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Branded Video Production

Your business’s brand is the most important asset you have. It represents the quality and mission of your company, which connects your products and services to existing and potential customers. Professional branded production services allow you to present your business through a variety of high-quality videos that showcase your brand features and highlight your product benefits and functions.

Once a costly fringe accessory with limited audiences and resources, video content is now a required marketing tool that allows you to compete in today’s crowded and confusing digital marketplace. Posting compelling promotional and product videos on your website, social media platforms, and other digital outlets improves conversion and bounce rates. This leads to more sales, profits, and the ability to grab a greater share of the market in your industry.

What are the Values and Benefits of Branded Video Production Services?

Talented teams of videographers, video editors, scriptwriters, and digital marketing specialists use their creative and technical experience to skillfully maximize the power of marketing videos. This helps you increase your brand awareness, generate sales, and cultivate a growing base of loyal customers.

Brand videos help to establish an online presence and grow awareness for the products and services that your business offers target consumers. Benefits of working with professional brand video production services include:

Online Consumers Love Videos

The availability of smartphones and the accessibility of high-speed internet created the ideal condition for videos to take over as a primary content format throughout the world. Online video consumption grows over 100% each year, and videos are revered as the go-to medium for marketing and internal communication for businesses of all types and sizes. Video content allows viewers to absorb, process, and retain the information better than text descriptions or photos.

Search Engine Rankings

Full-service production companies take advantage of how search engines work to produce videos recognized by Google, YouTube, and other search engines. They establish your videos as legitimate and relevant content, implementing search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. This helps your videos improve their ranking results, exposing your brand to large groups of consumers searching for your kind of business.

Video Dominates Social Media

In the early days of Facebook and Twitter, users primarily posted status updates and food and pet pictures. Advances in digital video production and distribution technology have led to millions of social media users watching hours of video content every week. Marketing strategies from professionals are designed to tap into these large digital communities. They understand how to target consumers with brand videos that drive traffic to your website and increase conversions and sales.

Videos for Consumers on the Go

Most people walking around with their noses buried in technological devices are watching videos. Short, concise, and engaging brand videos are ideal to capture the attention of viewers on the go. Video production professionals utilize techniques that cater to those watching videos on small smartphones and tablet screens. Larger, bolder visuals and captioning functions make brand video content easily digestible and memorable.

What are the Ideal Types of Videos for Branded Content?

Different types of videos serve a variety of marketing and internal communications purposes. Because of this, professional production companies take the time to get to know everything about your industry, business, and brand. A successful video marketing strategy includes videos that help achieve your goals and objectives.

The following are examples of the types of videos teams can create to increase your sales and grow your business brand:

Corporate Videos

Video is the best way to get your brand elements and messaging distributed to the largest groups of potential customers. Company profiles, product demonstrations, explainer videos, television commercials, testimonials, and other marketing videos use a variety of techniques. This includes live-action, motion graphics, and other visual effects for grabbing the interest of online consumers and exposing them to your brand. Corporate brand videos are a great way of getting noticed in today’s crowded digital marketing environment.

Social Media Videos

Billions of active users check their social media accounts on a regular basis, spending hours scrolling through timelines looking for new and engaging video content. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms distribute brand videos to massive numbers of online consumers. This allows an unprecedented amount of access to potential customers while using these platforms. Social media videos present your brand as an industry leader and a trusted consumer resource.

Training Videos

Video production is an ideal vehicle for delivering important information related to internal business communication and training materials. Employees benefit greatly from the use of training and onboarding videos. They can be used for communicating job orientation materials, company policies and procedures, and product demonstrations, all while relaying your brand’s future sales and marketing objectives.

Why Hire a Professional Video Company for Your Digital Marketing Efforts?

Coldea Productions is an experienced video production company with an extensive background in film, with just the right talent for producing high-quality video and live streams. We are a trusted brand video production company using our production skills and digital marketing experience to distribute videos to the largest possible target audiences. These are the audiences who are most likely to be interested in the products and services your brand represents.

Coldea Productions is a production company that specializes in brand video production, which is designed to drive interested consumers to your website, increase sales, and grow your business. Contact Coldea Productions for complete information on how to get started today!

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