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Video Production Services

Coldea Productions is a full-service video production house offering a wide range of professional video services for personal, business, and marketing applications and uses. With video viewing taking over social media and online user habits, including a video component in your digital marketing plans is no longer a fringe option in your advertising budget.

Video marketing is an essential part of any comprehensive digital marketing strategy, providing your business a branding standard while boosting your search engine ranking to generate traffic and grow your business. Posting videos on your website and marketing efforts can increase conversion rates significantly, leading to increased sales, revenue, and share of the market.

Our Video Services

Video consumption has skyrocketed in recent years with the availability of high speed and wireless internet connections that can be accessed from devices that fit in the palm of your hand. Everyone with a modern cell phone can shoot video and post it publicly on their webpage or social media account.

However, only the experienced professionals at Coldea Productions have the expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to produce highly effective business and marketing videos that support and expand your brand. An impressive team of talented, creative video specialists will write, shoot, edit, and distribute video content that maximizes your company’s strengths and benefits to create dynamic, engaging content designed to increase brand awareness, generate traffic to your website, and grow your business into a major player in your market.

Benefits of Our Video Services

At Coldea Productions, we do all things video, and our services are backed by talented videographers, editors, writers, and digital marketers who combine the creative and technical aspects of producing high quality, impactful video productions with the industry knowledge and experience to properly market videos in today’s digital age.

Whether you are a long-time business looking to increase sales or a new company trying to find your way in today’s complicated and crowded digital marketplace, Coldea Productions can help establish an online presence and raise your brand awareness. Benefits and features to the wide range of professional video services offered by the industry leaders at Coldea Productions include:

Brand Building

Your business brand is the most important commodity you own. The way you present you business to the world is how consumers identify with your products and services, as well as how you treat your customers and engage in the community. Coldea Productions digital marketing professionals will use our video services to create, maintain, and improve upon the brand awareness and online presence that will elevate your business to the next level.

Digital Marketing

Coldea Productions digital marketing specialists have learned and grown with this new form of advertising and marketing in the digital age. Marketers are up to date on the latest standards, guidelines, and practices used to get noticed in a crowded marketing landscape with entertaining, engaging, and informative videos as part of a comprehensive digital marketing plan.

Dependable, Reliable Professionals

We are not just some tech enthusiasts with a few cameras and an editing bay. Our training and experience come from the world of filmmaking, where we refined our skills and learned how to tell stores in compelling, interesting, and engaging ways. At Coldea Productions, you deal with reliable, dependable professionals that take great pride in providing exceptional customer service.

Video Service Options at Coldea Productions

Coldea Productions stands out among our competitors because we offer the largest variety of premium quality video services that will fulfill all of your digital marketing video needs. While there are no limits on the ways or video experts can produce content, the following are some examples of the kinds of video services we provide.

Corporate Videos

At Coldea Productions, we use an extensive filmmaking background to tell your stories in the most creative ways, using the latest advancements in video technology and processes. Showcase your brand and engage with your target audience to increase your brand awareness and loyalty that will help grow your business and grab your share of the market.

Product Videos

There is no better way to show off the benefits and features of your products and services than in a professionally produced product video that is far more persuasive than traditional still pictures or simply reading about it on your website.

Website/Social Media Videos

Online users spend hours a day watching videos through social media sites and other outlets. Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram have millions of regular users who scroll through their feeds continually looking for new videos to watch. This offers you a massive potential customer base that can be reached through the targeted distribution of dynamic, engaging, and impactful video content driving users to your website.

Training Videos

With an increasing emphasis on remote working circumstances throughout the business world, Coldea Productions produces high quality, informative training videos you can use to keep your staff and new employees fully informed about company policies and procedures, as well as the products and services you provide. Keep your sales staff, customer service associates, and other members of your team all on the same page when it comes to all elements of your business operations.

Drone Videos

Coldea Productions uses the latest drone technology to create stunning images used in different ways for promotional and marketing video applications. Aerial video is especially useful for real estate videos to give prospective buyers an accurate overview of the property. Always ahead of the latest technology, we produce spectacular imagery used for a wide range of business video applications and industries.

Professional Corporate Explainer Video Production Services

The most effective way for advertisers to capture today’s consumer is with attention-grabbing videos that get them to stop scrolling and absorb the information you have to share. Coldea Productions is positioned to satisfy your company’s digital marketing needs with a wide range of high-quality video services that help increase your online presence and generate more traffic to your company website with an eye-catching final product.

Contact Coldea Productions today to have all of your questions answered and for complete information on our long list of professional video services as an essential part of your comprehensive digital marketing efforts.

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