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Video Production in Scottsdale, Arizona

The desert scenery forms an effective backdrop for video production in Scottsdale, Arizona. And in a town of 90 restaurants and a nightlife compared to Miami’s South Beach, there’s a lot of work for a videographer in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Coldea Productions is a professional Arizona video production company offering a wide range of expert services for video production. Scottsdale businesses trust our team to help them increase their online presence, website visits, and sales. An impressive team of trained and experienced videographers, video editors, and digital marketing specialists produce and distribute digital video content that performs well on Google and gets the attention of large groups of potential customers.

Once a fringe marketing accessory, video production content is now required when crafting a comprehensive marketing plan in today’s digital age. The technology has advanced rapidly in recent years, allowing marketers to provide live and streaming video content to users who can access video content from mobile devices they carry at all times. Videos are the primary form of communication between businesses and consumers, with content posted on websites, social media networks, and other digital platforms.

Video Production Scottsdale Relies On

Watching online video content is a regular part of the day of millions of daily internet users in Scottsdale, throughout Arizona, and all over the world. Coldea Productions is a full-service video production company with years of experience producing engaging, informative web videos that are recognized by Google and other search engines as legitimate, relevant content. Our team of video production professionals creates corporate videos, internal training videos, product videos, and event videography for businesses of all sizes in varying types of industries.

Media production experts use years of experience to create affordable videos businesses use for a variety of marketing and internal applications. Wide-ranging video production company services from Coldea Productions give Scottsdale businesses the best chance to compete in today’s crowded and complicated digital marketing landscape.

Benefits of Scottsdale Full-Service Video Production Company

Video is an essential component of a successful marketing campaign in today’s digital age. Benefits of the video production services available at Coldea Productions include:

Video Dominates the Internet

Technology has advanced to the point where everyone is walking around with mobile devices able to view streamed or live video productions from anywhere at any time. This has led to video content becoming the most important element of your marketing strategies.

Video is Easy to Absorb, Retain

When people watch video content, they are far more likely to absorb and retain the information that is being delivered. This makes production companies like Coldea Productions integral to the success of marketing campaigns that are spread across a variety of digital networks and platforms.

Brand Awareness, Increased Sales

Video is now recognized by Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other popular search engines as presenting valuable content that can be ranked on search engine results pages like any other form of content. This allows businesses to get their video productions in front of online users that are looking for the kind of help they provide, increasing their online presence and brand awareness, and driving large volumes of traffic to their website.

Social Media Marketing

Social media offers a wide range of marketing and advertising opportunities to use video production content as a way of reaching unprecedented numbers of consumers. Between free business page activity and paid ad options, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the others are used to target audiences that are most likely to be interested. Coldea Productions produces engaging, compelling video production that users will want to share with their friends and contacts.

Mobile-Friendly Content

Mobile viewing of online videos in Scottsdale and around the globe continues to grow each year. Our video production teams create content that is designed with the mobile viewer in mind. Larger print and images help those looking at videos on the small screen of a smartphone or tablet.


Types of Video Production Services at Scottsdale Production Company

Every business is different, with varying marketing and internal communications needs. The one thing to connect them all is the need for quality video production for certain areas of the operation. Coldea Production specializes in corporate video production with the professionalism and customer service approach that will help you reach your marketing goals and objectives.

Our video production teams use a variety of formats using live-action, 2D animation, 3D animation techniques to deliver business and brand messaging. Video production professionals use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to create video content that will stand out among the competition.

Product Videos

Demonstration, how-to, explainer, and other product videos are used to highlight products and services for existing and potential customers. Video is a powerful way to feature your products and show consumers their functions and benefits. Coldea Productions produces product videos that viewers will find informative and memorable. Product videos are “evergreen,” in that they can be used for multiple purposes now and in the future.

Live Streaming Events

Live streaming technology allows Scottsdale businesses to reach audiences all over the world in real-time. Coldea Productions uses years of experience to produce live streaming for product launches, corporate meetings, trade shows, and other forms of promotion and marketing events. These streams can be recorded for use in other areas of your marketing efforts or internal communication needs.

Internal Communication Videos

Coldea Productions is an Arizona production company that will produce internal video content for training and onboarding videos to keep the entire staff on the same page. They can be distributed easily and viewed by new and existing employees. This saves time and money by being able to use the same video content whenever it is needed without having to recreate the information and materials.

Outdoor activities draw production companies in Arizona to Scottsdale.

