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Video Production Phoenix Arizona

Phoenix, Arizona is a desert community set in the heart of the Southwest and the core of one of the largest markets in the United States. Business competition is fierce with companies looking for every edge to get noticed in the crowded and complex digital marketing landscape.

As technology and user trends evolved, video production emerged as a necessary component of any comprehensive marketing strategy. Coldea Productions is in a unique position in the marketplace as an experienced production company producing video content that meets your business marketing and internal communication needs.

The latest smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices allow users to easily view online content at any time from the palm of their hand. Phoenix Arizona businesses of all kinds and sizes rely on video production for a wide range of uses and applications from product demonstrations to training materials. Coldea Productions is an Arizona video production company with the experience and talent to produce high quality video content that will perform well on search engines and help you reach your business marketing goals.

Video Production Professionals for the Digital Age

Using online video in business marketing was once a fringe accessory to text and photo content. It took great expense to produce short video productions that would take several minutes to load or download, with viewers having to deal with a choppy picture and delays for buffering. High-speed internet took care of those annoyances and the explosion of high-tech smartphones and other mobile devices made it possible for people connecting to wireless connections to watch video content from all over the world.

It is now impossible to imagine an effective marketing strategy that does not contain a strong presence of video production. Coldea Productions is a full-service video production company that has grown in the digital age and understands what it takes to compete in the crowded marketing landscape. Video production is the key to accessing unprecedented numbers of potential customers and driving them to your website. We have years of experience creating engaging and dynamic product videos, promotional video production, corporate video, internal training videos, and event videography that gets noticed on search engines and consumed by target audiences most likely to be interested in your products and services.

Professional corporate video production services play a more important role than ever as the global health pandemic swept across the world. Communication needs changed overnight and Coldea Productions is uniquely positioned in the marketplace with an experienced team of videographer professionals, editors, and 3D animation artists. Our talented team of video production artists provides video production services that help connect businesses with customers, contractors, shareholders, employees, vendors, and others through a wide range of media production options.

Types of Corporate Video Production

While the goals and objectives of web video marketing campaigns can vary depending on the individual company, Coldea Productions has state-of-the-art equipment and a team of video production specialists to create powerful video content for a wide range of uses and platforms.

Product Demonstration Videos

Video is a visual medium that allows you to highlight products in dynamic and compelling ways. Explainer and product demonstration videos have the extraordinary ability to break down complex concepts and features into digestible pieces that can be more easily absorbed and retained by the viewer. Demonstration and how-to videos produced by a professional video production company can be prominently featured on your website, social media properties, email campaigns, and other digital marketing efforts to increase conversion and bounce rates.

Live Streams

Live streaming events enable businesses to continue important meetings in real-time without the health risks and added expense of in-person gatherings. If you are a Phoenix company with team members, contractors, or groups of customers in Tempe, Flagstaff, or anywhere else in AZ, you can still meet and deliver information just as would if they had all met in a conference hall.

Internal Communication Videos

Whether your staff is assembled in one location or spread out throughout AZ and around the country, using video production as an alternative to the traditional training and educational needs of your business. It will save time and money while providing viewers with a far more effective way to receive and remember important information. Training videos, product demonstrations, onboarding materials, and other internal business communication needs can also be easily shared and distributed to those who need it. They can be used for future employees and they can refer back to them when needed.

TV Commercials

Before the internet and digital marketing opportunities, television ads were the best way to reach the largest audience of consumers. The industry has adjusted to the change in technology and user habits with streaming services and other online distribution outlets. There are still a lot of TV commercials that get plenty of airtime and connect with consumers.

Benefits of Corporate Video Production

Coldea Productions is an experienced production company specializing in corporate video that gets noticed on search engines and provides engaging content for your customers and employees. Benefits to our wide-ranging video production services include:

Video Rules the Internet

From shaky pet footage to cinematography masterpieces, video is the dominant form of online content throughout all platforms and applications. Users spend hours a week watching everything from news and product videos to how-to and music videos. Viewers need engaging content that provides valuable information to get them to continue watching and then act on the information presented. Our team of video production professionals creates content that can be spread throughout your digital marketing efforts.

Brand Awareness, Increased Sales

Video is not considered legitimate and credible which is recognized by Google and other search engines capable of providing relevant content to online users. Properly produced and fully optimized video performs well on search engine results pages. This will increase your overall online presence, putting your content, your business, and your brand in front of large segments of targeted consumers. The resulting increase in web traffic will result in quality leads, more conversions, and sales.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook and other popular social media networks offer a range of advertising, branding, and marketing opportunities, and video has taken over the platforms. Posting a video on a free business page or taking advantage of paid ad campaigns exposes your content to unprecedented numbers of targeted consumers in these massive digital communities.

Get Started at Coldea Productions Today

Coldea Productions features an impressive team of video production specialists with years of experience producing high-quality video content that search engines recognize and consumers find engaging, informative, and entertaining. For complete information on how our corporate video production services can increase your online presence and drive traffic to your website, contact Coldea Productions today.

To compete in today’s complex and crowded digital marketing spaces, Phoenix, Arizona businesses need the services of a professional video production team like Coldea Productions. Our team of industry specialists produces a high volume of effective video content that serves a variety of marketing and internal business needs.

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