COLDEA Productions is a Southern California based creative-services provider that specializes in producing video content and commercial photography for individuals, businesses and corporations. The company utilizes the latest audio/video technology to produce cost-efficient promotional, instructional, and original video content.

Services are targeted to several markets, including web platforms, corporations, advertising agencies, and individuals. We provide a full-range of video-related services including pre-production consulting, production, post-production editing, and video placement. Our video production services include: corporate-video, real-estate-video, product-video, web-video, aerial-video, drone-video, training-video and commercials.

Besides video production we offer professional photography services for corporations, companies and individuals. Photography services include, headshot-photography, product-photography, fashion-photography, real-estate-photography and aerial-drone-photography.

Welcome to Coldea Productions.

We make videos. Whether it’s for a television commercial, sales and marketing, training purposes, or to present a professional and effective image on your website and across social media. Making Videos is a great activity that brings people together to work on great things. Everyone that is part of the process of making a video is always excited

Here is Our Process

We get together with you as one team. We brainstorm to come up with ideas and concepts. The First Step is to write a script, The script is the holy grail of the entire process The Second Step is to do Location Scouting to find the perfect place to tell your story. If we are filming a Business Video, your office might be perfect After all we have to show your cool office to the world, right? Once we have a script and we found the perfect location We get to do the fun part… Filming the story that we wrote This is the process where we create the puzzle pieces. The production is, pretty straight forward event It goes like this: Lights! Camera! Action!

Very Easy

Now we put the pieces of the puzzle together. The Editor will use the script and the media we created to bring the story to life. The Producing team will inspect the video and send it to the Client Once in the possession of the Video The Client can share it across all social media Voila! We created a brand new Video that’s ready to change the world! Thank you for trusting us to tell YOUR story.