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Real Estate Video in Rancho Santa Fe, California

Topping the charts, at times, as the wealthiest community in the country, Rancho Santa Fe has an incomparable calling. In the year 2000, statistics showed the per capita income in Rancho Santa Fe was the highest in the nation. The median income per household was $188,859.

Why should I use real estate video marketing in Rancho Santa Fe?

A real estate broker in Rancho Santa Fe has clients with unrivaled success and, in some cases, fame and fortune. Notable people who have called Rancho Santa Fe home include weight loss guru Jenny Craig, Microsoft founder Bill Gates and famous entrepreneur Howard Hughes.

Even your less famous clients have high expectations. They may not have a thoroughbred ranch like Jenny Craig owned, but the roughly 6,000 acres of luxury properties in the Covenant of Rancho Santa Fe draw from the polo riding community, boating aficionados, and golfers taken by The Bridges at Rancho Santa Fe.

It’s a whole different ballgame with clientele of this caliber, and your marketing has to be first-rate in order to find those unique individuals able to handle a mortgage in the area.

The homes you sell are in the 7- and 8-digit range, so they deserve more than the average effort. You can’t offer that without a real estate video in Rancho Santa Fe that is comprehensive and cutting-edge.

Young and old – home sellers and buyers are tech savvy, and meeting their expectations is important. Did you know that 90% of shoppers search the internet when researching new homes on the market? The bar is set high for a real estate agent in Rancho Santa Fe.

The value of the land has evolved over time. First a Mexican land grant belonging to Juan Maria Osuna in 1840, the Santa Fe Railroad thought the eucalyptus forests contained wood that was useful for railroad ties. The trees in Rancho Santa Fe weren’t strong enough after all, but slowly, the area’s definition came into view, particularly after architect Lillian Rice designed a horse-oriented community in 1922.

Real estate companies in Rancho Santa Fe aren’t all alike. And likewise, neither are real estate videos. You want to be sure your real estate videos for marketing are the best.

Where are the best real estate videos and commercial photography in Rancho Santa Fe?

Did you know that approximately 85% of both home buyers and sellers want an agent who uses video? It requires a creative force to come up with a powerful marketing piece that takes your properties to prospective buyers.

We can produce that professional package for you.

Our USC-trained, Hollywood-experienced production team is prepared to create a real estate video production from Rancho Santa Fe. At Coldea Productions, we bring years of feature film and commercial video experience, including storyboards, visual effects and post-production. And we don‘t stop at packaging your real estate video production from Rancho Santa Fe. We can also get it to your clients, targeting every social media platform imaginable.

In short, we know how to make a real estate video in Rancho Santa Fe.

Casual snapshots of your properties aren’t going to do the job. When it comes to photography for real estate in Rancho Santa Fe, professional, targeted photos are a requirement. According to Inc. magazine, you have 8 seconds or less to capture internet shoppers. Therefore, both the interior photography and architectural photography have to have immeasurable quality. As you already know, good landscape photography in Rancho Santa Fe is another essential ingredient.

Do I need real estate aerial videos in Rancho Santa Fe?

Yes, absolutely! For an area like Rancho Santa Fe, seeing is believing. In order to make contact, you have to catch the eye of your target customer – the online home buyer. And you can’t just talk about the scenery and the neighborhoods on the market, you need to reach out with killer visuals. What better way to showcase the architecture of your premium properties than with breathtaking aerial photography of your Rancho Santa Fe real estate listings.

It’s also a good way to communicate the unimaginable location of the high-end homes you’re showing. Southern California home buyers want visuals that underscore they’re looking at a home that’s worthy of the price tag.

Drone photography of Rancho Santa Fe can point out a home’s convenient access to shops, restaurants and businesses as well. After all, you’re selling a lifestyle.

At Coldea Productions, we know your real estate commercial is the first step to connecting with potential buyers, so they have to captivate.

Can I get high tech features in my real estate video marketing in Rancho Santa Fe?

Yes, you absolutely should.

At Coldea Productions, we have a reputation for creating packages with cutting edge technology. If you want an aerial video for your company, our camera drone will lift off to capture optimum aerial videography that will grab the attention of your customer base.

You want real estate aerial videography of Rancho Santa Fe shot in today’s newest form: 4K. We invest in top-of-the-line technology you literally have to see to believe. No more slide shows from above – we combine the highest definition stills and edit them with drone videography and your package has just gone to the top of the listings. We don’t cut corners.

Have you seen the cinema quality packages shot with 4K cameras?

We’ll give you top digital products, because that’s what’s attracting your customers. You know that home shoppers are looking to the web, so you’ve got to be there too. We can create, produce and finalize your media package – plus get it in front of your potential clients. Our team will produce the best real estate video of Rancho Santa Fe you can find.

We’re a team of experts in 4K, which isn’t just HD – it’s “ultra HD.” The increased resolution is mind-blowing to the viewer. We use the highest quality, newest cameras and equipment to create a custom product for you. Your photo or video package will be ahead of the curve.

With the drone videography of Rancho Santa Fe created by our team, we create a package to serve your purpose. But did you know we can also market your custom video for you? We’ll get your real estate listings in front of your customer base with no effort on your part.

A realtor of your caliber isn’t selling a ranch style in Riverside. To market a manse or otherwise large estate, you need a customized show piece that does justice to the clients you represent. If a real estate video in Rancho Santa Fe isn’t connecting with the highest income earners, it isn’t doing the job. We can help you expand your vision with a final product that exceeds your expectations.

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