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  • Date Jul 22, 2020
  • Location Redondo Beach, California
  • Client NEXT New Growth
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CFO of LegalZoom and Grab [private equity-backed companies with "unicorn" and "decacorn" status] says about executive coaching, “Come with an open mind. It’s scary to some people … I did have to think long and hard because you just don’t know what to expect … Come in with the mindset, “Yeah, I’ll come with an open mind, I want to DISCOVER about myself what I don’t know about, or what people have not told me about …”

This is not a 360 review – coaching ain’t a 360 review! It’s all about really stepping back finding out certain things that YOU want to be nudged about. Because at the end of the day coaching is you in the driver’s seat. You’re not getting counsel or advice. You’re in control … of where you want to take it.
Coaching is only as good as you want to make it. It’s like a sporting analogy. The coach can say many, many things, but if the player ain’t gonna DO it, there’s no success. So just come with that mindset, “I’m in the driver’s seat. I want to set the goals.” … The coach’s job is really just to help you get there.
The other thing I would say is coaching is an iterative process. It doesn’t happen overnight, so you’ve got to be patient. You’ve got to actually continue to WORK at it.

And thirdly, it’s ACCOUNTABILITY. Because you need the accountability of a coach. And part of that is a 2-way street. Don’t get intimidated if the coach nudges you…. Reminds you of certain things. …
Lastly, coaching is continuous, because if you do it for just 1 session, or 2 sessions, or 3 sessions, I don’t think you’re gonna get the ROI. It’s going to take a bit of time.

I would encourage those CFOs as you think about it, to carve out the time and make an INVESTMENT. And you’ll see fruits at the end."

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