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Video Marketing Trends This 2022

Video is steadily taking over as the most effective and efficient content form today. With the ability to raise conversion rates by just under 90%, video marketing is becoming a must-have in most brands’ arsenal. Consequently, in 2022, video content is going to be an essential asset that businesses of all sizes and from all industries need to employ.

But video marketing isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Video content is ever-evolving and consumer demands are consistently changing. As such, it’s important that any marketer looking to optimize video understands upcoming trends and patterns. Here, we outline a few of the most exciting and promising trends that video content will experience in 2022:

CGI will be more prolific

Whereas before only bigger brands would be able to enjoy the benefits of CGI, in 2022, animation can be adopted by almost anyone. Aside from CGI technology becoming more affordable, animation is also easier to pursue thanks to a 4% growth in professionals with digital media skills. Armed with training in motion graphics design, these designers can expertly realize a brand’s vision into an animated video that can be adjusted for different budgets. According to surveys, animation can increase landing page conversion rates by up to 90%. Research released in 2021 even revealed that 83% of marketing professionals deem animation as a medium with growing importance.

Video tutorials will increase

Recent studies show that 68% of consumers prefer and recall more from video tutorials rather than written ones. This is also perhaps why videography is becoming commonplace in the education sector. Among marketers, tutorial-type videos are also some of the most effective at reaching audiences. Since videos are easier and more entertaining to consume than most text, viewers are more likely to use them. That’s why video marketing tools are now becoming popular over the years as marketers use DIY software to create their content. Thus, instead of your usual FAQs published on websites or social media, marketers will be better off creating information-rich videos on all their platforms. These can be tweaked depending on the medium, but the commonality is that they should be clear and accurate. Since tutorials are also based on existing internal information, they’re also some of the easiest to produce.

Viewers will crave longer stories

For years, marketers have been creating videos that aim to be short and sweet. On one hand, this was done to fit into expensive 30-second ad slots. On the other hand, shorter videos were also created to allegedly cater to shorter attention spans. However, contrary to popular belief human attention spans haven’t shortened. Rather, our ability to decide what is interesting has changed. If a viewer deems something uninteresting, they’ll keep scrolling or change channels, regardless of video length. That said, since 2021, over 50% of all online views have come from videos over 15 minutes. This support for longer-format videos is believed to come from an audience craving for storytelling. As such, when planning out content, see if you can extend it to a longer vlog-style video that weaves an engaging story instead of being rushed through.

Live-streaming creates more conversions

When people think of video marketing, the informality of a live stream may not come to mind. However, live streams are incredibly effective content that can improve conversion rates. Because consumers have been demanding more personality and engagement, live streams have become a happy medium wherein brands can connect while still curating the conversation and production. Statistics on live streaming have even stated that up to 80% of consumers prefer live videos to other forms of content. On top of this, almost 70% of live stream audiences say they’ve been influenced to make a transaction after watching video content. For brands looking to add a more “human touch” to their video content, live streaming will be a valuable option.

In closing

As powerful as video marketing can be, it can also be tricky to properly pin down. Due to changing consumer preferences and market trends, 64% of marketers say video is the hardest content to create. Therefore, aside from studying video marketing trends, you should also look into getting professional help. At COLDEA productions, we provide you with expert guidance, perfect for your brand.


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