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Los Angeles Product Photographer

The work of a Los Angeles product photographer can positively impact your profits because it’s the best way to get quality images of your merchandise in front of online shoppers. As consumers equate your brand with the professionalism of industry leaders, it sends a message that your company is solid and the items you carry are superior to the competition.

Everyone is used to making purchases online, so whether you manufacture PVC pipes or sell a line of cosmetics, reaching out to a professional product photography studio is essential. As you create the image you want for your company you also carve out a greater portion of the marketplace.

What do product photographers do?

When you consider the power of names like Restoration Hardware, Lululemon, and Lamborghini, you can be sure that every marketing decision is made with an intention to protect their branding. By overseeing a strategy that reflects your corporate values your messaging remains consistent and supports the strength of your image. You need photos that engage customers so they understand your products when they can’t touch or examine them in person. You need someone who is skillful enough to produce photos that reflect the most flattering shape, texture, and color of your merchandise for the public to see. You need a professional product photographer.

Shoppers are unable to feel, smell, or taste products when they browse online, but it does not mean they make their purchases without being informed. The advantage of posting professional photos on social media, on your website, and in your corporate advertising is apparent. Across industries and in every arena – from auto images to food photography – what you show your customers helps determine whether or not you connect to them. And from that point, a sale is just a click away.

You may have faithful customers who have years of experience with your products. Updating your website in a timely manner is always a good idea, but a product photography studio can also help you reach out to individuals who aren’t already familiar with your brand. By getting in front of new members of the public you can expand your audience and scale your business.

The important thing is conversion – you want shoppers to become buyers, not just browse. The product photography you post is your method to reach out to potential customers and attracting them is just the first goal. Their click-through rate will depend on the image you convey – both the photos themselves and your overall branding.

If you have a marketing department, they are probably working on your brand, hopefully widening the public’s interest in your company. But there’s an advantage in hiring a photography studio that understands your need to be noticed and taken seriously.

After attracting customers, you want them to engage. That’s the next level of awareness and it should come with the territory where your product photographer is concerned. In fact, it’s the whole ballgame.

As humans, we process visual information to make informed decisions. In other words, what we see influences what we choose to engage with and, ultimately, the products we buy. With the old brick-and-mortar stores, customers could use more of their senses, but now the visual cues are critical. That makes product photography a key factor in your profits.

When you choose a product photography studio that has a marketing background you put someone in the driver’s seat who can aim squarely for your customers and provide the most effective content.

Can a product photography freelancer help my business?

A photo professional whose specialty is portraiture, headshots or Plein air photography is not necessarily an expert in product photography. It’s important to hire individuals with years of experience in commercial photography, including a knowledge of visual marketing and the skills to both create eye-catching images and bring your customers home.

In the same way that your products can’t be manufactured in someone’s garage, the work of a professional photographer and videographer cannot be replicated by an iPhone and Photoshop. An experienced product photography professional understands the kinds of images that gain attention – and attention means you gain the click response you need to increase sales.

Los Angeles product photography studio has connections and can gain access to venues that enable you to create the effect you need to impact your base. Capturing a line of surfboards needs a piece of the beach as a backdrop to communicate their look and function. But if your products are gardening supplies, you probably want a look that’s lush and implies a rich atmosphere for growth.

The images you need depend on your brand and the industry in which you operate. Your product photographer can provide something very different from the other images you need for your websites, such as headshots or event photos. Your product photos have much more work to do. The sight of your merchandise has to connect with customers, while also giving them every angle they need in order to make a choice. They have the power to boost your budget, so they need to be more compelling than photos of your operations, installations, or meetings and events.

Professional imagery and superior copy work together to best describe and detail your products. The equipment, settings, framing, and other factors make the difference between a mediocre reception and an effective, full-scale product promotion.

A side benefit to using a product photography studio that provides customers with a final product that’s a better, more accurate view of your merchandise is a higher customer satisfaction level resulting in fewer returns. Those time-consuming touchpoints with your service team cost the company money.

