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Are you a Real Estate Agent in Arcadia?

You know that Arcadia’s the jewel of the San Gabriel Valley. Only an exclusive set of people are able to meet the rising mortgages there, especially in the Upper Rancho, and those who opt to move there have high expectations. It’s a tall order — but a real estate video from Arcadia that’s professional and custom made is the best avenue to reach out to them.

Since Arcadia was founded over 100 years ago, it’s been home to many different trades and lifestyles. From native Gabrielinos to owners of a Mexican land grant, its 11 square miles began its transformation into a modern community by a gold rush immigrant, who called it “paradise.” After a slightly naughty period, the town segued into a community of poultry farmers, and railroads brought visitors to stay at venues like the Hotel Oakwood, and visit such attractions as the L.A. Arboretum.

We don’t have to recount Arcadia’s storied history for you — the Baldwin’s Queen Anne Cottage-turned “Fantasy Island” opening shot and the Ross Field Balloon School, devoted to training thousands of servicemen to be U.S. Army balloon observation troops. Now a golf course, the servicemen have been replaced by numerous groups of individuals who own pieces of property all over the valley.

Just how do you appeal to that wide variety of subcultures, and hone in on your client base? You need a marketing team that knows how to make a real estate video.

Where are the best real estate videos and commercial photography in Arcadia?

To use a metaphor from Santa Anita Park — right out of the gate, you want someone with a reputation for producing real estate videos of Arcadia that do the best job of selling properties. You increase your odds when your real estate video marketing stands out from the rest. An article in Inc. magazine says you have 8 seconds or less to capture your audience online.

Whether your listing is above Foothill or nestled further south, you can trust us at Coldea Productions to craft the best real estate video of Arcadia you can get. The experience that goes into your real estate video production in Arcadia reaches out to clients to make your job easier.

Did you know 85% of homebuyers want an agent who uses video? Real estate news source says that if you list a home with video you get four times the inquiries. That means when your competitor has 100 looks, you have 400. You need to be the one who gets multiple looks.

Our team of filmmakers at Coldea Productions were educated at USC and have strong ties to the entertainment industry. Your real estate videos for marketing can resemble a feature film or have cutting edge features — whatever works for your particular listing.

Still photography of your real estate listings can’t be mediocre. For luxury homes, and even middle-range properties, your interior photography has to turn heads. Also, architectural photography in Arcadia is key to showing the quality of home design, whether Spanish hacienda or a sprawling ranch style home.

Do I need real estate aerial videos in Arcadia?

Yes–it’s an ideal way to capture the fancy of online shoppers by showcasing the length of a 1940s ranch style house or featuring the roofline of a modern Mediterranean. It also gives you the chance to maximize a listing by showing off a great location. Our job is to make your property catch their attention when they turn to their devices to see what’s out there, and bird’s eye views can do that.

The drone photography we use gives them incredible views of Arcadia from above, which means unusual shots and dramatic action go into the final product. Your real estate commercial or images that go on your social media sites don’t keep you just a nose ahead of the competition — you end up in the winner’s circle.

Can I get high tech features in my real estate videos for marketing in Arcadia?

At Coldea Productions, we have a reputation for packages with cutting edge technology. If you want an aerial video for your company, our camera drone will lift off to capture optimum aerial videography that will grab the attention of your customer base.

You want real estate aerial videography of Arcadia shot in today’s newest form: 4K. We invest in top-of-the-line technology you literally have to see to believe. No more slide shows from above — we can combine the highest definition stills and edit them with drone videography and your package has just gone to the top of the listings. We don’t cut corners.

Have you seen the cinema quality packages shot with 4K cameras?

You want to be — you have to be — on top of today’s digital trends, because that’s what’s attracting your customers. Shoppers are looking to the web, which is where you want to be. If you need help taking you there, look no further. We can create, produce and finalize your media package — plus get it in the marketplace for you. Just let us know.

We’re a team of experts in 4K, which isn’t just HD — it’s “ultra HD.” The increased resolution is mind-blowing to the viewer. We use the highest quality, newest cameras and equipment to create a custom product for you. Your photo or video package will be ahead of the curve.

The aerial photography and drone videography of Arcadia created by our team will bring you business you didn’t even know was out there. We create a package to serve your purpose: Communicate your story to your customer base.

People are waiting to get into an Arcadia neighborhood. And others are ready to place their homes on the market. We can help you reach them, contact them, impress them and win them over. All you need is a real estate video in Arcadia that crosses the finish line first.

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