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Itamar Aharoni

Owner – Tzilum Pirsum

I would like to thank Cristian – Coldea Productions for his amazing professionality and service. it’s not only the great results, but also the way to achieve it. We are a video production company that produce video all around the world, sometimes remotely without been present on the production. So we must trust our local crew on every aspect. to meet the customer, been nice to him, flexible, and of course highly professional. Cristain made it all happen and the results speaks for themselves. Thank you!
– Itamar Aharoni

Andrew Aidman

Writer / Director

Great team, great knowledge, great work ethic! 5 Stars! – Andrew Aidman

Ana Pasti


Coldea Production is professional, reliable, flexible and gets the job done fast. Great production company. Would totally recommend their services! – Ana Pasti

Xu Zhang

Writer / Director

I had a good experience with Coldea Productions! Cristian and his team are very professional. Quick and easy to communicate with, high production value. I’m happy about the product! – Xu Zhang

Ada Boitor

Director / Writer

I highly recommend working with COLDEA Production. They were the videographers for my sister’s wedding, and they went above and beyond expectations. From the very beginning, Cristi met with us to ensure all expectations were met, and he followed through with excellent service all the way to the end. COLDEA Productions is highly professional, but personable to capture the essence of the story. Thank you Coldea Productions! – Ada Boitor

Constantin Babeanu

Apparel & Fashion Professional

Cristian and his team communicate very well during the project. They knowwhat to do and their delivery exceeds expectations. Great partner and I will always work with him on future projects. – Constantin Babeanu

Jessica Fishman


Very professional and knowledgeable. Went above and beyond. Took initiative in a number of different ways. I highly recommend. – Jessica Fishman

Maria Dinulescu


Professional, innovative and very friendly! – Maria Dinulescu

Brian L Tan

Director / Producer

Great guy, amazing creativity, and fantastic work ethic. If you need any media work done, Cristian is your man! – Brian L Tan

Kasra Tajik

Cosmetic and Restorative Dentist

I highly recommend Cristian. He created my head shots which I use for all my professional and work related profiles. It’s nice to work with people who are passionate about their work and their clients. – Kasra Tajik

Amber Coney

Actress / Writer

Cristian is a multi-talented, reliable source for a wide spectrum of media-related needs. From outstanding photography to video production, the Coldea experience is beyond worthwhile. I highly recommend Coldea Productions for anyone seeking the type of services that they offer! – Amber Coney

Lucian Blaga

Director / Producer

The entire team at Coldea Productions are first-class professionals and especially creative producers.  Among many positive characteristics, what I appreciated most from them was the attention to detail.  Every aspect of video, no matter how small, was of significance to their keen eye.  They guided me through the process based on their many successful years of experience … the results were outstanding!  It is with great pleasure that I highly recommend Coldea Productions especially if you want a video that demonstrates the commitment of your company to provide excellent products and services, or transform your creative ideas into reality. Great job, guys! – Lucian Blaga

Katie Lemon

Director / Writer

Cristian is a talented cinematographer and storyteller with an exceptional work ethic. He has a passion for creating powerful images and worked closely and attentively with me to come up with compelling camera work to best tell the story. Along with camera work, he is a fantastic storyboard artist and will put in the work to make sure you’re truly excited about the image. I look forward to working with him in the future and would highly recommend him to my colleagues. – Katie Lemon

Samuel Druhora

Opera Singer & Theatre Actor

Excellent work on headshots and album art work. Cristian is a very patient guy and outstandingly creative – Samuel Druhora

Nikiya Palombi

Actress / Ballerina

Cristian is a gifted artist and a wonderful person to work with. This was one of the most organized productions I have ever worked on. – Nikiya Palombi

Shannon Schotter

Make Up Artist

I’ve worked with Coldea Productions several times and it’s always a pleasure. Wonderful people, easy to get along with and extremely professional! – Shannon Schotter

Ioana Paun

Theatre Director

I worked with Cristian Coldea for designing the poster for a European theatre premiere and the execution, ideas and professionalism were impeccable. Hand drown to the last detail the poster was truly unique and powerful. – Ioana Paun

Martha Michael

Writer / Editor / Blogger

Original and Inventive, COLDEA Productions is a prolific team with a rare blend of technical know-how combined with edgy creativity. I marvel at their ability to develop deep concepts and create an artistic package eliciting an intense visceral reaction by the viewer. If you need a marketing vehicle, a dramatic video piece or an image presentation, I recommend that you call them. If you’re anything like me, you won’t be able to take your eyes off of the final product. – Martha Michael

Luis Iga

Director / Producer

I worked with Cristian on multiple Video Productions and I was always satisfied whit his services and commitment. As a Director/Producer myself, I always appreciate to work with talented and hardworking artists that share my vision. Cristian is bringing creativity and an open mind on the set and it’s easy to work, when the creativity is flowing. – Luis Iga

Cecilia Rosca

Behind any successful company is a dedicated leader. I’ve had the privilege to see Cristian work first hand. One thing I admire about him is his dedication. He is a man of his word and he truly goes above and beyond to make sure he brings the best product. He is honest, committed, creative, good at delegating, has great communication, a positive attitude and the list goes on. I would recommend Coldea Productions with full confidence! – Cecilia Rosca

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