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Best Product Demo Videos

The best product demo videos offer viewers clear insight into your business and the products and services you provide. These short, informational videos are used to promote your products and demonstrate their use and benefits to large audiences through a variety of platforms and channels.

Product demonstration videos eliminate the need to be continually showing your products and how they work for different groups of audiences. One video can be distributed across various social media networks, email campaigns, and your own website.

Best Product Demo Video Examples

Product demonstration videos have found to be exceptionally effective an improving your website’s conversion and bounce rates. Posting and embedding product demo videos will help drive more users to your website, increasing your sales and revenue. The top companies in the world use product demo videos to showcase their most important products and services in dynamic, engaging, and compelling ways. The following are among the best product demo videos online today.

Keep Content Simple

Keeping a product demonstration video short and to the point will draw the viewer in and enable them to focus on the information and benefits of the product you are showcasing. This short product video for the app Cubeit is powerful in its simplicity and brevity. Viewers are simply shown how easy the app is to work through flowing, elegant visuals in a smooth, appealing flow. There are no voiceovers, no use of technical terminology, no graphic or animated elements that distract the viewer, and soft background music to guide the viewer to the end.

Keep Visuals Simple

Using elaborate, wild imagery to grab the attention of the viewer tends to muddle the message and distract from the information you are delivering. This Duolingo product demonstration video uses basic visuals and smooth motion graphics to show the functions and benefits of their language-learning app. Keeping with only one image at a time on the screen will help viewers to focus and make it easier to remember the product and the solutions it provides.

Show Viewers What They Will Achieve

In this LinkedIn Learning video, “achieve” is the third word in the script. This sets up the viewer to expect to see what they can get out of the product they are about to see. It then goes into the details of how the product works and what the viewer can achieve when they put it to use. Product features are noted, and viewers are shown how the tool will help them reach their goals and find top-quality employees.

Short Videos Pack a Powerful Punch

Before the advent and popularity of the internet, most television and radio commercials were bound by 30- or 60-second limits. Online marketing videos have no such length restrictions, though most video marketers will stick to those guidelines depending on the type of video and its overall goals. Attention spans for online video viewers have never been shorter. The key for product demo videos is to get all of the information you want to include presented in a concise, engaging way. This Groupon video includes a dynamic design that is clear and attractive.

Purchase deals are presented using screenshots and icons to deliver their brand and messaging components in an impactful manner. Shorter videos present just the amount of information viewers will be able to absorb and retain, making it easier to remember how the product works and what benefits they can achieve by purchasing it.

Focusing on the Pain Point

One of the main objectives of a product demonstration video is to showcase how your products or services provide solutions for your unique set of problems or needs. Viewers of product demos are more likely to stick around for solutions when the pain point is clearly identified and described. In this product demo video by Zazzle, the pain point is highlighted at the top of the presentation using attention-grabbing animation. The video lays out the frustrations and is involved in creating your own custom goods. A screen recording technique is used to demonstrate how quick and easy it is to create a t-shirt through Zazzle while a voiceover explains the convenient shipping procedures.

Tell a Story

You can draw audiences into your product demonstration video by sharing the origin story of the business that will typically include the pain points that spawned the need for your products and services. Take viewers on the journey taken to get to the point where your business can provide solutions for the same problems and needs you had that drove you to create your product. As this video for Peloton fitness bikes progresses, viewers are experiencing the features and benefits along with the subjects in the video, making them more likely to continue on with the purchasing process.

To Voiceover…

Product videos are excellent vehicles to break down complex processes and concepts into easy-to-understand video content. The digital marketing department at HootSuite realized that a scripted voiceover to explain the complicated functionality of their media organization site. They keep the graphics and animation to a bare minimum, allowing the visual representation of how their site works with the overlay of a warm voiceover to guide viewers through the process. For voiceover-driven videos, the inclusion of captions or subtitles will help viewers absorb all of the information and make it just as effective when viewers turn the sound off.

…Or Not to Voiceover

Professional voiceover artists make a good living providing audio text to marketing videos of all kinds. This video for Cambridge Sound is a great example of a product demo video that is just as effective without voiceover. Important information is provided through smooth, slick motion graphics and text animations that draw the viewer into the content and have them become emotionally invested. Smooth music complements the visuals and keeps the narrative moving. In today’s mobile society, more people are viewing online videos without the sound, making this video, and others like it, just as effective with the volume down.

Use of Humor

Humor is a great communication tool to keep viewers of product demo videos interested, engaged, and entertained. Even the name of the product in this video is funny, and the video carries the humorous line throughout. Nosefrida the Snotsucker establishes right at the top that their product deals with gross materials that come out of your baby’s nose. They play on the “ick” factor and tie in the disgusting, yet the humorous activity of cleaning out your baby’s nose with the serious issue that their product solves.

Attention Getter

While on the topic of human bodily functions and the materials that come from them, it is worth noting the interesting way this PhoneSoap product demonstration gets the viewer’s attention. The video begins with a standard look at the global impact of mobile technology has had in the world before taking a sharp turn with ominous music and the declaration that your mobile phone has “got poo poo on it!” The video goes onto explain how much bacteria and other potentially harmful materials are on the average cell phone before providing the solution with PhoneSoap.


The animation is a powerful visual stimulation widely used in all types of marketing videos, but something seeing real people in real-life situations is more effective at drawing viewers in. This Seaforce product demo for a billing tool application shows you real-life people dealing with the very problems and circumstances Seaforce has solutions for, making it more credible and authentic. It showcases the pain point before it shows people actually using and benefiting from the solutions the product provides.

Use Cases Provide Powerful Testimonials

There are many ways to include powerful testimonial-type video content without putting a satisfied customer in front of the camera. In this Shopify video demo, you see three various contexts and applications for the shopping app, online purchases, in-person sales, and retail sales. This allows the viewer to put themselves into the appropriate situation for their circumstances and shows the company to be flexible and versatile.

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