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The internet has become the most powerful tool to connect and communicate instantly with large groups of business associates and customers. The rapid rise in communication technology has made it easier than ever for corporate webcasting services from Coldea Productions to provide an alternative to in-person meetings. Live streaming webcasts are now even more essential for corporate communications during these unprecedented times of social distancing and work-from-home orders due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Live streaming of corporate webcasts will organically build up new client relationships and help increase your brand awareness and online presence. Share important business information with online events with the potential to reach unlimited numbers of attendees. Virtual town halls, conference calls, corporate meetings, and other live events and on-demand video can achieve the same goals and objectives as in-person corporate events at a fraction of the cost and without the health risks associated with large in-person gatherings.

What Is Corporate Webcasting?

The professional services for live and on-demand corporate webcasting at Coldea Productions can be viewed by an unlimited number of attendees from New York to Tokyo and everywhere in between. The convergence of technological advances in live streaming processes and the widespread availability of high-speed wireless internet connections provide ideal conditions to facilitate a wide range of corporate communications through live webcasts, webinars, and other types of virtual events that have a global reach.

With the onset of the global pandemic, Coldea Productions is uniquely positioned with years of video production experience to provide webcast solutions to your corporate communication needs. An impressive team of creative webcast professionals helps companies of all sizes and industries host live webcasts that serve a wide range of business communication needs.

Benefits of Corporate Webcasting

As digital technology and a rise in mobile devices accessing wireless connectivity, Coldea Productions has been there every step of the way and is now able to offer professional corporate webcasting services that provide a wide range of benefits to both your business and the attendees who view your content all over the world.

Common benefits to corporate webcasting include:

Saves Time, Money

Whether you are using the corporate webcasting services from Coldea Productions to webcast a town hall, a sales promotion, or other corporate communication applications, you will save time and money over traditional in-person methods. Conventions, global employee training, and other live webcasts save on venue rentals and travel expenses for both the presenters and the attendees.

Expands Audience Reach

All attendees of live webcasts need to view and participate in your corporate webcasting event is a computer or mobile device access to high speed or wireless internet connection. With billions of internet users worldwide, your audience can expand exponentially to all corners of the globe. Anyone with a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device can gain access to your production anywhere.

Create Digital Archive to Preserve, Share Webcasts

One of the greatest advantages of webcasting is the ability to record live events so those unable to attend can still watch later. Live webcasts can be used to create a video archive of your presentation that can be viewed in the future. On-demand video content is easily shared through email, social media, and other digital properties. This is especially helpful for new employee training and ongoing staff education and sales and marketing applications that contain evergreen information that will not change over time.

Engage Interactive Audience

The nature of live video presentations of corporate events makes it easy to engage attendees and interact with them on different levels in real-time. Instant chat functions, polls, Q&A sessions will keep your audience involved in the process and help to drive the content. This will make them feel more invested in the event and enables you to track viewer activity that will help improve your current and future presentations.

Types of Webcasting Company for Your Business

Coldea Productions is a full-service video production and live webcast company that creates a wide variety of seminars, training sessions, and other live events that can be recorded and archived for on-demand webcasts viewing. We will partner with you to help you make the right decisions for the type of corporate webcasting that will fulfill your business goals and objectives and draw the largest audiences of interested participants.


Live webcasts help employee training, onboarding, and relevant workshops accomplish your staff goals quicker, easier, and more cost-efficiently. These training sessions and internal live webcast productions can be archived and used repeatedly for new employees and ongoing education applications. A live webcast allows you to include attendees across all your branches in multiple locations at the same time without the time and money needed for travel.

Corporate Communications

With corporate webcasting from Coldea Productions, your conference calls, town halls, seminars, stockholder meetings, and other live events are delivered using the latest equipment and processes to communicate your most important business information and materials. These live webcasts may use a single speaker or a more elaborate professional webcast using a moderator, slides, and other production elements that will engage and entertain the viewers.

Sales and Marketing

Product launches and product demonstrations produced through professional webcasts allow you to distribute your content to many online users interested in your business. Reach large and emerging markets through live webcasts that can also be recorded, archived, and distributed as on-demand webcasts for a wide range of marketing purposes, such as email marketing, social media promotions, and paid online advertising.

Tips for Hosting a Webcast

Corporate webcasting for training, sales, and internal communications is fairly easy to put together, relatively cheap to produce and distribute, and reach large audiences across the world. With social distancing guidelines, live events through the internet are becoming the standard for various business communication needs. However, a live webcast can become stale and ineffective when the proper care and pre-production planning is not given top priority.

The following tips and suggestions will keep your live webcast engaging, interesting, and entertaining enough for viewers to better absorb and retain the presented information.

Keep Your Target Audience in Mind

The format, content, and design of your webcast should be customized to your target audience. Ways to stay on track and maintain the interest, engagement, and involvement of your audience include:

  • Address webcast and webinar attendees directly throughout the event
  • The camera lens can represent the dozens, hundreds, or thousands of audience members, so making eye contact with them is a crucial communication element
  • Attendees should have access to the same documents and presentation materials to make it easier to follow along

Keep Attendees Engaged, Get Them Talking

Use chat functions, polls, surveys, and social media comment sections to get your attendees to be active participants. Whether it is your new employees asking questions or tossing around new ideas in a sales conference call, allowing people to provide input into the event will help keep them engaged and improve the quality of information accrued.

Slide Presentation Best Practices

Showing slides is a staple for many business meetings and gatherings that help audiences follow along with the content and give them a visual representation of the information and data being supplied. However, a poorly prepared slideshow can do more harm than good. If the content is hard to read or presented in the wrong format or size, it can turn off attendees and reflect badly on your company.

Some suggestions for getting the most out of your slides include:

  • Make sure your slides are clear, concise, and easily read on the screen size you are using
  • Use graphs, photos, video content, drawings, and other media to emphasize your point in dynamic, memorable ways
  • Keep the text on each slide to a minimum and bullet points to just three to four each slide
  • Use a laser pointer or highlighting functions to focus on key points

Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media outlets like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter have billions of active users who check their feeds daily. These massive digital communities can be used to generate more attendees of live events and views of on-demand content. Use free business pages, paid to advertise, and live event functions to maximize the power of a wide range of social media networks.

Why Choose Us?

In our current age of social distancing and remote working during the global health crises, it is more important than ever to keep communication lines open throughout your organization. Coldea Productions has a team of corporate webcasting professionals that produce premium quality webcasts that draw large amounts of viewers throughout the world. We offer customized solutions for your sales, and internal communications need to increase your brand awareness and help grow your business.

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Coldea Productions is a highly respected video production and professional corporate webcasting company helping businesses as you wade through the complicated world of webcasting and on-demand video for a variety of uses and applications. Contact the Coldea Productions for a free estimate and all the information you need to get started today.

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