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Take a lesson from your neighbors to the south. It’s attention-getting images from Comic-Con that made it a worldwide sensation. And that’s why an Oceanside event photographer is a good strategy for the function you’re planning – to build excitement, gain traction for your brand and sustain its reputation.

There’s the spinoff – WonderCon at the Anaheim Convention Center, which is successful too – but if they could bottle the hype from Comic-Con International at the San Diego Convention Center, it would be a stroke of genius. It’s the largest convention of its kind in the world and you can’t even get tickets to it, at this point. So, we’re all just left with footage of costumed space aliens and pictures of the movie stars who attend the popular event, like Will Smith, John Cameron and Anna Gunn.

The impact of events and convention photography can grow your crowds and push your brand.

One of the secrets to a successful convention is the visuals that come out of it. Conferences and meetings, photography can have the quality that gives it wings … or it can be a death blow to its future success.

And the nature of your industry doesn’t have to be visual. It can be a conference for young moms sponsored by baby products or a medical symposium for heart specialists. An Oceanside event photographer who knows the business can create images that enable outsiders to enjoy it – which comes in handy when your conference becomes sold out, and tickets are nearly impossible to obtain.

Some of the best events end up in a Flickr vs. Instagram showdown. Photo sharing before you’ve sold all of your booth space can get you the vendors you need, and posting pictures during a multi-day event gets more tickets sold and beefs up your crowds.

What you need is conventions and tradeshows photography that gets you traction and attraction.

Human nature is a great motivator – it fuels your PR needs, at least. Fear of Missing Out can lead to some tragic ends, to be sure, but FOMO can also inspire people into participate, which is what happens when attendees post their selfies and other positive experiences.

Social platforms such as Instagram enable people to “like” or comment on posts, and hashtags target the message to the most appropriate subgroups of its more than 500 million users.

According to Instagram’s Preview app, some of the most successful hashtags for business people are:

  • #growyourbusiness
  • #entrepreneurspirit
  • #successmindset
  • #successmindset
  • #entrepreneurlife
  • #businessowner

You or your social media director can look up the best hashtags for your industry. There are event photographers in Oceanside who do more than take pictures – they take it to the next step and get you attention by posting them online.

Of course, there are drawbacks to Instagram too. If you’re spearheading a convention that’s featuring retirement travel and living wills, it’s probably not the right platform for your age group (you’re better off with Facebook). Also, you – or your event photographer – can only upload pictures one-by-one, so it’s not necessarily the best choice when you need large quantities posted. What that does mean, however, is that quality matters.

A knowledgeable Oceanside event photographer can take a few photos that knock it out of the park with incomparable shares and response.

The best concerts and live performances photography comes from a professional with experience.

Oceanside isn’t just a sleepy little beach town. Private parties, clubs and public events fill the calendar year-round, bringing professional musicians to various sites on weekends while filling seats for tribute bands at the Moonlight Amphitheatre.

Residents rely on the art and culture education available at Oceanside Museum of Art and offer support through such annual fundraisers as the Museum Ball. It’s held every summer, with dining and dancing under the stars at the Oceanside Civic Center Plaza. Someone with experience shooting awards and fundraisers photography is ideal because of multi-faceted events such as this one, which includes an annual presentation of the OMA Medal of Distinction.

Theatre productions use photography for printed materials but can benefit from consulting an Oceanside event photographer who can produce a promo package for publicity purposes. Like any commercial venture, they gain more press coverage by reaching out to local media with professional photos to accompany their press releases.

For Oceanside Theatre Company to advance its mission – to enrich the community through the expansion of the arts – the public needs to know about it. OTC is the production company in residence at the historic Brooks Theater in downtown Oceanside, providing educational programs in a venue known for its quality of cultural arts productions.

The Oceanside Theatre Company’s values include:

  • Artistic excellence
  • Community Collaboration
  • Integrity
  • Diversity
  • Good stewardship

The Brooks Theater has a storied history. It was first the Margo from its launch in 1936 until 1948, when it was renamed Towne Theater. From the 1950s through the 1970s, the Towne served as a movie house, and in 1993, the city of Oceanside acquired the theatre from Hattie Hazel “Sunshine” Brooks, which gave the building its name.

If you lease The Brooks and Studio 219 for a production, you want an event photographer with knowledge of the performing arts – specifically theatre, if possible.

You can expand your presence and increase volunteerism with non-profit events photography.

If you’re like many residents of Oceanside, you support the military, and with Camp Pendleton here, you get the chance to give back on a fairly regular basis. When you volunteer for Marine Corps programs, you see your share of events, and you’re more likely to recruit more volunteers with some good galas, awards, and fundraisers photography.

The Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton presents the President’s Volunteer Service Awards at the Pacific Views Event Center each year. Designed to inspire citizens to a life of service to others, the award was created by George W. Bush and is given to individuals, families, and organizations to underscore the importance of volunteerism.

There are many Oceanside non-profit groups needing award ceremonies photography, and they occur nearly every season of the year. The Oceanside Chamber of Commerce holds its recognition banquet in July, and members of the Moonlight Angels Auxiliary, which raises funds for the Moonlight Cultural Foundation youth theatre program, does its check presentation in the spring.

San Diego County is incredibly diverse, so celebrations and ceremonies aren’t limited to formal, gala-style events. And that means the non-profit and for-profit arts, charity, and sporting event photographer you hire needs to have a broad skill set.

Some refer to San Diego County as the capital of craft beer, and Oceanside celebrates it by participating in the 10-day San Diego Beer Week events. It promotes local businesses such as Oceanside’s Belching Beaver Brewery through events like San Diego’s Collabapalooza.

The Oceanside skatepark system began almost 20 years ago with a temporary skatepark downtown. And for functions held at one of the town’s five skate parks, the best event photographer in Oceanside is likely to be active – The Alex Road Skatepark has 22,700 square feet of recreation space, with bowls, snake runs, and a street area. It’s a plus if the photographer understands the unconventional nature of skaters.

Small or large, formal or casual, an event photographer can create a lasting impression for a personal party and double down on your business success with a social media call to action. The goals of the event, of course, determine the need and application for professional images. And if it’s more business you want, it’s important enough to hire a professional Oceanside event photographer – with or without battling trolls, geek couture, or a visit from Aquaman.

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