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As a leader in your industry, staying in front of the pack involves a top team training strategy. And whether you host your own corporate leaders or hold an industry-wide conference, corporate meetings photography fortifies the value of your event – before, during and afterwards.


Lining Up a Corporate Meetings Photographer in Advance

In the months leading up to your conference or retreat, employing a corporate photographer gives you a training advantage. It goes without saying that we’re drawn to visual stimulation, and it fortifies the information we hear.

You do your due diligence and book speakers who are experts in the field. You expect the expense and research time you put into the event to result in a boost to your bottom line. That means your attendees need to remember what they learn in lectures and breakout sessions.

When people just take in the information with their ears, they tend to retain about 10% of that knowledge, experts say. But when paired with a relevant image, they maintain up to 65% of the information.

Your attendees may forget what you said, but what the best corporate meetings photographer knows how to do is to create images that elicit an emotional response. That lasting impression means that what your attendees learn is locked down.


Corporate Meetings Photographer Covers the Action

Your visual imagery is prepared, and the stage is set. You need a meetings photographer to capture the arrival of executives, as well as event sponsors and participants.

And for large-scale conferences, you need a professional who has experience with exhibit booth photography in settings that are sometimes loud and chaotic. Coldea Productions has a multi-faceted team with a background in all forms of corporate photography and videography.

If your event is open to your entire industry and has multiple tracks, or the venue includes thousands of square feet of space, you’re in good hands with us. We’ve worked in convention centers and stadiums, and our corporate event photography is customized to meet your needs in the location you choose.

Business Marketing Photographer to Make it Last

Your company’s content strategist needs material and it has to be good. A professional corporate meetings photographer provides you with images to create marketing materials that appeal to your specific client base.


When the event coverage is from training sessions with your own team, images from the groups and teambuilding photographer can both serve you within the company and reach your customers.

When you book Coldea Productions for your corporate meetings photography you get a seasoned team of experts. When you host a corporate event, you have to keep your head in the game. We are reliable, responsible and punctual – it’s one less thing to worry about.

Your conference can have the atmosphere of a 3-ring circus, but the corporate meetings photography we provide you is comprehensive and the quality you expect. 

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