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Coldea Productions is a full service video making company providing a wide range of video production services designed to bring the story of your business to life. With an impressive staff of professional video creation specialists with in-depth knowledge and experience in digital marketing, we produce high quality video that helps to increase the presence of your business online and generates targeted web traffic that leads to more sales and a larger share of the market.

Once a fringe advertising accessory, video marketing is now an essential component of any comprehensive digital marketing plan designed to draw the most views from potential customers. Only the highest quality and impactful content will survive in the hyper competitive online marketplace. Coldea Productions uses a film making background to create marketing and corporate videos to get the maximum amount of views and sales.

Trusted Video Making Company to Help Your Business Grow

From content development to distribution efforts, production company Coldea Productions will partner with you to make sure you are getting exactly what you need to properly promote and market your business within your brand and mission. Talented artists take your ideas and bring them to life using a combination of techniques and processes, including live-action, animation, and motion graphics to produce the most dynamic, engaging, and entertaining content. Video marketing is especially great for small businesses.

Everyone with a modern cell phone can shoot video and post it online within minutes, but it takes a professional video production company, and the experts at Coldea Productions to create the kind of video marketing content that is most effective at driving current and new customers to your website, growing your brand and increasing your online presence.

Benefits of Video Company Services from Coldea Productions

Online video is being consumed at an astounding rate every day. Video viewers not only watch more video than ever, but they are also able to absorb and retain the information in them at a significantly higher rate than by reading it in text. At Coldea Productions, our expert team of videographers, production technicians, and post-production professionals create a promotional video that truly promotes your business in a dynamic, compelling, and interesting way.

Benefits of entrusting your corporate video need to the industry leaders at Coldea Productions include:

High Return on Marketing Investment

The marketing of your company is an important part of your business plan with a good deal of your budget dedicated to promotion and advertisement. Using videos as a major component of your marketing plan will yield high returns on the investment on a short and long-term basis. Professionally optimized video content from Coldea Productions will help to generate web traffic to your site and increase conversion rates to show larger sales numbers and a bigger share of the market.

Improved Search Engine Rankings

Creating a high-quality video is just the start of the impact it will have on your bottom line. Videos created by Coldea Productions are fully optimized for maximum visibility on Google and other powerful search engines, ensuring your business will be among the first searchers when they are looking for the products and services you provide.

Impact of Social Media Videos

Outlets like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are flooded with video content of all kinds, with users watching for hours every day. Coldea Productions customizes media video content to fit into the guidelines and user trends for maximum visibility. A free personal account allows you to control your message and expand your business community. Paid ads target specific demographic segments that are most likely to frequent your business, expanding your reach exponentially.

Videos Compatible with All Mobile Devices

With so many users consuming online content on the go through their cell phones and tablets, a recent trend for a video making company is the challenge of creating videos that convey your complete message clearly and concisely without the use of sound. Animation and motion graphics bring your business to life and convey the exact message and information you need to draw in customers.

Increase Sales, Share in the Market

The reason you invest in any kind of marketing or advertising is to do more business and make money. In today’s digital age where everyone is buried in their mobile devices watching videos, Coldea Production creates the kind of video marketing content that puts you ahead of the competition right out of the gate. Our videos will rank well on search engines and our quality production values and creative technical skills create the kind of content that drives viewers to your website and compel them to make a purchase.

Wide Range of Options from Reliable Video Making Company

Video and marketing professionals at Coldea Productions are in the unique position of being able to combine years of creating high-quality video content with an in-depth and updated knowledge of the guidelines and procedures for the implementation of SEO practices designed to increase search rankings.

Your specific needs will be analyzed and together we will come up with a plan that includes a mix of various kinds of videos to fulfill different objectives and marketing goals.

Corporate Videos

Let your business come to life with corporate videos that highlight your business, the products, and services you provide, and the employees that make it all happen. Tell your story in compelling, informative, engaging videos that have the best chances of generating the most web traffic.

Product Videos

Showcase your products with marketing videos using a combination of live-action, animation, and post-production techniques to present your business in the best light. Videos allow you to break down complex concepts and processes to make them easier to understand, setting you up as the industry leader and expert in your field.

Social Media Videos Taking Over the Internet

The vast expanse of social media offers previously unheard of opportunities to target specific audiences and connect directly with your customers. Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram feature millions of daily users who watch hours of video every day, offering potential customer base of millions that Facebook, Twitter, and others allow you to into through professionally-produced video content that will drive potential customers and clients to your website.

Professional Video Company for Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Coldea Productions is a reliable video making company able to combine video creation expertise with years of marketing experience to produce video content with the best chance to improve brand awareness and increased web presence.

Contact the respected video making company at Coldea Productions today for complete information about our wide range of options for corporate marketing video production and distribution.

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