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Everyone prospers when your event succeeds, and the rest of the world knows about it, thanks to a professional Las Vegas Convention Center Photographer. 

At Coldea Productions we specialize in creating images for marketing and social media that matches the quality of your corporate event. Our team of trade show photographers are qualified and experienced in conventions photography and covering other business meetings such as retreats, training programs and professional entertainment shows.

Benefits of Conventions Photography

You know the rewards for superior execution of a trade show, from recruiting vendors and booking talent to managing exhibitors. That payoff may come in the form of returning clientele or a happy boss – or both. Your Las Vegas Convention Center photographer should perform to that standard as well. 

Our clients appreciate that we provide you with a conventions photographer who takes command of the photo and/or video production responsibilities, start to finish. When you’ve labored all year for a successful event, you want a team of conference photographers who can manage the event’s scope and scale.

We cover every imaginable facet of a Las Vegas business conference, including:

  • Ceremonies
  • Panel discussions
  • Showcases
  • Film screenings
  • Fashion shows
  • Balls
  • Awards shows
  • Booths
  • Demonstrations
  • Art shows

According to the Events Industry Council, there are more than 1.8 million conventions in the U.S. per year with an attendance of more than 205 million. To bring in a successful number of visitors you need a solid marketing campaign.

Lasting Impact of Conferences Photography

Las Vegas convention center photographer can both document the event’s activities and provide the images you need for marketing subsequent corporate functions. The creative services team at Coldea Productions can shoot, edit and produce the tools you need to garner traffic, increase ticket sales and swell the number of booth rentals at next year’s event.

With professional design and high-quality imagery, we create posts, paper and web content that draws the attention of members of your industry. The final product reflects the value of your event including the full convention schedule covered by our expo photographer and team.

A digital file with pictures of smiling business associates can be useful when reaching potential visitors to your next event. And when your company executives are pictured with your biggest clients at the Las Vegas Convention Center it garners customer loyalty and builds your reputation.

Corporate event planning is serious business, and you need a crack team of professionals to make it happen. Reach out to us when you want a Las Vegas convention center photographer who can meet your standards.

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