Customer Testimonial Video Production

Customer Testimonial Video Production

Customer Testimonial Video ProductionCustomer Testimonial Video

Throughout the history of advertising and marketing, word-of-mouth has always been the most effective way to drum up business. In today’s digital age, a professional customer testimonial video production is a powerful marketing tool that does that exponentially by putting your most satisfied customers in front of large groups of potential customers. A testimonial video will lend authenticity and credibility to your business, providing effective video content as a valuable component of your overall digital marketing strategies.

The best customer testimonial videos focus on reviews for your products and services from the most satisfied and loyal customers. These are people who have purchased and used your products and are willing to share their experiences with others who can benefit from using them. Shoppers are highly motivated and compelled to make purchases based on customer testimonials from real people that are authentic, relatable, and genuine.


What is a Customer Testimonial Video?

Simply put, a customer testimonial video captures satisfied customers talking about how your business provided solutions to their problems through the products and services you provide. The testimonial can include who they are, what they do, and the variety of ways your company has helped them.

Finding a relatable customer that looks good on camera and sharing real-life success stories about your business can help your digital marketing efforts:

  • Generate video views and website visitors
  • Get and keep the attention of interested consumers
  • Build momentum and interest in your products and services
  • Create trust and bond with the audience through authentic messaging
  • Compels viewers to choose you over your competition


Customer Testimonial Video Production

What Should You Look for In a Customer Testimonial?

A customer testimonial video production’s main objective is to show potential customers how happy and satisfied they can be if they use your business’ products and services to solve their problems or needs. These videos are great ways to make an emotional connection with large numbers of potential customers by having a real customer share real experiences with your business.

A compelling customer testimonial will contain the following qualities and attributes to attract interested viewers should include:

Authentic, Genuine

Your testimonial subjects will need to have real, direct experience with your company’s products and services. Viewers will be able to sense the authenticity and genuineness of the person extolling your business virtues. They will know if you are sending in a ringer and using an actor to stand-in for the real thing.

Get Specific

The customers delivering testimonials will need to get specific how and why they are giving their endorsement of your products and services. Have them share their real stories and personal experiences of how you helped improve their lives.

Stand Out from the Competition

Your satisfied and happy customers should easily explain how your business sets you apart from your competition.


Benefits of Customer Testimonial Video Production

Testimonial video productions that serve as engaging customer story videos are the best way to show potential customers your value and ability to provide solutions for their specific problems. The following are the significant benefits of using Coldea Productions to create market videos of customer testimonials.

Video is King

Video is the most powerful marketing tool you have at your disposal. Online users love to watch video content over any other digital communication format. An emotional connection is made through a video that is incredibly useful in the production of a customer testimonial video. Viewers of video testimonials with real customers endorsing your business are more likely to trust your company and influence their purchasing decisions.


Video is by far the best way to engage audiences and create an emotional connection. Once viewers begin watching, more than half will watch an entire testimonial video to its conclusion. Higher engagement in the content leads to a remarkable ability to absorb the information being presented. They will remember a case study video with a real customer and take it with them in the purchasing decision process.

High Retention Rate

Viewers that watch testimonial videos will come away with a significantly higher retention rate than other content types. The compelling interview footage is the best way to have potential customers to remember how the interviewee was helped by the products and services you provide.

Return on Marketing Investment

Using video testimonials from real customers is the best way to see a high return on your digital marketing investment. They are inexpensive to produce compared to other types of video used for marketing purposes while helping to generate high volumes of quality consumers that have established your business as a trusted industry resource.

Repeatable, Shareable

One of the greatest advantages of producing a customer video testimonial is that they can be used for various applications on a wide range of platforms and delivery systems. Social media offers users the ability to share video content with their friends and contacts, exponentially expanding your reach with no additional costs.


Customer Testimonial Video ProductionCustomer Testimonial Video Best Practices

Producing a high-quality customer testimonial video is more than simply putting a camera in front of a customer and telling them to talk. As much planning with a professional video production company like Coldea Productions needs to go into a testimonial video as for any other market video. As with any other type of video, pre-production planning is the key.

You will need to pick the right customer at the right time and create your testimonial video with an experienced video production company that will utilize the industry’s best practices to produce your video that effectively raises brand awareness and increases sales.

