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There’s nothing more convenient than corporate video training to educate staff members. Keeping your employees on the same page, in terms of rules, regulations, safety concerns and sales strategies, is an important aspect of running a successful company.

Technology enables you to streamline that process through video training. An experienced corporate videographer can work with you to design the most informative messaging to engage the viewer and get the message across.

What is a corporate video used for?

When you launched your company if you were like most business owners, you worked on a shoestring budget, so you began with a basic logo and a simple website. As your company grew you could install important features such as a customer service department or add pages to your website.

Industry leaders employ the most updated technology, which is reflected in the quality of their marketing content, web videos, and social media posts. It improves your standing in the marketplace and attracts new customers, in part because you raise the profile of your branding.

Corporate videos broadcast your brand to a larger audience – the click-through rate is higher than still photos or posts with simple text. It happens, in part, because they attract more attention. Sales reps can connect more easily to new clients when they reach out with video marketing.

But the medium is useful for far more than Vimeo uploads or attracting eyes for advertising cookies. In addition to the obvious advantage to your sales strategy, business videos serve many purposes for your own staff. Corporate video production can be useful both in public and within the company, to inform, inspire, promote, and prevent.

recruiting video – When you make contact with a future employee you want to put your best foot forward. Companies hire the best talent, not just because of the salaries and benefits they offer, but also through the image they proclaim through various means.

Safety video – Every workplace has hazards. You probably have a fire extinguisher on hand, which individuals need to know how to operate. And health issues such as outbreaks sometimes occur, so people need to be ready.

CPR training – You can use a hybrid style, combining a trainer who directs class with video content offering a show-and-tell effect. The narrative can give you a limited understanding of the information, but you need to augment the curriculum with videos and hands-on practice dummies.

Health benefits explainer – Your HR department carries the burden of educating everyone about the healthcare plan, insurance coverage, and other terms. The person training the others can let the video do the overview.

Diversity training – With more people aware of social inequity, more companies are spreading the word through diversity training sessions.

New products – Your sales team isn’t the only group that needs to get acquainted with the newest line of merchandise.

Technician training – After the sale comes the phase that pleases customers most: installation. Every technician on staff needs to learn the ropes for each product they construct or assemble.

How do you make a good training video?

While you spend time perfecting your products and services and improving your business performance, a professional video team can provide you with a training tool that is visually engaging and informative. A production company will follow your lead as far as script and messaging goes, and that will be determined in part by your designated end user.

The steps for you as a business owner begin with choosing a seasoned team of creative artists who also understand your priorities as an executive. When you sit down with the video producers you will discuss the subject matter and determine your target audience. The chosen format for a staff training video will hinge on whether a formal style will resonate more with your employees or something that provides simple performance-support intervention.

A lot of decisions go into creating a successful project – one of those involves deciding which format fits your training video needs.

Animated videos

You may be surprised by the types of industries that have turned to animated video training. Though your first thought may go to lighthearted cartoons, there are far more features available to editors today than ever before. Artwork can be supplemented with infographics and text which imbues a versatility appealing to a range of learning experiences.

Live-action narrative videos

When viewers see people reacting in scenarios related to the goals of the training session, it can play a big part in their compliance, as they are easy to remember. When storylines are strong and offer context – such as a safety video demonstrating CPR – it has a big impact on learners.

Explainer videos with experts

From public service announcements on TV to teen advisement sessions, most Americans are accustomed to guidance from experts. An explainer video with expert testimony is both a familiar and effective form of learning support.

Kinetic text

Another form of animated video, the use of kinetic typography can enhance a static background or active video play. Some technical training is more effective when kept minimal but adding movement to the text keeps learners interested. Video backgrounds can use text animation for caption services and titles, while sound effects are a way to animate the audio feature for a greater impact.

Whiteboard animation

A popular format for old businesses to update their look, whiteboard animation videos tend to garner high engagement. The images added through illustrations and animations add to audio features to get attention more than a lot of other formats.

What is a staff training video?

Both new hires and longtime employees have occasions where they need training. The basics you share when onboarding employees have substantive differences from the content you use for other staffers.


For service industries, new employees have to be trained in the literal, physical expectations associated with their duties. When your company carries a line of products, the newest staffers have to both learn protocols of behavior as well as become familiar with the merchandise.

When your newest recruits attend their first staff training, there is a lot more being communicated than simple information. Your brand comes through loud and clear through all commercial messaging, even media that is not specifically designed as a company culture video.

When you make the decision to invest in a high-quality video trainer you will likely have a better flow of information, but you are also sending an indirect message. The work of a video production company can provide a comprehensive, well-written package which is affirmed when an individual accepts your job offer.

Employee Training Videos

Governmental regulations require you to educate individuals on your payroll and your training videos need industry-specific content. E-learning opportunities empower your staff members to independently learn from their homes or offices.

From educating your top-tier executives about changes in operations to boosting your earnings with sales webinars, the use of video content offers a solid return on your investment. The more informed your employees are, the better the quality of their work, plus you can boost your ROI by putting your video footage to work.

The best product videos help your sales team succeed, but it’s also important for others on your office staff to be abreast of your latest merchandise. In fact, C-suite executives benefit from the training videos the whole company is viewing. When you consult with your corporate video production team, work toward establishing multiple purposes for the videos. You can maximize your results and create a lot of unity in the workplace.

Keep in mind, you likely need more than one video training package to cover company demand, especially if you plan to expand your brand in the marketplace. There are a lot of directions you can go with training video productions.

What are corporate training video examples?

If you aren’t sure you need to inject some life into your training programs, just consider the number of times you yourself have gone to Vimeo or YouTube for a “how-to” course. And when you add the practice of millennials, who know their way around a webcam and frequently adjust their cookie preferences, you know that all roads lead to video engagement.

The type of video you choose to create will depend on your needs, but you have many samples at your disposal.

An explainer is a short video with a script that demonstrates or verbally informs your employees. There are products with self-explanatory steps for usage, but others require manuals or – better yet – an educational video to lead the way. HGTV shows like “Fixer Upper” resemble explainer videos. Think about how inspired you are watching a televised transformation by Chip and Joanna Gaines versus reading about it.

For such purposes as safety protocols or insurance benefits information, you may still have a person training your employees, but you can add a video to augment the presentation. Also, their learning experience can be enhanced with an interactive video – a style that has a strong reputation for boosting engagement.

The publishing platform eLearning Industry has a list of the benefits of choosing interactive videos to improve the virtual training experience:

  • They are high impact
  • They raise engagement
  • There is control over the level of difficulty
  • It customizes the experience for the learner

You can use interactive video for formal training, which is typically applied to compliance classes, sales and product education, leadership training, and behavioral change. It can also serve as a performance support tool which aids an employee’s workflow.  Whether you design a simulation video or prefer an image and caption style, you only want to invest in a training video if it’s effective.

Where do I get the best employee training videos?

COLDEA Productions has a team of experts to create an engaging learning experience for your corporate training needs. We provide customized videos with your goals in mind, whether you need to boost your video marketing or find a streamlined way to introduce your staff members to new products, regulations, or ideas.


From scriptwriting to editing, we are seasoned professionals. We have cutting-edge technology for optimum resolution and editing software with everything from voiceover to animation capabilities.

We serve entrepreneurs and corporations in nearly every industry and workplace, including attorneys, real estate brokers, financial professionals, and event hosts. We do live stream sessions as well as recording meetings, interviews, and trade shows.

The types of business videos we have completed include:

Connecting with your staff can be as important as it is to reach out to customers. There are few techniques that work as explicitly and consistently as corporate video training.

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