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Las Vegas Photography, Videography, and Animation Services

Sin City is globally legendary for premier entertainment, bright lights, lively scenes, and exciting events. With the warm and clear weather, our home city is blessed with, all that glitz and glam can be on display every day of the year. 

With a rich history of cinema and show business, Las Vegas is a dream location for videographers and photographers alike. Our arid and desert surroundings beyond the city limits offer their own rugged appeal away from the flash of activity.  

If you have an upcoming Las Vegas video project and are looking to enhance the quality of both the production and the end result, you need the expert skill and experience of a premium video production company. 

Whether you’re hosting an event, selling real estate listings, planning a wedding or engagement, or promoting a sporting event or music festival, let’s put the cell phone down and do it justice.

Las Vegas Premium Video Production

This historic and diverse city of millions of talented and interesting people who run a legion of businesses crave video projects that will match their energy and drive. A team that will tell their story, raw and authentic. 

Decades of experience behind the camera and in the editing booth combined with cutting edge equipment define the Coldea Productions collaboration that gets results.

The skilled pros at Coldea Productions have developed captivating and exquisite content for nearly every industry and we’re ready to partner with you and learn about yours.

What results do you envision?

Ways Video Production Can Grow Your Las Vegas Business

With YouTube being the second largest search engine and social platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels blowing up the internet, video is in high demand. And we’re here to help you meet that demand. 

Here’s how a premier quality Las Vegas video production project can help grow your business.

Increase Authority and Awareness

Offering dynamic and engaging video content helps you create a visual and compelling connection that your viewers will remember. When they remember you, they begin to trust you and your offer.

Strong Return On Investment

With search engines promoting video over other forms of content, marketers agree that it offers a strong ROI. Whether you’re creating internal content or something to share with the world, a premium production will help ensure you get your money’s worth.

Video Captivates Attention

A strategically designed and skillfully executed video project can make all the difference in your marketing campaign by increasing viewer engagement.

Additional Services In Las Vegas


Las Vegas events are unlike those in any other city, worldwide. You need a unique approach to capture and preserve once-in-a-lifetime occasions or elevate company content and image.

Professional equipment in the capable hands of skilled photographers is the key to keeping your moments alive. 

The Coldea Productions team blends decades of experience with customized service for anything from close-ups and drone footage to sporting events and charitable galas. 


With only a few seconds to grab the interest of your customer, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to captivate viewers. 

Animation leverages color, movement, and entertainment to create a strong connection with viewers.  

Boost engagement and viewership with animated solutions for:

  • Explainer Videos
  • Corporate Training
  • Promo and Marketing Videos
  • Website Content

The best way to stand out is to get creative!

Video Projects For Las Vegas Businesses

1. Story-Driven Brand Stories

At Coldea Productions, we have a motto. “People don’t resonate with brands. They connect with other people and their stories.” This is one of the most effective strategies to connect with viewers. What’s your brand story? We can help you share it.

2. Conferences, Online Webinars, Events, and Fundraisers

We’re all glad that in-person events are swiftly making a comeback, but that in no way means online events are leaving us. Host your online seminar or live-stream your fundraiser across the globe.


Other online event ideas:

  • Live-streamed concerts or events
  • Trade shows
  • Corporate conferences
  • Sporting events
  • Fundraisers and galas
  • Online seminars
  • And more
3. Testimonial Videos

Ask for testimonial videos when your clients are at their peak. They will be happy to share their experience and help you prove the success of your company.

4. Promote Products, Assets, and Services

Real estate listings, product demos, fashion shows, and the latest company event are all opportunities to share about your brand. Their quality is enhanced with premium video services that help you sell.

5. Internal or Online Training Videos

Have you ever seen poor quality training videos? They’re awful. But when you upgrade your training content, not only does your team get better, your customers are better served.

6. Tutorials, FAQs, How To, and Explainer Videos

By creating demonstration and explanatory videos and tutorials, you elevate your customer service and establish your expertise.

Answers To Common Video Production FAQs

The Three Stages Of Video Production
  • Pre-Production and Planning
    Let us learn more about your business and define the scope of your project.
  • Production and Filming
    Everyone’s favorite part! Filming on location or in-studio with you and your team.
  • Post-production and Editing
    Our skilled team handles editing and reformatting before the final piece is submitted for approval and the final cut is delivered.
Video Production Costs

Cost depends on several factors including talent, filming location, the scope, and event size. Once we know more about your project, we provide a custom quote.

Music, Voiceovers, and Subtitles

We’re happy to provide these useful additions to your project.

Coldea Productions Industry Partners

Here are a few of the industries we’ve had the privilege to partner with:

  • Technology
  • Health Care and Dental
  • Manufacturing
  • Real Estate
  • Entertainment and Music
  • Hospitality
  • eCommerce
  • Law Firms
  • Fashion 
  • Non-Profit
  • Retail
  • Event Planning
  • Health and Fitness
  • Sporting Events

Sacramento Video Production to Elevate Your Business

Product demos, testimonials, explainer videos, event coverage, and brand stories are just some of the endless video project possibilities. Let’s start your next video project! Reach out to our team and let’s schedule it!

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