Important best practices we use to create effective customer testimonial videos include:

Choose Customer Wisely

Selecting the right customer to represent your business and your brand is the foundation of a successful testimonial video. Find a current customer that has had recent dealings with your business. Their excitement level will be higher, and they will be better able to recall specific details about their experiences. The subject will also need to be comfortable speaking in front of a camera and present themselves in a professional and likable manner.

Permission Granted

You will need to have your subject grant you permission to use their likeness and the footage you get on the shoot day. Get them to sign release forms before any taping begins. Make sure the release form allows you to use the footage for any business purposes and applications now and in the future. There may be specific guidelines or restrictions based on the nature of your industry, so it is recommended you check with your attorney to make sure all of your bases are covered.

Location, Location, Location

In these times of social distancing and stay at home orders, streaming services are being used more often to produce marketing videos of all kinds. If you are videotaping a customer testimonial using a streaming service or other recording device, take the time to work with your subject on technical aspects such as lighting, sound, dress, and other aspects to offer the greatest chance of success. Natural sunlight is a great way to light up a subject, though it is often unpredictable. 

Create a Plan

Set a timeline and create a schedule for your testimonial video. This will keep the project on track as you approach the completion of the final product.

Fully Prepare Subject

Your subject will likely not have a lot of experience speaking in front of a camera and will need preparation time so they will know what to expect. If you have them practice too much, it may seem like they are reading from a script, so a balance of preparedness needs to be struck.


Customer Testimonial Video Production

Customer Testimonial Elements

Testimonial videos are driven by the content provided by your most satisfied and loyal customers. If you have the right subject and ask the right questions, you do not need much more than that. Titles, music, and graphics can help spice up the production and make it look more professional, but a little goes a long way, and there is a danger of your testimonial video looking too polished or scripted.


Asking the subject direct questions about their experiences and how your business helped provide solutions for them will enable them to get to your products and services’ most important elements. Have them share about specific products and how they benefited from them.

Some examples of the kinds of questions that will elicit honest responses include:

  • What kinds of problems were they experiencing that led them to use your products or services?
  • What were the pain points they had coming into their coming to you?
  • What was it about your company that set it apart from others they may have been looking at?
  • What was it like working with the people in your business?
  • What impact has used your product and service had on their life?
  • How can others benefit from using your business as they did?

Animation, Graphics

Using motion graphics and animation elements can provide additional visual stimulation while helping to break down more complex products and industry-related topics. Animation can help your video stand out among the competition. Overuse can distract and disorient viewers and leave them, focusing more on the movement than the message. It is recommended that these elements be used sparingly for maximum impact.

Add B-Roll

B-roll is a video production term for the added footage used to bridge transitions or place over spoken words. For a testimonial video production, a b-roll can show your customer interacting with your business or even generic footage of your company and employees to give the video credibility and further the customer’s testimonial story.


Customer Testimonial Video Production

Video Testimonial Distribution Channels

There are a large variety of ways to get your customer testimonial videos in front of large groups of potential customers, including:


Your website is the most valuable marketing tool you have at your disposal. Placing customer testimonial videos at strategic locations throughout your site will help to improve bounce and conversion rates. Visitors will stay on your site longer and be more likely to make a purchase. Your homepage, landing pages, and product pages are ideal locations to maximize their website users’ exposure.

YouTube Channel

YouTube is a massive digital video warehouse that is also the second-largest search engine on the internet behind Google. Embedding YouTube videos onto your website, email campaigns, and other marketing outlets will improve your brand awareness and drive quality consumers to your site.

Social Media Networks

Billions of online users check their various social media accounts multiple times throughout the day and night worldwide. The most frequent type of content they look at are videos of all kinds. That makes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the other popular social media platforms ideal for getting massive numbers of viewers that will generate significantly more website traffic and allow you to grab a larger share of the market.

Why Choose Coldea Productions?

Coldea Productions has years of video production experience and an impressive team of specialists to create and distribute high-quality customer testimonial video production content that can increase your online presence, raise brand awareness, and drive quality traffic to your website. We use state-of-the-art technology and apply the latest online consumer trends and purchasing habits to create effective video testimonials to be used across all of your digital marketing properties.

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