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Commercials Video Production in Santa Monica, California

On top of the obvious entertainment and tourism trades in Santa Monica, there is an extremely diverse range of industries based in town, owned and operated by local residents. Sometimes referred to as “Silicon Beach,” Santa Monica is home to tech giants such as online video company Hulu and Tastemade, a 100% digital food and travel network. There’s also leading film group LionsGate Entertainment, which everyone knows for such films as “Hunger Games,” “Crash” and Tyler Perry’s many blockbusters.

Reaching out to a mobile generation is something these heavy hitters know about. It’s the reason you need a commercial promotional video in Santa Monica.

How would a commercial video production in Santa Monica help my business?

Unless you’re one of the countless global conglomerates located in town, including RAND Corporation and Red Bull North America Inc., you’d like to see your business grow.

But how can a promotional video help you do that?

No matter the size of the business, your marketplace is global today. It’s true if you’re one of the Ace chains of stores, like Busy Bee Hardware on Santa Monica Blvd., or if you’re locally owned Fisher Hardware & Lumber on Lincoln.

Sure, businesses like these appeal to the neighborhood, but sales don’t really stop at the door. You need to reach out globally, which is something marketing videos in Santa Monica can do. They get you in front of your customers, who are searching the Internet for merchandise.

Getting your promo video on every social media platform possible is what you need to do, but there’s something equally important. You have to get people to open it. One advantage to videos marketing your business is their attraction to one of the 90% of shoppers who only buy after online research.

“Online video performance isn’t just about views; it’s about audience and engagement,” says Rob Ciampa of the Content Marketing Institute. Audiences are about 10 times more likely to engage, embed, share, and comment on video content than blogs or related social posts.” You need a marketing tool that doubles as a TV ad also. According to marketing-analytics company MarketShare, television has an even stronger impact than online options. In other words, you need something wildly flexible.

Company promo videos can respond to many levels of your company’s needs. On top of offering image recognition, they have the ability to demonstrate your products and services. You can show consumers how to assemble and operate merchandise or get full usefulness from your products. The influence of moving pictures has been known for generations. But what is new is the absolute necessity of video marketing services to adequately market your company. The Internet age has brought your competitors in front of millions of customers. It’s where you want to be too.

Where are the best commercial production companies in Santa Monica?

You know you need your video ad in Santa Monica to be a multi-level marketing tool reaching out globally. You also know that who you hire to produce your commercial video production has to be a seasoned team that understands marketing.

That’s where we come in.

With Coldea Productions, you get a cutting edge product that accurately targets your client base. With us, you’re getting an effective, professional marketing tool. We’re branding experts, not just artists and technicians who make great promo videos in Santa Monica. Yes, our team is at the top, technically – educated at USC and experienced in Hollywood. We create product promo videos in Santa Monica that have far-reaching consequences. From storyboards to post-production, we get the job done.

But there’s more. We also get your commercial video in front of your customers in your marketplace. Yes, we market your commercial video production when it’s completed.

With almost 10,000 businesses in town, the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce does what it can to promote you to your customers. You may be making headway in other networking groups as well. But a promotional video production in Santa Monica gets you an exponentially larger range of potential customers.

You can be sure that a commercial video in Santa Monica that’s written, shot, produced, and marketed by Coldea Productions gets you results. We know how to create a promo video. You’ll see when you start looking at video production companies in Santa Monica that there are a lot of amateurs. Our seasoned filmmakers are a step ahead with one of the hottest features for marketing videos: cutting edge technology.

Can I get high tech features in my video services in Santa Monica?

Yes, you can and you should. At Coldea Productions, we have a reputation for creating promotional videos in Santa Monica with such features as an aerial video for your company. Our camera drone will lift off to capture optimum aerial videography that will grab the attention of your customer base.

You want aerial videography of Santa Monica shot in today’s newest form: 4K. We invest in top-of-the-line technology you literally have to see to believe. No more slide shows from above – we combine the highest definition stills and edit them with drone videography and your package has eclipsed your competitor’s marketing piece. We don’t cut corners.

Have you seen the cinema quality packages shot with 4K cameras?

We’ll give you top digital products because that’s what’s attracting your customers. You know that shoppers are looking to the web, so you’ve got to be there too. We can create, produce, and finalize your media package – plus get it in front of your potential clients. Our team will produce the best commercial video production in Santa Monica you could imagine.

We’re a team of experts in 4K, which isn’t just HD – it’s “ultra HD.” The increased resolution is mind-blowing to the viewer. We use the highest quality, newest cameras and equipment to create a custom product for you. Your digital video production will be ahead of the curve.

With the drone videography of Santa Monica created by our team, we create a package to serve your purpose. And don’t forget – we can also market your custom video for you.

You don’t have to be a conglomerate like Universal Music Group or major real estate king The Macerich Company to recognize the need for a marketing vehicle to get your business the name recognition that results in hard looks by potential customers. Local businesses the size of Burke Williams Spa and Bryan Cave LLP find it equally important to gain traction in the world of digital marketing. For your company as well, a video commercial in Santa Monica gets you on the airwaves and in front of Internet searchers, which is where you have to be.

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