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Real Estate Photography in Beverly Hills, California

Beverly Hills is ready for its close-up. And your property listings shouldn’t be left waiting in the wings. Get your clients’ properties in front of the camera with sharp, professional real estate photography in Beverly Hills. You’re dealing with successful individuals who are the best in the business, so you want to go the extra mile. Complete your listing with a real estate video in Beverly Hills. Online video-consumption continues to climb, your target buyer most likely has a smart phone and you’ve got to get images of your listings to come up on their mobile phone.

Do I need a video of real estate in Beverly Hills for my clients?

Some of the most creative minds in the world live in this iconic community. And many who don’t live there, want to. You can reach out to that niche customer with real estate video marketing that edges out competing brokers.

Way before Pickford, Warner and Chaplin, Beverly Hills had abundant land and those who settled here relied on nature for survival. As explorer Juan Gaspar de Portola found out, it was an almost magical scene that included wild grapes and blooming flowers in its three canyons: Franklin, Coldwater and Benedict, according to the city’s website.
Sheep and cattle ranching in the area gave way to luxury homes along its smooth, curvy roads. Political humorist Will Rogers was the first mayor of Beverly Hills and his neighbors were silver screen idols like Shirley Temple. Even today, real estate seems to pass from celebrity to celebrity.

Superior shopping, such as Rodeo Drive, is just a slice of the glamour found in Beverly Hills. Seeing stars is an everyday occurrence. This small town boasts the most expensive real estate in Southern California. If you’re going to get the people who eat, play and shop in Beverly Hills to make it more permanent with a 90210 address, it’s essential to give them a flawless look at the possibilities.

Who can help me with real estate video marketing in Beverly Hills?

It’s too important to leave real estate video production to amateurs. Our team of USC educated technical engineers and production staff guides you through the process. We know how to make a real estate video that enables shoppers to not just see — but experience — your property.

A homebuyer’s path to purchase makes an attention-getting digital package essential, says the National Association of Realtors. The NAR published a report saying that 90 percent of homebuyers shop online during the process of choosing a house. And online real estate searches have risen 253 percent over the last few years.

The persuasive power of commercial photography in Beverly Hills answers questions for buyers and renters with the click of a mouse, saving you valuable time. There’s no need to interface with casual shoppers. Tell your story with interior photography and real estate photos designed to appeal to your target audience.

How can I get the best aerial photography in Beverly Hills?

The best real estate videos in Beverly Hills are the result of capturing every angle of your property listings. And it begins with the basics: Matchless landscape photography of Beverly Hills, exposing every facet of the house or commercial property you’re showing, including its significant location, location, location.

We help you tell the story of the estate you represent with high-resolution aerial photos. Because drones can show distance from landmarks, buyers get an idea of the size of the home and the surrounding businesses and retail outlets. Where aerial photography used to be a novelty, you really don’t want to attempt to sell personal or commercial properties without a video format without real estate aerial photography in Beverly Hills.


Can I get high tech features in my real estate video production from Beverly Hills?

At Coldea Productions, we have a reputation for packages with cutting edge technology. If you want an aerial video for your company, our camera drone will lift off to capture optimum aerial videography that will grab the attention of your customer base.

You want real estate aerial videography of Beverly Hills shot in today’s newest form: 4K. We invest in top-of-the-line technology you literally have to see to believe. No more slide shows from above — we can combine the highest definition stills and edit them with drone videography and your package has just gone to the top of the listings. We don’t cut corners.

Have you seen the cinema quality packages shot with 4K cameras?

You want to ride the wave of today’s digital trends, because that’s what’s attracting your customers. Shoppers are looking to the web, which is where you want to be. But, you can’t just bring it — it’s got to be good.

We’re a team of experts in 4K, which isn’t just HD — it’s “ultra HD.” The increased resolution is mind-blowing to the viewer. We use the highest quality, newest cameras and equipment to create a package to serve you. Your photo or video package will be ahead of the curve. The aerial photography and drone videography of Beverly Hills that we’re capable of will bring you business you didn’t even know was out there. We create a package to serve your purpose: Communicate your story to your customer base. Beverly Hills homebuyers are exceptional. That’s why your real estate commercial in Beverly Hills has to be as high-caliber as the properties you represent.

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