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Commercials Video Production in Irvine, California

It’s an affluent city, the pride of Orange County, with happy, healthy, wealthy residents totaling over 250,000. Not only that, the commercial side of Irvine is also alive and well.

More than 23,000 business licenses have been issued in Irvine, and the community has 200,000 jobs inside its borders. A diversity of cultures function well together, making shopping hubs like Irvine Spectrum Center wildly successful. Despite the good news, there’s still room for growth. And the best advice to take your sales to the next level is to create a commercial promotional video in Irvine.

How would a commercial video production in Irvine help my business?

If you’ve been in business long, you remember the old school style of connecting with customers. Salesmen spent endless days on the road in product promotion, making it to conventions and meeting with potential clients. Back in the day, a lot of the standard marketing budget went to brochures and travel expenses for salesmen and women.

But no more – now there are one means to the same end – you get your company’s name and reputation known through a professional promotional video. You know more than anyone that today’s marketplace is global. Whether you’re the size of Howard’s Appliance or Cost Plus World Market, you need a strategy.

Are you a manufacturer?

According to the Content Marketing Institute, manufacturers tend to fall behind other B2B marketers when it comes to knowing today’s buyer. The importance of building brand awareness may seem obvious, as well as maintaining what one LinkedIn writer calls “customer lifetime value.” Both B2B and B2C enterprises have found company promo videos in Irvine useful in expanding sales, and placement is key. Your promo video has to be found on numerous social media platforms, not just email marketing and blog posts.

Do you find your customers on Tumblr? StumbleUpon? Pinterest? Only 21 percent of manufacturing marketers have a documented strategy, says Joe Pulizzi of Content Marketing Institute, compared with 44 percent of B2B marketers overall. You can also place your company promo videos on TV airwaves, where they can demonstrate products or show consumers detailed instructions.

You may need corporate advertising, where you only need to project a positive image, not sell a product. A video ad in Irvine is an excellent multi-level marketing tool, but to bring you the results you expect, you need unforgettable commercial video production. Are you a member of the Irvine Chamber of Commerce? Connecting with locals is always a good idea, but a promotional video production in Irvine casts a much wider net and helps your bottom line.

Where are the best commercial production companies in Irvine?

Your digital video production in Irvine has to be placed on every social media platform available, of course. But also – you want a quality of work that says your company is better than the competition.

Videos marketing your business aren’t worth doing unless it gets you traction in the marketplace. How do you get a commercial video in Irvine that does more than adding a little website traffic? You need a production team who knows how to create a promo video that performs. There might be production companies in Irvine who will take your money, and your promotional video cost may be fair. But you’re wasting time, energy and resources if your commercial video doesn’t bring you added sales. Consider who has the experience and the know-how to help you connect with your customers and outpace your competition.

At Coldea Productions, your final product eclipses that of other local video production company services. Our professional video services are proven effective – we have clients throughout the Southland in every industry you can name. With us, you’ve got a team of USC educated writers and producers with years of experience working in Hollywood.

Not only do we create great promo videos in Irvine and beyond its borders, but we’re also experts in branding. We’re not just your L.A. area creatives – a team of artists and technicians. We can take your new video marketing package and target your customer base. From the storyboards stage to post-production, we know the business – we will get your commercial video in front of potential clients in your marketplace. How do we do that? With cutting edge technology.

Can I get high tech features in my video services in Irvine?

Yes, you can and you absolutely should. At Coldea Productions, we have a reputation for creating promotional videos in Irvine with such features as aerial video for your company. Our camera drone will lift off to capture optimum aerial videography that will grab the attention of your customer base.

You want aerial videography of Irvine shot in today’s newest form: 4K. We invest in top-of-the-line technology you literally have to see to believe. No more slide shows from above – we combine the highest definition stills and edit them with drone videography and your package has eclipsed your competitor’s marketing piece. We don’t cut corners.

Have you seen the cinema quality packages shot with 4K cameras?

We’ll give you top digital products because that’s what’s attracting your customers. You know that shoppers are looking to the web, so you’ve got to be there too. We can create, produce and finalize your media package – plus get it in front of your potential clients. Our team will produce the best commercial video production in Irvine you could imagine.

We’re a team of experts in 4K, which isn’t just HD – it’s “ultra HD.” The increased resolution is mind-blowing to the viewer. We use the highest quality, newest cameras and equipment to create a custom product for you. Your digital video production will be ahead of the curve. With the drone videography of Irvine created by our team, we create a package to serve your purpose. And don’t forget – we can also market your custom video for you.

You’re in one of the nation’s largest, most successful master-planned communities, but it doesn’t help you with your online audience. That’s something only a video commercial in Irvine can do. If you’ve got a reputation for quality like Q-Plus Labs or the top-rated Tropitone Furniture, you deserve to be a global competitor. We can help you reach out to clients all over the world with a powerful, customized video marketing product.

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