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Product Video

Product Videography

Professional video production services have the unique ability to showcase and demonstrate your products in the clearest and most positive way. A good product video can be a valuable digital marketing tool that is increasingly more influential in the decision-making process for today’s online consumer. Coldea Productions takes advantage of a filmmaking background and experience in video marketing to create cost-effective professional videos that will engage, entertain, and inform current and potential customers alike.

Digital video marketing has been established as a powerful medium to promote products in a way that communicates directly to audiences in a more meaningful and compelling way than traditional product catalogs and online photo galleries can. Great video at Coldea Production will inform and entertain while building your brand and increasing your online presence and visibility.

What is Product Video?

Explainer videos produced by Coldea Productions are highly effective at explaining and demonstrating the benefits and features of your products. Professional marketing videos see higher conversion rates through engaging, impactful storytelling that leaves the most positive impression on the viewer of the product and your business.

Consumers are far more likely to remember and retain information when it is presented in a video format compared to reading text or looking at static photos. Coldea Productions produces product videos that look professional, are fun to watch, and display your products in the best light.


Product Video

Product Videos Benefit a Wide Range of Industries

Whatever you are selling, a professionally-produced product video from the talented team of video production and digital marketing specialists at Coldea Productions will produce an effective digital marketing tool to present your products and reach the widest possible audience.

Video can break down complex products and processes to make them easier to understand, from computer software to industrial machinery. Clothing companies with a large number of products and variations can organize their inventory through a series of product videos that clearly explain your product line and introduces new items.


Product Video

Best Practices for Product Video

Coldea Productions uses state-of-the-art production equipment and current production standards and practices to deliver dynamic, creative product videos. Tell your story and bring your products to life in an engaging, compelling video format that will increase your online presence and help you grab a greater share of the market.

Best practices for quality video content at Coldea Productions include:

  • Educating a target audience about your product in a clear and concise format
  • Focusing on benefits and distinguishing features of the product
  • Fully optimizing video content for maximum user outreach and engagement
  • Providing tutorial-style information and step-by-step instruction when needed
  • Creating easily absorbed how-to video elements
  • Showcasing product and business within your brand


Product Video

Types of Product Videos

The different kinds of Product Videos offered at Coldea Productions can vary widely depending on the types of products you offer, the audience you are targeting, and your overall digital marketing goals. A talented team of video production professionals and digital marketing specialists will come up with the best combination of product videos that will generate the most attention and sales.

The following is a sampling of the types of product videos that have the most impact and influence on consumers in need of the products your business provides.

Product Demonstration Videos

Using state-of-the-art video production equipment and techniques, such as different angles, Coldea Productions create classic product demonstration videos and find different ways of capturing every detail of your product in a dynamic and engaging way. Product demo videos enhance the experience of seeing the item in a store by showing every angle and all functional capabilities. Animation and motion graphics can help highlight certain elements of the product and make the video more enjoyable and entertaining.

Product Unboxing Videos

There is something inherently engaging and entrancing about watching a product being unboxed for the first time. Product unboxing videos have become a YouTube favorite for unveiling products ranging from new cell phones and gaming equipment to toys, food, and even beauty products. Watching an unboxing product video triggers the feeling in the viewer of getting and opening something new to enjoy it for the first time. These are ideal videos to get attention and gain traction on social media.

Product Reviews

Having your product reviewed by a third party, such as a product review channel on YouTube adds credibility and legitimacy to the information being delivered about your product. Review videos dive deeper into the benefits and functions of the product to give consumers a more well-rounded perspective. Double-checking your finished product is always a must. Negative reviews can be problematic, of course, but they can also offer a glimpse into issues with your product that need correcting.

How-To Videos

Consumers learn how to use your product focusing on its functions and features. Coldea Productions has high-quality creativity and skill to produce short, tight, concise how-to videos that demonstrate your products’ uses and benefits that grab and keep the attention of the viewer by presenting the information in an engaging, entertaining, and memorable way. How-to product videos are valuable marketing tools that have a big influence on consumers’ decision-making processes.

Feature Video

More complex and involved product lines such as tech gadgets or industrial machinery may require individual videos explaining and demonstrating specific features and functions of the product. Whether showcasing a list of your product features or focusing on one specific function, a good product video can offer customers a more complete understanding of your products. These videos also help to establish your business as an industry leader and valued resource, which builds up trust and loyalty in your brand.


Product Video

Product Video from Industry Professionals

Showcase your products through engaging, entertaining, and compelling product videos by production and marketing professionals. Coldea Productions is uniquely positioned in the video production industry, bringing a filmmaking background and digital marketing expertise to Product Video that has impact and influence on targeted audiences.

Contact Coldea Productions today for complete information on the product video production options designed to generate interest in your business and grow your online presence in the process. As an effective way to reach a target audience, get started today with a free estimate and get all of your questions answered by contacting a knowledgeable representative today.