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You can plan your event with the greatest of ease when your Las Vegas Circus Circus convention photographer has experience and expertise. The acrobatics required to pull off a successful convention is demanding, but superior event photography is a safety net so you can be sure you have a useful reflection of the event. 

Finding a Capable Conferences Photographer

The role of a Las Vegas Circus Circus convention photographer involves more than just getting some crowd shots and poses at the logo wall. To get the attention of your clients and potential clients, you need wide coverage from your trade show photographer.

Your level of responsibility is more than just fun and games. You have to please people on every side of the conference, from your C-suite executives to trade show exhibitors. The Coldea Productions team is autonomous and will provide the convention photography you need from every phase of the event – customized to meet your needs.

As a full-service media team, we can take command of the images you want so you can concentrate on gaining the results you need. Your likely responsibilities fall into some of these categories:

  • Booking speakers
  • Scheduling sessions
  • Finding entertainment
  • Navigating the venue
  • Designing exhibit areas
  • Writing communication materials
  • Overseeing promotions

Your duties require your full concentration, so you need dependable team members who can complete their work independently. That’s where we come in.

Coldea Productions Conventions Photographer

By involving us in your pre-event planning, you get more than quality trade show photography. Our creative team can design promotional materials to raise your attendance, plus we provide corporate photography such as headshots of principals.

We are technically trained and equipped conventions photographers with expertise in web design, including animation and illustration. We can use the images from your event to produce an effective sales piece for your company.

If your schedule takes guests from the intimate setting of breakout sessions to a visit in the Adventuredome, your event photography will reflect that wide range of experiences. With those images, you can design compelling promo materials that sell next year’s trade show. Quality conventions photography can go into PowerPoint presentations, email blasts, Twitter feeds and Instagram/Facebook posts.

Hosting a big event is a massive project and you need things to go smoothly. To ensure success and dependability, contact us to book a Las Vegas Circus Circus convention photographer. We have experience covering large-scale productions like you’re bound to get under the Big Top.

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