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Orange County Product Photographer

An Orange County product photographer can help your company’s merchandise sell itself by raising your public profile. You deserve a photo professional who has the technical know-how to provide images that are high-impact and consistent with your brand. An experienced photographer works closely with your marketing department to feature the qualities that put you in the strongest light.

What does a product photographer do?

When you launched your company, you spent most of your time and resources on business management. You invested in market research, hiring staff, and set your sights on developing strategies to generate sales.

You can be an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or carry white-label products – sellers and resellers need high-resolution photos to get your merchandise to market. When constructing your web site and getting the company up and running dominates your workday, there are other, equally important tasks that warrant calling in the experts. A product photographer can take over the art of image-making, offering the advisement you need and providing practical help to get the job done.

For your own web site as well as your Etsy account or Amazon sales, a professional product photographer can effectively scale your business, taking you from a mom-and-pop sized company to an industry heavy-hitter.

From location scouting to technical expertise, the kinds of images that properly represent the standards of your company are above the paygrade of amateurs. By hiring an experienced team of professionals, you gain the advantages of better equipment and a higher level of skill. Factors from your strategy, the shoot itself, and the editing process all have an impact on the final product.

A photo professional can help you determine whether or not your product line needs indoor studio lighting or if the colors are maximized through natural lighting. Taking into consideration whether you’re shooting people, clothing, or food products, they know which setting reflects your merchandise more accurately and knows the standards for various social media platforms. For instance, they may advise a studio shoot for merchandise that is typically reserved for indoor use or has fine details and will often use a white background for listings on Amazon, Etsy, and other online retailers.

You get more than a photographer when you hire a creative services team. A visual marketing agency can make sure that the messaging that comes out of your corporate channels is on target, beginning with your branding.

If you’re an entrepreneur in the early stages of business creation, you want a logo design that captures the right audience. A marketing expert can help you with graphics, including the ability to create a design that functions as effectively when reduced in size as well as when it is applied to various materials. You don’t want a logo that resembles your competitor’s and it’s not a good idea to copy the look of brands that are highly recognizable. For instance, a coffeehouse would be wise to avoid the green awnings and mermaids of Starbucks’ fame. You need a logo that is customized, one that is specific to your mission and connects to your audience.

Perhaps you’ve been in business for years but find that your customer base is dropping off or your look does not reflect something befitting the world of retweets and record-setting viral videos. Particularly if you recently updated the style of your company, a high-profile creative media agency in Orange County can make sure your visual marketing reflects it. For instance, if you take your restaurant from an old school, a meat-and-potatoes eatery to a hip, new, vegan-friendly space, you may want to use a lithe, lilting style instead of a beefy, bold font.

In terms of showing off your product line, the same concept applies. The designer of a conservative, tailored clothing line may choose the stiff, predictable look of invisible mannequin photography, while a swimsuit designer may want a shoot with live models on one of Southern California’s beaches. An effective photography company will catch a vision for your line of products and get you to your goal.

Why should I use an Orange County product photographer?

Even a business with global significance can benefit from a local photographer. When a huge company like Boardriders in Huntington Beach needs product photography for their lines – including Billabong, RVCA, and Roxy – they need swift, quality service. Getting product shots from an Orange County photographer gives them greater access – and therefore, control – over the images.

There are many instances where your commercial photographer doesn’t have to be in the same space as the principles of the company. E-learning takes place remotely and much of branding and animation services can be planned and designed off-site. It’s even possible to accomplish webcasting and live streaming from a remote location.

Web site content can be generated from anywhere in the world, but there are many corporate images that require close contact with your photo professional, including:

Of course, product photography is another service that is most effective when you connect personally with your contractor. It helps you get on the same page about your target for the project.

San Diego jewelry designer may want invisible mannequin photography while a fair-trade company may find it has a greater impact to show their products in use by live models from Africa or South America.

If you have a line of beauty products that’s headquartered in Costa Mesa but shipped through the Port of Long Beach, the process of getting professional product photography is streamlined by hiring someone in Los Angeles or Orange County. Needless to say, you can exchange ideas and develop a marketing strategy from your office, and offer easy access to your photographer wherever your products are warehoused.

Real estate photography has to take place on the scene, of course, and you need a professional with a background in aerial photography to sell properties. If your company designs swimwear, you may want images shot poolside or on the beach. Or if you manufacture airplane parts you may want product photographs taken in a hangar.   

Certain product lines require an on-location shoot to provide greater context, and a seasoned Southern California photographer has experience working both in-studio and at outdoor public landmarks.

How does professional product photography help your business?

The quality of your product photography directly affects your impact on the target audience because your company is reflected by the images you post on the internet. Getting in front of them is what leads to conversions, which increases your profits.

They expand your customer base

Turning your sales numbers from mediocre to performing at the top is the ultimate goal, no matter the industry, and quality photography maximizes your impact on the platforms you use. When shoppers search for your products online, you want excellent click-through rates from Google searches and a high conversion rate from your listings. This requires detailed attention to the content you post.

Every board member, executive, and basically anyone with skin in the game has the same goal – to increase profits. You probably have other aspects to your mission as well, such as environmental responsibility or community engagement. But when it comes to marketing, you want great performance from your product images and their descriptions, so it’s a good idea to hire a creative team with expertise in photography and marketing.

They boost your branding

You communicate a lot more than just facts when you create content for your website and social media. It says a lot about your company.

What a commercial photography company can do for you is consult with you to create an effective branding strategy, one that hits your target market. Unless you are a franchisee or a solopreneur who just launched your company with a fresh, new logo, you may need some updating. Hiring a photographer is a great opportunity to take your company in a new direction or tweak the style. Your product photoshoots should line up with the style of your company. Believe it or not, it’s possible to miss the mark by creating an image that speaks volumes but isn’t consistent with your brand.

Consider your potential customers. Especially in a time when buyers conduct business online, they need to see your products, and you want their best features to be evident. If you run a clothing company in Irvine, you need a method that adequately displays your merchandise. Using invisible mannequin photography the pieces are fitted, taut, and shapely without the distraction of a live model. After the product photos are taken the mannequin is removed in post-production so your line of apparel is the only remaining subject.


Orange County Product Photographer

Where is the best product photography in Orange County?

If you question the product work you get from local photographers, you may not have checked enough sources.

COLDEA Productions is a team of visual and marketing content creators. We have traveled the world, with creative assignments from lifestyle photography to feature films. Our commercial photography includes:

Whatever your industry or your needs for visual media, we have an experienced team to handle the job. We create promotional material for advertising and provide web content such as product photos and images for your corporate web site. Our years of professional photography experience is our guarantee that you will connect with the viewer you choose. We work together with you to develop a marketing strategy that raises your profile, expands your reach, and remains consistent with your brand. We can help you reach out to more than the clients you already have. While we handle the practical matter of generating photos, we also help you establish branding. We provide editing and animation services and we can design or update your logo – the face of your brand, which needs to be instantly recognizable and convey the purpose and main features of your business.

From advertising photography for beauty products to action shots for a fitness website or online catalog, we provide you with high-resolution photos that reflect your brand and attract consumers. COLDEA Productions understands that every visual depiction of your company projects an image that stays with the public. As an Orange County product photographer and creative services team, we take care of that part of the business so you can apply your talents to your products and services.

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