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When you have merchandise to get to market, a Long Beach product photographer makes sure your brand gets to customers effectively. You not only need to get your products in front of the public, it is important to promote an image that’s consistent with your mission. A photography studio can take you from a brick-and-mortar retail store to an industry powerhouse.

What is a product photographer?

Your work as a corporate executive is not a part-time job – you have a schedule filled with daily duties involving product development, customer service, and employment types of decisions related to your staff. When it comes to the added responsibility of creating quality photography to craft your image for your consumer base, you need to call in the professionals.

The goal of a product photographer is to capture your merchandise in its best light – both literally and figuratively. Amateur commercial photography is obvious – you can’t put your best foot forward if you post pictures from your iPhone and work them over on Illustrator. You’ve worked too hard on your product line to place inaccurate or inferior images on your web pages.

An experienced corporate photographer can provide more than headshots and email job alerts. The best product photographer can handle a business the size of your two-person operation up to a powerhouse like Nordstrom, Inc. The value of professional photos has the same importance as some of the other considerations affecting the trajectory of the business, no matter the size. Professional photography for a department store or a small business involves most of the same elements, including:

  • Lighting
  • Setting
  • Angles
  • Focus
  • Color
  • Background
  • Depth of field
  • Editing

A professional, full-time photographer is equipped with cutting-edge equipment, props, accessories, and editing software such as Adobe Lightroom, which offers more than the basics available to most retailers. When your merchandise is reflected in high-quality product shots, it is easier for customers to differentiate between them. They help the public distinguish between you and your rivals, raising your profile in the marketplace through better photos. And unless you employ a low-budget photographer with about a year of experience and some coursework in photography, you can get expert advice regarding the best techniques to reflect your brand accurately.

Ghost mannequin photography is a technique that some of the world’s top retailers employ to display their clothing and jewelry merchandise. It creates a look that fills out the item so it seems like it’s hanging on a body, but you can’t see the model. There are no faces and no limbs, so your products appear to be floating on the image.

Your marketing team needs effective ways such as these to show your product packages to potential customers. A professional agency provides a photo editor and marketing experts as well as a team with technical know-how to provide high-resolution product photos.

How does product photography help your business?

While you don’t need help determining your business trajectory and mission statement, you may need assistance communicating your intentions to the public. You want your best features to be the hallmark of your social media presence and a seasoned corporate photographer can lead the way.

Product photography provides images for online sales platforms, websites, and email job alerts, all of which provide a bridge to the public. A photoshoot is the first step to forwarding your brand. The goals and values of your company are emitted by your product photography and metabolized indirectly, for the most part, without the consumer realizing it – from the style of your logo to your font choices.

For a lifestyle blogger and small business owner or a Fortune 500 executive, the value of high-resolution photography can’t be overstated. It’s what connects you to your audience on every platform you use. The photography service is more than a perfunctory act to establish a photo library of your inventory. And when you hire a creative team you get more resources than a solopreneur photographer can provide.

As a business owner or C-suite executive, your job description may include everything from recruitment for various employment types to installing accounting software. But what you get with an experienced photo professional is the creative advantage of hiring someone with a broader knowledge base and the skill set to go with it. Make sure whoever you hire knows the product photography specifications for various platforms because it means you have what you need to post your merchandise right away. Google and Amazon have e-commerce rules regarding backgrounds and the images have to be submitted in certain forms such as TIFF, JPG, GIF, or PNG. There are specifics about the number of products in the photos and some sites require you to include an image of the cover art if you are selling a book or other media.

Shooting with a white background is one of the most desired styles of photography for online sales. Using paper, vinyl, canvas, or other white materials, your product photographer establishes proper lighting to create crisp, high-resolution images that emphasize the details of each item in your line. A professional knows when to use diffusers, lightboxes, and other equipment to reveal patterns and enhance color.

And beyond your photoshoot date, you want a visual media team with a professional photo editor who can include animation and graphic design for the project. If anything will scale your company from unknown to industry leader, it’s superior imaging and branding with a forward feel.

Why do I need a Long Beach photography company?

While your project may not require a photographer located in Long Beach specifically, it helps to have easy access to your creative services team. For your initial consultation, there may be challenges when discussing your corporate photography needs through Zoom meetings and Facetime calls. You need to be on the same page, so you have more than just pretty pictures – you also want them to hit your target audience and successfully meet your goals.

The problem with hiring someone with a year of experience in markets here and there – maybe even out of state – is that they’re less likely to have connections you may need, beginning with location scouting. Your products are unique to your industry and need a specific set of circumstances for proper representation. In the same way that dancewear would lose something if shot on a football field, a surf company can’t be contained and duly reflected in a tiny studio setting.

commercial photographer is well-versed in the marketplace, an expert in conducting research about your industry. While you’re tied up with customer service, quality control, or learning the ZipRecruiter terms of use, the job of attention-getting product photos should be left up to a professional. And it’s no less important that that the job is done right.

When American Honda Motor Co., Inc. rolls out a new line, it’s the work of skilled photographers that gives the public a peek at the new models. But even if you’re a restaurant or store at The Pike Outlets, you need professional images for Yelp, Pinterest, etc., for advertising and social media posts.

Are you getting ready to launch a new product? It helps to know the greater Los Angeles area when you need top quality photos to pitch it to the press. If you reach out to the Orange County Register, the Long Beach Post, and local channels such as KTLA, you raise the chances you get organic coverage when it’s handled by a visual marketing expert.

Your product team hopes to attract an audience through social media, which can only be effective through images that advantageously reflect your merchandise. Reaching out to a photographer with experience and connections is the likeliest way to gain that edge.

Where can I find corporate photography in Long Beach?

To build a comprehensive library of product photography you need an experienced, flexible team that can respond swiftly when you reach out. Looking locally gives you instant access to a photography professional who can meet with you on-site and at your convenience.

COLDEA Productions is a Southern California creative services studio with the technical capability and skill set to handle your need for professional photography, videography, and marketing.

We provide corporate photography and videography of all types including:

We are a team of artists with experience in a wide range of industries. Regardless of where you are located and the scope of your company, we reliably and individually cater to your corporate photography needs.

When you have a large line of products it requires greater expertise to capture them all to their best advantage. Each group needs multiple angles, customized lighting, and the messaging may even be different from item to item. For instance, a hardware store may need closeup photography of paint and floor samples and wide shots of millwork, plus images of machinery and appliances. We have cutting-edge camera equipment, including lenses, light meters, and polarizing filters, and are at the top of our industry in our ability to deliver high-resolution images from minute detail to aerial shots through drone photography.

Every client deserves a customized service. If you run an Orange County cosmetic company your corporate brand is riding on the images, and the same is true for a real estate firm. We work with your product team to create the best possible outcome for your unique situation and our privacy policy keeps you in charge of the project.

Following the shoot, we offer graphic design work with an illustrator team. COLDEA Productions has completed a wide spectrum of projects while working in the Los Angeles area and internationally as well. From our client testimonials, you can see evidence of our quality work and professionalism.

For a business that’s based in Southern California, a Long Beach product photographer who knows the area and has solid credentials can maximize your assurance of a successful and effective marketing campaign.

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