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Animated Explainer Video

Though thousands of informative videos are in the marketplace, an animated explainer video company can provide you with a professional package that exceeds the performance of your competitors. An effective video can bring more traffic to your website and keep potential customers there, which raises your conversion rate.

The rise of video marketing has inspired corporate executives to move outside the lane lines of typical marketing from business days long ago. Many companies have chosen to switch video strategies to include animated videos, which can be fast-paced and funny, or even use the retro appearance of 2D animation

What is an animated explainer video?

Like the name implies, a video explainer introduces your products and services to the general public and can serve to demonstrate the assembly and use of your merchandise as well. Everything on your website that deserves the attention of shoppers and buyers will need compelling video content.

You can also add an explainer to your already existing web videos to enhance a blog or introduce your team. Every tab on your website can include an embedded video explainer to enhance engagement. When potential customers open more features, they stay longer, and the conversion rate is boosted.

While there are many templates available to create quality video content, animated explainers are known for their storytelling capability. What you gain through character animation is the ability to tell a story, which adds entertainment quality to your target audience. And with whiteboard videos and other software, your explainer can contain anything you can draw on your illo sketchbook.

You’ve doubtless visited sites that don’t have easy, step-by-step help to make them user-friendly. When you attract potential customers to your site you don’t want to leave them frustrated. Providing the most concise, easy-to-follow instructions in your explainer content leaves consumers with a positive attachment to your brand.

Your landing page can include a portal with a corporate video of your company’s overview. You can also use explainer videos on other pages – to describe new products, give instructions or introduce employees. And it’s a strategy that keeps on giving. You can make revisions to your explainer videos to continually keep them updated, and you can post them on numerous pages of your website.

What is the purpose of an explainer video?

An animated explainer video is useful on many fronts, but mostly it is a succinct communication tool that offers short bites that a viewer can metabolize. You can use a variety of genres – whatever will resonate with your customers best. The goal is maximum exposure but in a way that’s consistent with your brand.

When your marketing strategy isn’t as effective as you’d like it to be, you can reach out to an explainer video production company to get new ideas. If your business makes its greatest gains with a particular customer base, you want to discuss targeted videos that push your best features in their direction.

For instance, a San Francisco Bay area firm will probably find a polished, professional explainer video more useful in order to reach reputable companies in the Fortune 500 sphere of influence. But if you own a chain of tire stores you want to connect with “everyman,” so your explainer video should use an animation style with less sophisticated motion graphics and a voiceover narration that’s more casual. The strategy is entirely different, but the end result is similar – you message your customers in a manner that gains traction with them.

There are other purposes to create an explainer video as well. When your customers order products, are they clear about what’s included? And do they know how to properly use your merchandise? A product video employing the work of illustrators who know how to create compelling characters can get the job done.

Brand management is also a great application for a corporate video. Regardless of where you post it – whether it’s a visual for your convention speaker, a training piece or it’s used for video recruiting, you are sowing seeds every time it is viewed by the public.

By choosing a production company to become the emissary for the project, you need to find like-minded professionals who understand where your business stands in the industry. After all, they are responsible for selecting the most effective form of video, setting an appropriate tone, and engaging your specific clients.

Should my explainer video use animation?

Choosing to expand your channels of communication to include video messaging is a decision to both streamline the process and get in front of more consumers. Your first move is to assess the needs of your company in order to determine the best way forward, which may involve changing your marketing practices or improving staff communication.

The success of the form of video you use will depend on whether it’s the right style for your industry. There are features of the best-animated explainer videos that businesses have found effective – and they vary.


A step-by-step insurance video can walk you through what to do when you’ve had a vehicle accident. An explainer that helps customers navigate a vehicle accident experience can serve as a visual FAQ that’s more compelling than a written page. You can post a series of these kinds of videos on multiple platforms.

It would help to have a how-to for filing claims and an embedded video explaining what each policy covers such as life insurance coverage, an umbrella policy, etc. You can create a video series for special insurance coverage. For vehicle owners, you could provide videos about boat and motorcycle insurance, as well as commercial auto policies. You may want to create a separate video that covers uninsured motorist coverage and one for bodily injury liability.


One of the advantages of animated explainer videos for tech companies is their ability to break down the complex and make it simpler to understand. If your company is marketing a new app, you can employ 2D animation to speak plainly. In fact, a whiteboard video may be apropos, depending on the nature of your company.

When you’re a new tech company bringing a product to market for the first time, an animated video may be the only way to do a walk-through for the end-users. It makes sense that to demonstrate a product in computer technology would require a technical mode of information conveyance.

Other explainers can be used in tandem with an animated video. For instance, techies would likely value the validation you get when customers offer testimonials in their own words.


Explainer videos in the medical field often make use of data which is clearly communicated through infographics. It’s a great way to break down difficult concepts, and when you need to portray the human body, the public is more comfortable with drawings from illustrators than live models.

If you run a nonprofit organization, you need an overall explainer video on your home page to define who you are. And because trust is a key component to attracting donors, you may also want live-action videos introducing your team. But the donation process is commonly taught through an animated walk-through video.

Some health executives want to reach out and educate the public – regarding cancer awareness or how to recognize a heart attack, for instance. Sometimes it helps to utilize humor to persuade the public to adopt new behaviors or change habits. A good example is the onslaught of animated videos encouraging Americans to use better hygiene to fight COVID-19.

How can I get the best-animated explainer video?

Once you’ve decided that your business would benefit from new strategies, your next job is to seek out an explainer video company that does great work when it comes to delivering a quality product and meeting deadlinesThe best explainer video companies have a team of artists with the kind of experience that gives you confidence that your customized video will be highly effective.

COLDEA Productions has served clients from a wide range of industries, creating corporate videos for both in-house and marketing purposes. Our commercial video services provide companies with packages for the following:

Our background in feature film makes us uniquely able to develop a narrative that serves your company’s needs. Explainer videos provide you with a prime opportunity to tell your corporate story.

Through a short, streamlined animation explainer your customers will become familiar with your products and services, no matter how complex. We have the technology and the technical expertise to write, create, and edit a video production that connects to your desired audience. Our talented staff ensures that you don’t get the edits and unlimited revisions you may find with another video production company, where they only get the gist of your message. From storyboard to the final product, our ability and professionalism will exceed expectations.

If you want a cost-effective training video for new hires, we can create that for you. You can realize the way a video product can take over the work of multiple employees, resulting in a trimmed-down budget. Whether you’re a startup trying whiteboard animation for the first time or an established 7-figure industry leader, you have to compete in the video market.

For convention hosts needing to add the energy of cutting-edge technology, we provide video content that enhances speaker engagement, records teambuilding seminars, and documents awards presentations. You can also attract visitors and industry leaders to your trade show with vendor video content and event videos.

The COLDEA Productions team will meet your deadlines and deliver a final product that is effective and checks off all the boxes you need – whether that’s a recruitment video, a social media post, or a tool to increase your YouTube presence. As an animated explainer video company, we take your project from a business idea to an attention-getting business builder.

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