Corporate Training Video Production

  • Date Jul 16, 2020
  • Location Redondo Beach, California
  • Client NEXT New Growth
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Executive Coach describes what CFO coaching is, what's the focus, for the benefit of CFOs, CEOs, and Private Equity Operating Partners.

"CFO coaching is leadership development for Chief Financial Officers. It’s a process that accelerates the growth of a CFO. Coaching aims to create better outcomes in some key areas that are very important for that executive, right now.

This could mean increasing strategic focus or operational focus. It could relate to creating a shared vision for your team, or elevating the performance of your group -- for example, by ensuring you have the Right Person, in the Right Job, and with the Right Attitude for every role.

Often, CFOs are great with technical areas of their craft. Muscles that could use some work often relate to communication or leadership. Sometimes it’s the ability to challenge the process: old ways of doing things, to increase quality. Maybe it’s equipping the team to act, or modeling the way more effectively.

Leadership coaching enables CFOs to have more courageous conversations with their peers, and with their teams. Fierce conversations related to commitment, and the need for better results. Most of us need more than just “5 steps to a strong dialogue” We need a strong pull, the energy of a compelling “why” because there are good reasons we have not had that difficult conversation yet.

Development helps CFOs identify and overcome the ways they – and all of us, of course - often sabotage ourselves. Executive coaching equips CFOs to grow their leadership skills. And the results become clear in how you show up for your CEO, as a strategic partner. Results become clear and in how you work hand-in-glove with your COO to produce more actionable reports, or tools that enable operations to beat revenue and leverage costs."

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