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Coldea Productions is a full service professional video production company that specializes in creating corporate video content designed to increase brand awareness and loyalty, generate web traffic, and increase profits and your share of the market. Video is a powerful medium that has taken over as the top format for distributing information online. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have adjusted to changing trends and now tailor their operations to video content. Google and YouTube are the top two search engines in the world and have made videos a primary focus for results and rankings.

Technological advancements combined with the wide access and availability of high speed and wireless internet connections have pushed video content to be an essential component of any successful digital marketing plan.  Coldea Productions brings together a diverse team of video production and marketing professionals to produce highly effective video content designed to increase your brand’s awareness and provide your business a major online presence.

Professional, Reliable Video Company

In today’s digital age, consumers simply cannot get enough video content. With handheld devices streaming video from anywhere users can get an internet connection, the video has taken over social media and is now required to get any kind of notice in the crowded digital marketing landscape. Only top quality professionally produced marketing and promotional videos will be able to capture the attention of fast-paced online consumers.

At Coldea Productions, we use a filmmaking background and years of real-world digital marketing experience to produce highly effective corporate videos designed to educate, inform, and entertain viewers, driving them to your website and compelling them to do business with you. Though anyone with a cell phone or tablet can shoot video and distribute it on their social media account, only the professionals at Coldea Productions create the kind of digital marketing content through video production services, that will be effective at generating the kind of traffic to your website that will increase sales and grow your business.

Benefits of Professional Video Company Services

Professionally produced video content created by the industry experts at Coldea Productions offers powerful marketing tools to raise awareness of your brand and expose your products and services to more potential customers than ever before. The following are the benefits and features of using a professional video production company like Coldea Productions as a valued component of your overall digital marketing efforts.

Generate Web Traffic

Professionally produced and fully optimized video marketing content will drive users to your website, generating a significant bump in your traffic. Video is now responsible for a major percentage of today’s internet traffic, so it is more important than ever to make your final product a driving force in your marketing plan.

Social Media Sharing Options

Posting engaging, entertaining, and informative video content on your social media properties will allow others to like, comment, and share the content, expanding your reach exponentially. Coldea Productions is dedicated to producing high-quality video productions that Facebook and YouTube users will want to share with their social media friends and contacts.

Increase Search Engine Rankings

Coldea Productions, a full-service video production company is uniquely positioned in the industry with a combination of video production and digital marketing expertise. This enables our production teams to create compelling video content that is optimized to rank high on Google and other top search engines. We understand the ever-changing standards and guidelines used to determine ranking order to get your content noticed by the most potential customers and clients as possible.

Create, Build Brand Awareness, Loyalty

Your business brand is your company’s most valuable commodity. It is far more expensive to gain new customers than to retain current ones. One way to do that is by creating a strong bond with your brand. Coldea Productions works hard to produce content to the high standards and overall missions and objectives that your brand represents. Producing digital marketing videos serves to increase your brand awareness and online presence, with ongoing efforts designed to build up loyalty to your brand and your business that lasts for years.

Mobile Responsiveness for All Devices

With the increasing availability of cell phones and tablets, more people are watching video content on the go every day. Coldea Productions produces content that breaks through in a crowded marketplace where users are constantly scrolling through media platforms to search for new content. A short, informative, entertaining video is the only way to capture viewers’ attention in the fast-paced environment of digital marketing and social media.

Boost Conversions, Increase Sales

The ultimate goal of implementing any kind of digital marketing or advertising campaign is to increase sales and profits and gain a greater share of the market. Video marketing that is properly optimized and distributed guides potential customers who are more likely to be interested in your products and services, leading to increased conversions and more sales.

Video Production Company Offering Wide Range of Service Options

Coldea Productions will get to know you and your business to create the right combination of video content designed to maximize your digital marketing efforts. We are limited only by our collective imaginations in creating dynamic video presentations to promote your business, as well as internal informational and training videos for your staff, vendors, and contractors.

Corporate Videos

With the right video production company, professional-quality videos that are optimized and distributed to appropriate channels and platforms will showcase your business to a targeted audience using state-of-the-art equipment and effective techniques and processes while applying the most recent trends and purchasing habits. We will give your business the best chance of getting noticed in today’s crowded digital marketing landscape.

Product Videos

A highly produced product video is a far more persuasive and memorable marketing tool than simple text or even still photography. Purchasing decisions are made through emotional responses to the product and video production is the most effective format to draw the kind of reaction that compels users to want to find out more information.

Website/Social Media Videos

The greatest benefit of using videos on your website and social accounts to promote your business is the ability for users to engage and interact in the process. Entertaining and informative video content is more likely to be shared by users, exponentially widening your reach to potential customers, generating web traffic, and increasing your online presence and brand awareness.

Training Videos

Make sure your employees are all on the same page when it comes to your company policies, procedures, and the products and services your business provides. Training videos can be shared, archived, and adjusted over time with updated information and procedures.


Professional Video Company for Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Coldea Productions is a reliable, professional video production company with years of experience, offering a unique combination of video production experience and the digital marketing expertise to get your marketing content to the largest possible target audiences that are most likely to do business with you. Contact Coldea Productions today and get started with a video production company best suited to help you increase your online presence and brand awareness.

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