Why Stop Motion Animation Is An Emerging Trend For Video Ads

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Why Stop Motion Animation Is An Emerging Trend For Video Ads

Throughout the years, you will have seen constantly changing, constantly developing marketing trends, either traditional or online, such as using billboards or a digital poster to reach your audience. Staying in the loop about which marketing trends are popular helps you understand the world around you, giving you a heads-up if you need to develop your business. Stop motion is an emerging social media trend many brands have adopted to help them stand out among competitors. It allows you to take the creative route and make unique content, which is helpful when working with social media influencers.

Stop-motion animation is a frame-by-frame method that captures pictures of inanimate objects in various positions. When you combine all the images, it creates an illusion of movement. This method is ideal for marketing because it effectively grabs viewers’ attention because of its uniqueness. There are many reasons why stop-motion animation skyrocketed as a trend in marketing and advertisements. Let’s discuss them all.


How stop-motion animation emerged.

Video content became increasingly popular, and viewers discovered that consuming information through audiovisuals was much more convenient. Most target demographic considers video content the best way to tell a compelling story. 91% of Instagram users report watching videos on the platform weekly. (https://sproutsocial.com/insights/instagram-stats/#ig-content). Videos are now the go-to format for influencer marketing across the globe. However, influencers decided to take it up a notch to stand out from the competition. Hence, they reinvigorated the trend of stop-motion animation ads that successfully attract the target demographic and make for more views.

In a traditional sense, stop motion may be tedious and labor-intensive to make, but it’s effective in creating engagement, making all the effort worthwhile. Digesting short videos with brevity is relatively easy and fun to watch.


Stop-motion animation has proven to be educational because of the easy-to-absorb nature of these videos. They can be made in a fun way with catchy visuals that make learning tedious concepts all the more exciting. They are a great way to learn for students, clients, employees, and anyone willing to enhance their knowledge. Stop motion is not restricted to any topic, and animated films can be made about anything as long as you’re creative enough. Stop motion animation is an engaging teaching technique and will help students learn faster, making it an excellent alternative for educational advertisements, especially targeted toward a younger audience.

Stop motion can make topics more clear. For instance, a slow-occurring reaction can be shown using stop-motion videos. This shows them the whole process and different features in a short span. A company can even use animations to show its manufacturing process when advertising its products.



The modern revival of stop-motion animation has started a trend of using different props and unique methods for creating films. The “classic” style of animation is either made up of lots of hand-drawn images or plasticine models that have to be moved millimeters at a time. Stop-motion animators have also made films with obscure props like food, household items, and animals, helping to bring inanimate objects to life and move items that cannot move otherwise. In short, you can use just about anything to create a compelling story. This can be fantastic for businesses making ads for their brand stories. The possibilities are endless.

Boosts conversions and brand image

Animations are easily retained in a viewer’s memory. This is especially true when those animations are alluring with a catchy line or story delivery. Stop-motion animation is the best way to ensure that a message stays in a viewer’s mind along with its visuals, thanks to its unique storytelling possibilities. Animations can possess the quality of being thought-provoking, motivating your audience to spread their messages further by sharing the films with their family, friends, or colleagues.

Businesses recognize the potential of stop-motion animation and its tendency to inspire people with its creativity. As a result, brands have incorporated this marketing method into advertisements and strategies to help keep a good impression of their brand and boost conversions. Animations are prevalent on social media websites where users would enjoy watching and sharing videos to make them more accessible.

Explainer videos

Stop-motion animation encourages filmmakers to get creative and become more imaginative. There is room for so much artistry, and people are utilizing this potential for innovation. Animation techniques are applied to create all kinds of content, including quirky advertisements. Stop motion is in high demand because it is a great way to market and create explainer videos. It has a lot of versatility, and you can go above and beyond to make your video as unique as possible.

A perfect example is how Japanese animator Mabona Origami presented informative and captivating origami chronicles using stop motion to advertise ASICS, titled “In Pursuit of Perfection.” The video is five minutes long, but its artistry and expressiveness keep viewers engaged until the end. Another famous stop-motion advert is the one made for the Xbox 360.


Creating a stop motion may require a lot of time and effort, but one thing you can take out of the equation is cost. You can still create an impressive, captivating, stop-motion animation video ad with a low budget. This type of animation requires many shots and frames, but that does not translate to a hefty price. Budgets are usually flexible, and many animators have successfully created masterpieces with the minimum funding needed. It all comes down to how you wish to make your stop-motion animation.

To conclude, once influencers and brands discovered that video ads were the best way to draw attention, stop-motion animation emerged in digital advertising to stay ahead of competitors. Animations have allowed businesses to find creative and innovative ways to tell stories and grasp the target audience’s attention. It encourages artistry and expressiveness in animators, which will translate to a successful final film. It is also an excellent technique for creating educational video ads because of its engaging teaching methods. All of this has led to brand conversions and a boost in the brand image because stop-motion animation has the potential to stay in the mind of the viewers. There are so many benefits to using stop motion for your video ads, and it can all be done within a budget without compromising quality.

 We hope this article has been insightful and helps you understand the potential for stop-motion animation for video ads. Thank you for reading!

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