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Situated literally one mile from the second busiest international airport in the U.S., a Hyatt Regency L.A. event photographer can prove that whatever happens at the Hyatt Regency L.A. rarely stays there. Its proximity to LAX makes the Hyatt a natural point of contact for global travelers, as well as business meeting organizers, who depend on easy transportation for attendees, vendors, sales staff, speakers and entertainers.

A recent remodel of the hotel continues a trend of modernization that’s consistent with the continual evolution occurring in that part of Los Angeles for more than a century.

You can see the growth of LAX and neighboring hotels thanks to historical images by Los Angeles event photographers.

It was about 150 years ago when the Westside of Los Angeles changed hands from Mexican landowners to European settlers. The rancho in Inglewood, where Los Angeles International Airport is situated today, was initially granted in 1844 to Ygnacio Machado by the governor of Mexico. He called it Rancho Ajuaje de la Centinela, meaning “Sentinel of the Waters.” Machado traded it the following year to Bruno Avila, who along with his brother, Antonio Ygnacio Avila, owned more than 25,000 acres in Los Angeles.

California became a part of the United States in 1850 and after passing through several landowners, the Westside belonged to Scottish Lord Sir Robert Burnett. The land was bought and sold and leased to tenant farmers growing wheat, barley and lima beans. In the 1920s the area was called Bennett Rancho for owner Andrew Bennett, and it attracted pioneering aviators, so on a parcel of the property he created a landing strip.

Public officials floated the idea of a municipal airport in 1927 and in 1928 the beginning stages of Los Angeles International Airport was set in motion on 640 acres of Bennett Rancho.

City of Los Angeles photography on the Los Angeles World Airports website gives the public a clear idea of the size and style of Aeronautics of the early 20th century. There’s an image of The Daily Californian newspaper with a blazing headline that would be considered misspelled today: “Air Port Here Chosen.” There are other photos, some taken from the air, including a building marked “Los Angeles Airways Inc.”

The images a Hyatt Regency L.A. event photographer produces depends on the format and spaces chosen by the event organizer.

The Hyatt’s strong connection to LAX – including free shuttle service daily – and therefore, to the world, is a drawing card for a lot of event organizers and business leaders seeking a place to hold conferences. Because of its close proximity to the airport, business associates, clients, vendors, and speakers can easily come together at the Hyatt Regency LAX, where there is rental space to hold meetings, as well as overnight accommodations.

There are 580 sleep rooms and the overall hotel event space is 50,000 square feet, with its largest rental facility totaling 13,395 square feet in size. The Hyatt Regency Conference Center has 9,708 square feet of professional meeting space, which includes the assistance of an event manager to oversee the function from beginning to end.

Spaces available for rent are:

  • Hyatt Regency Conference Center
  • Regency Ballroom
  • Floor 2 Meetings Rooms
  • Floor 2 Foyers+
  • Penthouse 280
  • Event Lawns (Regency Grove and Regency Park)
  • Studio Suites

For a sizable event, the Hyatt Regency L.A. event photographer needs to have the equipment necessary to visually document a wide range of events in both indoor and outdoor venues. The event lawns alongside a pool with a unique, wave-like shape were created in 2016 as part of the hotel’s remodel. Hyatt Regency L.A. event photography posted on the hotel’s website offers a detailed look at some of the seven meeting space rentals and event lawns.

For prospective brides and grooms, a Hyatt Regency L.A. event photographer captured the look of the hotel’s various settings for wedding ceremonies and receptions, including romantic décor and formal table settings. It also gives an L.A. wedding photographer the lay of the land before setting foot on the property to prepare for a wedding day shoot. has a write-up about the newly renovated Hyatt, mentioning “dynamic menus” and “the largest banquet halls in the LAX Airport Business District.”

Event management company Cvent has a Hyatt Regency LAX landing page offering most of what you need to know about the hotel as a meeting space. Cvent is a worldwide company that guides corporate clients in choosing venues and also offers services in business leadership and hospitality management technology.

In addition to professional images from a Hyatt Regency LA event photographer, Cvent’s research breaks down its size, amenities and other features:

  • Outdoor space totals 12,000 square feet.
  • Exhibit space is 25,000 square feet
  • There are 7 meeting rooms: The Core & The Core 1, 2 & 3, The Jetway, Collaboration Room A, and Collaboration B
  • With flexibility, there’s a capacity for 30 meeting rooms

Referring to the Hyatt’s $75 million restoration project, including the new Conference Center, the website calls the Hyatt LAX “unquestionably unairport.” If true, you want your event photographer to capture that unique atmosphere in the images.

