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Sacramento Photography, Videography, and Animation Services

So much more than just our capital city, Sacramento is a flourishing metropolis of central California thanks to a diverse range of robust industries such as technology, manufacturing, energy, health care, and entertainment. 

The Big Tomato is also home to a beautifully historic riverfront downtown hub, one of the country’s oldest art museums, and a growing farm-to-fork scene. When it comes to video production, this central city is the best of the best!  

Recruiting a professional videographer to enhance Sacramento film projects for weddings, real estate investments, sporting events, or festivals is crucial to enhance the strength and quality of your marketing campaign. 

In order to stand the best chance of success, your project deserves innovative and high-definition video production to boost your brand above the slapped-together cell phone videos from the competition. 

Premium Video Production Company in Sacramento

The detailed steps required to plan and create a quality video production project requires a skilled touch. But the millions of professionals and consumers in our city of diverse and interesting people crave content producers that match their ideals and energy.

The team at Coldea Productions is highly-skilled and offers decades of well rounded experience at creating compelling and high-quality video content across many industries. Combining high-tech equipment and an eye for creative genius is what defines each and every successful Coldea Productions venture. 

What do you want your venture to look like?

Additional Services Available In Sacramento


Those special moments you want to remember and share, are often the ones that cannot be replicated. 

Weddings and engagements, family parties, fashion shows, and company picnics all benefit from a unique approach.

An expert hand with reliable equipment ready to capture your event is how you can relive your special moment again and again. 

At Coldea Productions, our team delicately and expertly creates the perfect memory of your Sacramento event.

From drone footage to portraits, we’re a picture-perfect fit. 


Standing out from all the noise in the digital marketplace gets increasingly more difficult each year as attention spans drop and new tech crops up everywhere.

Animated videos use color, movement, and entertainment value to help you connect with the human behind the scroll. 

Use them throughout your marketing strategy with videos like these:

  • Explainer Videos
  • Training Content
  • Product Promos
  • Website Content

Additional Services Available In Sacramento

Regardless of who your ideal customer is, your audience is made up of humans. We’re highly emotive and visually driven creatures who are captivated by what entertains and interests us.

Videos can help you better inform, motivate, and serve your audience more effectively than nearly any other format. Here are just a few tangible ways a premier quality Sacramento video production project can help grow your business.

Boost Credibility, Authority, and Brand Awareness

When you create a natural, visual connection through video, you become memorable. When your clients remember you, they begin to trust and respect you.

Better Search Engine Rankings

Google loves video! The algorithm often ranks video content higher than forms of content on the same subject or with competing offers.

Video Grabs Attention!

Scrolling, attention, clutter, and noise – that’s the marketplace. A strategic and superior video project is the key to captivating your audience and increasing their engagement with your brand. 

Video Production Projects Sacramento Businesses Request

1. Meaningful Testimonial Videos

Happy customers love to share their experiences with others. Give them an opportunity to sell for you with their own case study. 

2. Inspiring Brand Story Videos

We have a saying at Coldea Productions. “People don’t resonate with brands. They connect with other people and their stories.” One of the best and most effective methods of humanizing your brand is to share a relatable, personable tale that resonates with your target market. 


What is your story? Let’s create a memorable connection together and share it with your audience!

3. Product and Service Promotion

Highlight a product demo, show off a new home or commercial real estate listing, or reveal the latest updates to your services with premium video production services.

4. Corporate Training Videos To Educate Your Team

When you invest in high-quality education for your team, you don’t just get a better team. You get clients who are well taken care of and who are eager to stay or return.

5. FAQ, How-To, and Explainer Videos

Show don’t tell. Create demonstration videos and tutorials to better serve customers and establish your expertise.

6. Capture Events, Galas, Conferences, and Online Webinars

Online events surged over the last few years and they don’t show any sign of slowing. Regardless of the setting, Coldea Productions can capture your memorable event and live stream it across the globe.


This is the ultimate solution for events such as

  • Trade shows
  • Sporting events
  • Charitable events
  • Live Streaming concerts
  • Red carpet galas
  • Corporate conferences
  • Online webinars
  • And more

Answers To Common Video Production FAQs

The Three Stages Of Video Production
  • Pre-Production and Planning
    Let us learn more about your business and define the scope of your project.
  • Production and Filming
    Everyone’s favorite part! Filming on location or in-studio with you and your team.
  • Post-production and Editing
    Our skilled team handles editing and reformatting before the final piece is submitted for approval and the final cut is delivered.
Sacramento Video Production Costs

Cost depends on several factors including talent, filming location, the scope, and event size. Once we know more about your project, we provide a custom quote.

Music, Voiceovers, and Subtitles

We’re happy to provide these useful additions to your project.

Coldea Productions Industry Partners

Here are a few of the industries we’ve had the privilege to partner with:

  • Technology
  • Health Care and Dental
  • Manufacturing
  • Real Estate
  • Entertainment and Music
  • Hospitality
  • eCommerce
  • Law Firms
  • Fashion 
  • Non-Profit
  • Retail
  • Event Planning
  • Health and Fitness
  • Sporting Events

Sacramento Video Production to Elevate Your Business

Product demos, testimonials, explainer videos, event coverage, and brand stories are just some of the endless video project possibilities. Let’s start your next video project! Reach out to our team and let’s schedule it!

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