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With an explosion in the popularity of video, marketing strategies now rely on video content to do the heavy lifting to get businesses in front of the largest groups of consumers possible. Market spaces in the digital age are complicated and getting more crowded by the minute. Billions of videos are uploaded to the internet every month and online users all over the world are watching millions of hours of content every day.

Coldea Productions is a professional Phoenix production company with the experience and talent to produce corporate video that engages audiences and drives them to your website. Video is the best way to get noticed and increase visibility to those potential customers most likely to have interest in the products and services your business provides. We have a talented videography team with years of combined experience in producing corporate video content that is designed to raise your online presence and grow brand awareness.

Since the introduction of high-speed connections and the rapid development and acceptance of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices able to connect wirelessly from anywhere at any time, video has taken over as the primary medium for online communication, marketing, and entertainment.

Professional Phoenix Video Production Company

Video production serves a variety of business purposes from marketing and sales to internal and corporate communications. Coldea Productions is a creative agency with a team of video production professionals that produce content designed for varying purposes and applications. We partner with you to represent your brand and your business in the best possible light through engaging, entertaining video content.

We are a full-service video production company specializing in digital marketing content that will be recognized by prominent search engines like Google and Bing. This will get your web videos in front of large groups of targeted consumers that are already searching for your type of business. Videos posted on your website, social media platforms, and other digital properties present you as an industry leader and valued resource for existing and potential customers.

Benefits of Production Company for Video Marketing

When produced by a professional Arizona production company, video content serves as a valuable marketing tool for medium-sized and small businesses. Promotional and marketing videos present a wide range of benefits to your business advertising efforts.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

Producing engaging video content that is fully optimized by digital marketing professionals will help to boost your online presence and brand awareness by putting your business in front of larger groups of interested consumers. Video content is treated as legitimate, credible forms of content by Google and other prominent search engines. Higher rankings will increase visibility to online users actively looking for your type of product or service. Website visits will increase with potential customers who have been searching for you.

The Power of Social Media

First social media took over the way people of all ages communicate and receive information. Then video took over the way social media networks deliver content to their billions of active users. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other massive digital communities offer ways to tap into unprecedented masses of targeted consumers. Social media users are encouraged to like, comment on, and share your content with their friends and contacts, who are likely to share on with theirs. The right video directed at the right people can increase views and business exponentially. It does not take your video to officially go viral for it to have a major impact on your marketing efforts.

Create, Build Brand Awareness, Loyalty

The most important and valuable asset your business has is your brand. Coldea Production is a production company that will protect your brand and presents it as a valuable commodity through a variation of marketing videos. Videos allow you the chance to connect with existing and future customers in ways that create meaningful brand awareness and loyalty to your brand and your business.

Videos on the Go

The widespread access, availability, and acceptance of cell phones and other devices have made it easier than ever for users to view video content on the go. With everyone walking around carrying a cell phone with more computing power and communication capabilities than the Apollo astronauts used to get to the moon, video content must be catered to mobile audiences viewing on small screens. Larger print and images and captioning for silent viewing are just a couple of considerations when producing a video to be viewed on mobile devices.

Types of Video from Phoenix Production Company

The information presented on video content is far more easily absorbed, remembered, and retained than from text or photos. Businesses of all kinds can take advantage of this primary feature of video content to reach a variety of operation goals. Coldea Productions is a production company capable of producing high-performance video content for a diverse range of marketing and internal communication presentations.

Product Videos

Purchasing decisions are increasingly being influenced by online video content. The demonstration, explainer, and how-to videos offer an easily digestible method for people to learn about your products and services. Video is exceptional at highlighted product features, functions, and benefits, and can be used in a variety of applications from your website and social media pages to internal training and onboarding material.

Web/Social Media Videos

Posting a video on your homepage will automatically improve conversion and bounce rates. Merely placing the word “VIDEO” in the subject line of an email marketing campaign increases open and click-through rates. These are just a couple of ways video can make a significant impact on a variety of online marketing strategies. Social media networks have billions of active users around the world that watch hours of video every day. We produce video content that gets noticed on a variety of digital outlets.

TV Commercials

Hundreds of channels and streaming services have changed the television commercial landscape, and TV commercials remain an effective way to reach the masses. The pie is sliced thinner with more options and outlets, but the basic model is still the same. Television is more specialized in content and style, acting as a demographic compass for targeted audiences.

Contact Experienced Arizona Video Production Company Today

At Coldea Productions, we are an Arizona video production company that understands the marketing and technological needs of today’s business community. We produce content that search engines recognize and viewers find compelling, informative, and entertaining. Get started today and contact Coldea Productions for complete information on our wide range of professional video production services to help grow Phoenix businesses like yours.

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