Two miles away is Hyatt Place, which is a modern, but smaller facility. It has 1,054 square feet of flexible space for meetings, which can be arranged as one or two rooms. It has up-to-date amenities, including a flat-screen TV, projector, Wi-Fi, etc. Also an ideal location, in its proximity to LAX, it fits the needs of more modestly-sized events.

A Hyatt Regency L.A. event photographer can exponentially increase attendance for corporate clients.

One of the main purposes of events and convention photography is for advertising and promotion during and after the event. Adequate hype and ticket sales prior to the event are in the hands of the organizer, but a savvy Hyatt Regency L.A. event photographer can get more people in the door through real-time social media posting.

Portland-based PR agency Mad Fish Digital has an article with tips for promoting a corporate event, many of them applicable to your pre-event push. For instance, a separate event page should be created on Facebook, because it serves as a “home base” and makes ticket sales easy for those who find it. You can include all the details of the event there, including agendas, speakers, directions, parking, and biographies.

Blogging in advance is also a good idea. It’s a way to “tease” potential attendees and give them a reason to register.

The site suggests installing a hashtag search widget to embed on your website. It’s a way to focus your exposure and get in front of the right people.

In the event of a repeated or annual event, hopefully you have contact information from past attendees. A Constant Contact or MailChimp email blast is one form of advertising.

You want to share the link to your event through social media, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ groups, Facebook, industry forums and use hashtags to gain exposure. Some of these platforms can be used by a Hyatt Regency L.A. event photographer during the event, as well. If you have rolling registration and your event is long enough you can add to your guests that way.

If you can offer giveaways, Mad Fish suggests you do it. You can offer free tickets (to generate more buzz) or you can create a contest and gain email addresses by offering a drawing.

Providing compelling promotional photo products after the close of your convention is another job for the Hyatt Regency L.A. event photographer.

Photo walls are a 21st-century PR tool for conferences and meetings photography and a crowd-pleaser during award ceremonies and personal parties.

A great tool for engaging attendees, photo walls help sponsors gain exposure when the images are shared on social media. Though they aren’t expensive, they provide an easy payback for the investment when done right. Even small budgets can create a wall – it just determines the materials you use for its construction (or whether you have the money to hire an artist).

It’s really a success based on how excited attendees are about the images. For that reason, your Hyatt Regency L.A. event photographer needs to provide the type of quality that gains traction. In other words, people have to want to share it.

Cvent has a blog with unique ideas for photo walls that are useful for promotional purposes – and sheer pleasure – at parties, awards shows or corporate settings such as trade shows. It’s an added bonus for sponsors who depend on good quality conventions and trade shows photography to use for advertising and public relations materials.

Wood Wall

Easily constructed at home by the event organizer, all you need is some wood pallets, which you can shop for on NextDoor or even find for free. If it sounds too simple, you can make it more complex – it doesn’t have to look like your grandpa’s woodwork.

Plant Wall

Cvent calls it a “fresh” idea – both physically leafy and natural with a chic bonus of providing a bohemian style to the event. One great application for a Hyatt Regency L.A. event photographer might be to use this for the launch of an eco-friendly startup or an environmental nonprofit conference. It’s especially fitting because the hotel chain itself designed a 2020 sustainability strategy where its designs aim to focus on energy reduction, minimizing waste and water conservation.

Feather Wall

Doubtless, you’ve seen feather boas for photo props, but you can cover the entire wall in feathers, that is if you’re doing parties and celebrations photography for a Sweet-16 or Roaring 20s gig. It may not be a “best practices” idea for a thinktank’s conference or an attorneys convention.

Balloon Wall

In a similar vein, photos in front of the balloons are nothing new. But there are professional balloon experts who work full-time, constructing new designs for large-scale corporate functions, not to mention the various effects you can create on the wall, appropriate to the style of the event. It’s a particularly good idea for non-profit events photography, where the colors and shapes can form the charity’s logo.

Whether it’s a corporate heavy-hitter hosting a major conference or a small business retreat, a professional Hyatt Regency L.A event photographer has to have the chops to create ad-worthy material to maximize the shelf-life of the event. Even holiday party photography can affect your brand, so you need it to be better than the iPhone pictures your attendees send on snapchat.

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