposure and online presence.

Explain Your Products, Services

Video marketing is an excellent vehicle to showcase your products and services. Viewers are far more likely to absorb and retain the information than reading it in text, making them far more likely to become a customer. Video is the best way to explain what your business does while maintaining your brand and its qualities.

Increase Conversions

Recent studies show that embedding a video on the home page of your website can increase the chances of conversion by up to 80 percent. Targeting specific audience demographics through social media paid to advertise using corporate video will also generate traffic and increase conversion rates.

Build Client Trust

Giving current and potential customers an inside look into how your company works and the people behind your business will organically build up trust in your business and your brand. When consumers have confidence in your credibility and services they develop strong brand loyalty that they will maintain for years and extend to others.

Longer Site Retention Rates

The longer a user is on your site the more likely they are to make a purchase or schedule a service. Compelling, engaging videos will result in users staying on your site longer and engaging in the functions of your website. Users remaining on the website for longer periods of time is also a determining factor for search engine rankings.

Social Media Shares

One of the greatest advantages of creating quality video content for your social media properties is the ability for others to share the content with others, which can exponentially widen your reach without you doing a thing. With video being the most shared type of content on social media, investing in video production services at Coldea Productions means more potential customers will see your content organically.

Educate, Inform Employees

Training videos allow you to educate and inform your employees, vendors, and contractors about valuable information regarding your business without having to repeat it or have them read it in text. The information delivered through video presentations is far more likely to be absorbed and retained. Internal educational and informative videos can be easily archived and shared as needed.

Professional Video Company for Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Corporate video production services offered by the industry leaders at Coldea Productions offer unmatched production quality combined with digital marketing experience to make sure your video project is property optimized and distributed to the audience groups most likely to visit your site and make a purchase.

Coldea Productions video production company is here to help you increase your online presence to help generate traffic that leads to more sales and a larger share of the market. Get started today and have all of your questions answered by reaching out to a knowledgeable representative today.

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