Because it’s situated in a part of Arizona that has more than 330 sunny days per year, there are numerous opportunities for outdoor events, which are ideal conditions for Scottsdale video production. Southern central Arizona is a popular destination for hiking, riding all-terrain vehicles, kayaking, and hot air ballooning, among many other activities. In addition to filming for personal purposes, location scouts for video production companies in Scottsdale provide a steady stream of income to the city through permit requests. Production companies in Arizona have provided award-winning film footage from various parts of the Grand Canyon State, including the opening sequence of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho.” Hotel Monte Vista in Flagstaff was a location used for “Casablanca,” and parts of “Wild, Wild West” with actor Will Smith was filmed in Nogales and Old Tucson.

Video production in Scottsdale can be seen in “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” (Coronado High School) and “Wayne’s World,” among others. Phoenix has been a go-to for Hollywood location scouts for more than half a century, according to USA Today’s Arizona Central. In 1956, the Westward Ho on Central Avenue and the Arizona State Fairgrounds were used in “Bus Stop” starring Marilyn Monroe. In “Waiting to Exhale” you see the Arizona Supreme Court building, Biltmore Fashion Park, the Hermosa Inn, and the First Congregational United Church of Christ. “A Star is Born” (the 1976 version) holds a concert at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe featuring Santana and Peter Frampton. At the time, it was the state’s largest concert ever held.

One of the reasons Scottsdale has such a robust tourism industry is its reputation as an outdoor playland. Snowbirds go south to unwind while residents and visitors take in hiking trails and take part in mountain biking. Video production in Scottsdale has captured some great aerial view footage from hot air balloons, which are a local attraction. Of course, the romance of flying above dramatic countryside followed by a toast to survival after you land is something you want to be recorded. Some lovebirds – especially if it’s a honeymoon ride or an engagement party – can bring along a videographer in Scottsdale when they leave terra firma to capture the big moment for posterity. There are other experiences that benefit from videography in Scottsdale, in part, because your participation requires all of your senses. If you have a vlog or you’re in a travel cohort or another type of group, it’s impossible to get your own footage. A professional videographer in Scottsdale can be hired to capture your experiences atop an ATV or mountain bike. It’s wise to find a Scottsdale production company with expertise in aerial videography.

Hiking to catch the sunrise is not only a soulful experience. Engaged couples and families take advantage of the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy when they want breathtaking Scottsdale photography. The largest urban wilderness area in the United States, there are more than 30,000 acres of Sonoran desert habitat taken care of by the nonprofit, which works to protect open space. The team includes more than 650 volunteers and their mission is to “empower awareness and actualize global preservation through science, research, learning, and teaching.” The venue hosts more than 750,000 annual visitors who take advantage of trails, guided hikes, mountain biking, and equestrian riders.

The organization’s website offers safety tips for individuals using the outdoor resource, including:

  • When packing water, fill bottles you think necessary … then double it. The arid climate of the desert causes evaporation. Signs of dehydration include a red face and white neck, cessation from sweating, feeling the chills, and becoming uncoordinated.
  • Bring a fully charged cell phone, a flashlight and batteries, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

A first aid kit is a good idea, particularly with tweezers in case you run into cactus spines.

Old Town Scottsdale videography and still photo history offer an unfolding narrative of the town’s development.

Nowhere does Scottsdale’s tagline, “The West’s most western town,” maintain its brand than in the oldest part of the city. It was the definition of the Old West when it was settled by U.S. Army Chaplain Winfield Scott in 1888. He bought 640 acres of farmland in the Salt River Valley, which is currently the center of present-day downtown Scottsdale.

Other settlers joined the town’s namesake, choosing the area for its desert scenery and agricultural potential. Scottsdale was also known for its health properties. Though there’s no videography in Scottsdale to reflect its beginnings, records show that the pioneers built a series of canals to provide water for the region, particularly necessary for irrigation. According to the water and energy company Salt River Project, or SRP, due to historic flooding, the oldest remaining pioneer canal on the north side of the Salt River is the Grand Canal, constructed in 1878. It serviced 17,000 acres and was purchased by the government in 1906 for $20,488.

The northern part of Scottsdale became a 44,000-acre cattle ranch in the early 20th century and remained active into the 1950s. These cowboys contributed to Scottsdale’s reputation as an iconic western town. Evidence of video production in Arizona can be found in Hollywood westerns and its identity as an old western town was made official in 1947 when the city was “branded” by the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce.

