Webinar Video – Ernie Cooper – OCACFE Fraud Seminar

  • Date March 23, 2017
  • Location Fountain Valley, California
  • Client Association of Fraud Examiners of Orange County
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    Training Videos, Web Videos,

Ernie Cooper was named Partner at Vicenti, Lloyd & Stutzman in 2014.

Ernie really enjoys the people at Vicenti and is proud to be associated with Vicenti. Ernie is Partner of our Vicenti Fraud Solutions Unit and has a real passion for working in the fraud area. As Ernie says, he has been involved in fraud for many years, but fortunately on the “right” side of fraud.

Ernie will be the first to tell you that life has been very good to him as he is blessed with a tremendous wife and five kids, or better yet, five young adults, who are moving quite nicely through life. Ernie also has had the best career in the world, as an FBI Special Agent for over 20 years, retiring in November 2003. Ernie is an active member of the Society of Former FBI Special Agents, and his wife is still currently a Special Agent in the Los Angeles Division.

His experiences before, with, and after the FBI have taken him through many journeys, cities, states, and international travel. He has stories that involve working with the “mafia,” bank robbers, kidnappers, undercover operations, and white collar criminals that would rival any television series. Through this all, Ernie has competed and coached in sports and athletics since day one. The highlights are many, and these days, Ernie enjoys traveling with his wife, Teresa, working out, and playing in a “wood bat: hard ball” baseball league.

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