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Using Video to Increase Business for Your Private Practice

Doctors who open up their own private practice have a lot on their plates–both on the back-office and patient-facing sides of the business. 

In today’s digital age, one marketing tool that doctors are leveraging is to make curated videos as a way to bring in more patients and fill up their appointment schedules. 

Continue reading below as we provide you with some reasons why video can be a good tool for private practice doctors to use to expand their business. 

Build Trust

If you create a video that introduces yourself and establishes authority in your field, you can have a better chance of building trust and attracting new patients. 

Post this video on your social media pages and on your website so it can easily be accessed by people who have just discovered you. 

This is especially impactful if you operate in an area of practice with a lot of competition, as you can differentiate yourself from other doctors and come off as more personable to potential patients. 

Educate Patients

One great use of videos by private practice doctors is to provide free value to potential customers with educational content.  

Doctors can tailor these videos to conditions or treatments that are most relevant to their practice or their audience. Basically–you’ll want to create videos for the treatments or ailments that your potential patients are searching for the most. 

The goal here is that viewers will love the free content and find so much practical use from it that they book an appointment with you for more personalized treatment. 

Patient Testimonials

You can also boost business by recording patient testimonials after successful treatment to post on your social media pages and website. This helps build social proof to potential patients who haven’t received treatment from you yet. 

This is a great complement to the video introducing yourself with your credentials. Basically, it adds another layer to help build your credibility. So if they can’t take your word for it about how great you are, they can listen to the dozens of happy patients who have been treated by you. 

Overall, using videos to market your private practice is a good way to build up engagement with your audience with an eye-catching visual. Whether you post them on your website or social media pages, it’s a useful medium that can help you fill up your schedule and bring in more new patients. 

Written by Bailey Schramm in partnership with medical equipment suppliers,

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