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Video Production Process Flow Chart

In marketing, video is king. Most platforms are moving to a video-first algorithm that prioritizes motion. But, even a simple social media video requires some thought. Whether you’re creating a 15-second video ad or planning a 2-hour short film, having a video production flow chart can make the whole process easier and more organized. As a result, you’ll deliver higher-quality videos to your audience.

When you have a clear workflow and chart of the video production process, every team and individual will better understand their roles and responsibilities. Having everything outlined will prevent tasks from falling through the cracks, and you’ll be more prepared to stay under budget and meet deadlines. All of this will help you have a high-quality video in the end.

Video Production Process Flow Chart

1. Pre-Production

Pre-production is a critical stage in video production. Here’s when you lay out the foundation for your video. Poor pre-production can become expensive down the line and impact the quality of your video. Here you’ll do all the prep work you need to produce a video.

The pre-production stage includes:

  • Completing a creative brief that outlines the innovative ideas, defines the objectives and messages of the video, identifies the audience, and proposes the budget and timeline for the production.
  • Writing the first script and storyboard to have an overall idea of how the video is going to flow and visualize each scene better.
  • Planning and scheduling the production to ensure everyone is aware and in agreement with their deadlines.

2. Production

The production stage is where all the planning you’ve done so far comes together. You need to be on top of your pre-production timelines and plans to ensure production goes according to plan. Depending on the type of video you’re doing, production includes:

  • Shooting the footage
  • Conducting interviews
  • Record any voice-overs and audios

3. Post-Production

After all the hype of the production comes post-production. Here’s where all the film and audio you’ve done so far come together. During post-production, producers, editors, and designers come together to mix and organize all the files you have in a way that makes sense. The video goes through various rounds of revisions until it’s sent off for final approval. The post-production usually includes:

  • Editing the video, interviews, voice-overs, and audio files
  • Gathering feedback from the team
  • Making revisions as needed

4. Promotion

An often left-behind portion of the video production flow chart is the publishing and promoting phase. Depending on the goals and strategic vision for the video, your publishing phase will look different. However, this usually includes:

  • Formatting and hosting the video in your desired location
  • Setting up tracking analytics to measure ROI
  • Marketing and distributing the video

Then, you also have to think about how the video will be promoted. Some popular ways to promote videos include:

  • Sharing them on social media
  • Distributing them through paid ads
  • Using PR to spread the word to different outlets
  • Buying TV ads
  • Incorporating the video into marketing materials

Building a Video Production Flow Chart

Video is a versatile marketing tool that can be transformed to meet different strategies. Big or small, building a video production flow chart is the same and equally important. Focusing on these stages is critical to have a successful video marketing campaign.

Geraldine Orentas is a writer from Happy Writers, Co. in partnership with personal and business checks retailer Checkworks.

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