Your product overview needs closeups and multiple angles in the most distinctive lighting to reflect the true color and make the products appear most attractive. When you hire a creative services agency you get more than just a product photographer – you get the advantage of their combined years of experience.

Will Los Angeles product photography reach a global audience?

You can be sure that at a time when most Americans spend 6 hours or more online every day, it’s important for your company to be there too. More than 2 billion people per year buy goods and services online and you know the benefit to your company to reach across the globe.

High-resolution photography is what you need to get in front of your target audience. Regardless of where a product photography studio is located – Orange County or Queens – their work can get in front of countless eyes. When it comes to corporate photography, from portraits to golf tournaments, it can all serve the greater purpose of extending your brand to consumers everywhere.

Los Angeles is home to some of the most prominent industries from jewelry and cosmetics to feature films and aerospace. Every type of product needs visual images – especially when you serve an international clientele. You don’t have to export Alaskan salmon or run a chain of restaurants to expand your reach. A product photography studio with varied experience can take you to any marketplace you need.

Your e-commerce photography is important, whether you’re using such platforms as Amazon or YouTube for your business. Those decisions affect the audience you reach so you want to hire a photographer with social media expertise. Compelling images and consistent messaging will enable you to use them across platforms and maximize engagement.

Brand strategy is different for a company needing life photography, such as a fashion designer, versus something like paper goods, which would get a greater click response from product photography shot against a white background.

You want to be an industry leader and your branding efforts are bolstered by the type of product photography that boosts the value of your products, which adds to your authority in the marketplace. To experience greater success than your competitors, your e-commerce efforts have to eclipse theirs. That’s how you take your company from a Southern California brand to a global powerhouse.

Why should I choose a Los Angeles product photography studio?

To say you could hire a photography studio anywhere in the world is stating the obvious – images are easily shared. But the additional contact you have when creating a strategy and scaling your outreach will eliminate miscommunication and advance your mission more easily.

According to the L.A. County Economic Development Corporation, just two areas – the Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach – together make the largest seaports complex in the Western Hemisphere. Because about 40% of inbound containers in the United States come through local venues, it’s a tremendous opportunity to consolidate your commercial retail operations, including the product photography process.

Because most of the COLDEA Productions team is located in Los Angeles and Orange counties, we can provide both swift and adept corporate photography to businesses in the area. We are able to arrive, set up, and provide a huge range of business owners the images they need in record time.

We are commercial photographers providing for the needs of companies including:

We have completed countless projects for Southern California clients from on-site event photography to web videos and live streaming. Our product photography studio uses high-quality equipment, including high-resolution digital cameras and lenses with professional contrast and enhanced auto-tracking modes. 

We have both the technical skills and marketing know-how to handle all details of the shoot, whether that includes models for life photography or a product overview on a simple background. You need closeups and angles in the most distinctive lighting to reflect the true color and make the products appear most attractive.

The COLDEA creative services staff will collaborate with you to create different types of product photography, whatever is called for to reach out to shoppers and instill confidence in your company brand. We provide you with commercial photography that is consistent with the tone and voice of your products. We know how to use lighting and color to reflect the beauty of your collection through fashion photography or the seriousness of a newly engineered invention. We handle a large range of subject matter injecting creativity with customized photo composition to help you meet your goals.

When you reach out to us for an event videographer or in-house photographer, we get the viewer engaged through customized work designed to impact your target audience.

The equipment we use and the strategies involving lighting and staging for your product shots will vary according to the industry involved. For instance, product images for automakers or furniture stores may be most effective when they are shot in natural light while food photography for restaurants, bakeries, and food manufacturers you want to use artificial light that you can control.

We are a photography studio that can provide you with a final product that has the quality to match your brand. For a range of purposes, a Los Angeles product photographer with our level of experience can provide the images you want to meet the need of the moment.

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