Technology companies such as Motorola opened plants in Scottsdale and the population grew to 2,000 in 1951 when it incorporated. There would be 10,000 residents by 1960. Some of Scottsdale’s most notable activities were the annual parade and rodeo, Parada del Sol, and the All Arabian Horse Show. Scottsdale included 62 square miles and had 68,000 residents by the 1960s. What followed in the next five decades is revealed through city records and historic Scottsdale photos, unfolding a future that included a rise in tourism, the establishment of master-planned residential communities such as McCormick Ranch, and an active art gallery district.

Because of the number of event venues, there is a growing need for video production companies in Scottsdale.

Art galleries feature renowned works in media including sculpture, paint, and photography in Scottsdale. Every year there are additional art installations and changing exhibits, which encourages a steady stream of tourism.

Locals have many choices when it comes to hosting a special occasion with an artistic vibe. Scottsdale’s obvious interest in promoting the arts is evident in not just private galleries, but publicly funded pieces. Scottsdale videographers and photographers have captured the essence of the Iceberg exhibit, which has been experienced by thousands of residents and tourists.

Calling it a “natural musical instrument,” the exhibit’s 14 illuminated arches creating sound and light is described by Canal Convergence:

“Iceberg is a playful, immersive, light and sound installation that tells the story of an iceberg, from its calving into Arctic waters to its final melting near a southern shore. In their natural state, the crevasses within an iceberg resonate like gigantic organ pipes, whose tonalities change as the iceberg gradually melts.”

There’s the 26-foot “One-Eyed Jack” sculpture on the corner of Marshall Way and Indian School Road. And the City of Scottsdale commissioned artist Stacy Levy to upgrade a bridge with her animated artwork entitled “Swale,” which can be seen on Thomas Road and Indian Bend Wash.

Private galleries host their own events and sometimes enable individuals to rent space. The Marshall Gallery of Fine Art is sizable enough for seating, demonstrations, and their own “Soirees” which are evenings of art and music. The artistic style of the space forms an easy background if you hire a videographer in Scottsdale for your event.

The Clayton Venues have two exclusive spaces in downtown Scottsdale that are distinct from one another. You can experience the benefits of each setting through the eyes of a Clayton videographer, as well as look at planning details on the website.

The Clayton on the Park venue offers an alternative to traditional hotel ballrooms. The capacity is 50-250 corporate guests and up to 150 people seated for a wedding or party. If you’re an engaged couple, you and your wedding videographer in Scottsdale will be happy to know there’s access to the LOVE sculpture at Scottsdale Civic Center Park for great footage. The Clayton House, which is in the entertainment district, has three distinct spaces and a capacity for 700 guests, which means you need a seasoned event photographer in Scottsdale for ample coverage.

Video Production Companies in Scottsdale with expertise in sports videography are needed across athletic disciplines.

Many of the events in the south-central part of Arizona are athletic in nature, which requires the work of a professional sports photographer in Scottsdale. The United States Tennis Association hosts Scottsdale Tennis Week every year, which includes college-level play and local pros from Village Health Club and Spas who compete at Scottsdale Fashion Square. For several days the town is able to come together for music and food at local venues such as the Yacht Rock Club.

Scottsdale also draws baseball fans because of multiple professional teams who arrive for spring training. The San Francisco Giants take the Scottsdale Stadium and the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Colorado Rockies train on the Salt River Fields at Talking Stick field.

Global luxury market leaders at the Robb Report once named Scottsdale the “best place to live for golf.” There are more than 200 courses in the area, many with desert landscaping and others with conventional fairways and putting greens. North Scottsdale is home to the four-day Phoenix Open, which is attended by more than 500,000 visitors.

Seasonal events attract thousands like the FBR Open, formerly the Phoenix Open, which has set records as the most-attended golf tournament in the world. Because the city draws more than six million visitors every year for a wide range of reasons, video production in Scottsdale remains in high demand.


Contact Coldea Productions for Scottsdale Video Production

With purchasing decisions being based more on information consumers receive from online videos, it has never been more important to make video a foundation of your marketing and advertising efforts. If you are in need of Scottsdale corporate video for marketing or internal communication applications, Coldea Productions is an Arizona production company with an experienced staff of video production professionals producing video content that search engines love and consumers find informative, entertaining, and engaging.

For more information on our Scottsdale corporate video production services, contact Coldea Productions and get started today.

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