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Top Ways To Acquire High Quality Backlinks

Acquiring High-Quality Backlinks

Backlinks (inbound links) is the most effective action to move your site up in Google’s search results (SERP) with the support of the best SEO agency or the best Magento eCommerce agency.

Creating a well-referenced professional website on Google consists:

➢ to create content with high added value,

➢ to have inbound links, websites with high notoriety in your field, who offer this content.

We reveal our 6 secret techniques to create quality premium content that will allow you to get inbound links. Each example is explained in detail.


What is a backlink?

An incoming link, also called a backlink, is a link that comes from a website and points to a page on your website.

A backlink or inbound link or inlink, is simply a hypertext link (hyperlink) that points to a page of a website.

To obtain more inbound links to your site, the principle is simple: Trying to have natural links hypertext pointing to different pages of your site.


How to get more Backlinks?

Before you start, if you do a little research on search engines, you will find paid proposals to have incoming links to your site.

Be careful, do not fall into the trap, you must naturally get links pointing to your site and not call a link firm.

The elements that make a link a good link:

➢ A link to more weight if it is present in the content of the article. Forget the links in the footer or the sidebar…

➢ The label of the link must be related to the content of the landing page.

➢ The content of the page where the link is placed must have a relationship with the landing page or at least be in a similar theme (for example, avoid linking to a plumbing company site in an article that talks about from the last recipe of your grandmother …)

➢ The higher the authority of the site where the link is placed, the more effective the link will be. Always favor quality over quantity

➢ It’s better to have 10 links from 10 different sites than 10 links from one site

The creation of backlinks must be based on diversity!

➢ Diversify the sources of your links: blogs, companies, associations, forums, directories…

➢ Diversify the anchors of your links; it is very important to avoid the penalties of Google.

➢ Diversify the quality of sites that link to you, favor sites with strong authority but do not neglect small sites that, even if they do not have statistics of madness, are obviously well-built sites and interesting…

➢ Diversify the locations. I know, I just told you to forget the links in the footer and the sidebar … Now, if you have some it will not hurt you.

➢ Avoid anchors on your exact keyword especially when it is of the type “plumber Paris”. Google is sometimes a little silly but it should not be exaggerated, it could be the optimization on the nose and this kind of abuse lead quickly to the penalty…

Here are the Top 6 secrets to acquiring the high-quality backlinks we offer.


1. Analyze your competitors

Looking for backlinks? Why bother you, others have already done the job for you!

Step one, list your biggest competitors or items that appear in the top 10 places of Google for the keyword you are targeting. (You can start the operation again using alternative keywords; this will give you more potential backlinks to analyze)

Then, for each page you have noted, get back their backlinks using a tool like Majestic SEO, ahrefs or Seoprofiler.

Although these tools are paying, you can most often use some features for free or even all the features during a trial period limited in time (take the opportunity to analyze a maximum of your competitors).

To analyze all these potential backlinks, I advise you to integrate everything into an excel file and to use filters to keep only the best ones.

2. Complete articles in your theme

If you work seriously, you will always have a look in your field to keep up to date with the latest trends and news. Well, that’s good news, because, with all the knowledge you accumulate, you are surely able to come up with ideas to complement the articles you read on a daily basis.

A simple email is enough to expose your idea to the author of the article. The gain is double! You establish a relationship with an actor of your theme and in addition, your idea will often be added to the article in question with a link to your site! Of course, this can only work if you bring a real added value to the article.

3. Create links in relevant directories

If you find specialized directories on your theme, it’s even better!
As this task is not complicated but a bit time-consuming, you can save time by outsourcing registrations.

There are many online directories that offer no real value to users and Google has excluded them from its search results. But not all web directories are bad. Some specialize in a field of activity, and their audience is particularly qualified.

The best directories are those that provide useful information to your potential customers. Take for example TripAdvisor or Yelp: they are essential for local businesses that serve consumers in a specific service area. Therefore, creating links in niche directories and directories relevant to your industry can be beneficial for your SEO.

In most cases, I also prefer paying web directories that have the merit of seriously reviewing each submission and adding only legitimate sites.
Probably one of the oldest sources of links in the world of SEO.

So yes, the beautiful days of directories are behind them and a link of this type will never be worth a good link from a “real” site but it does not mean that we must completely forget them.

Select carefully a few general directories, it will not hurt you and give a slight boost to your SEO. In a nutshell, a good directory is a directory that:
➢ does not automatically validate requests

➢ requires a long description

➢ has a correct trust flow (at least greater than 20)

If you find specialized directories on your theme, it’s even better!

4. Write guest articles

Well known technique and very used in recent years, the guest blogging still has good days in front of him. The principle is simple; you write articles that you propose then to other blogs in a theme close to yours.

Like all other techniques, it should not be abused and especially it must be done properly.
If you write low-quality articles, not only will you find it difficult to find blogs that will publish them (think about your reputation) but also those who will be likely to be frowned upon by Google.
So before you submit your articles, ask yourself the following question: Would I have agreed to publish this article on my blog? If the answer is no, it is not worth proposing it…

To find blogs that accept guest articles, you can, for example, search for:
“Suggest an article” + your thematic.

5. Make link exchanges

Although this technique is much less effective than before, you can still do it in small doses. By cons forget immediately exchange links in the footer or the sidebar. It does not help anyone and sends bad signals to Google.

If you want to exchange links, it must bring something to readers (both sides). Find respectively an article where you could make a link that adds to it or if you cannot find one, create a custom article to place the link. Try not to add your links at the same time and let a little time, it will seem more natural…

Finally, whatever method you use, always try to keep in mind the reader’s interest. If it helps, Google will be happy.
Alternatively, if you have several sites in the same theme, you can do indirect exchanges. You make a link to the site of a partner from site A and it links you to your site B. Good after, Google is not fooled, made it in good intelligence and does not abuse!

6. Use various anchor texts

If dozens of links point to a page with the right keywords, the probability that this page ranks well on the targeted terms in the anchor text is strong.

However, when you get links, be sure to vary the anchor tags on different websites. Padding anchor text with commercial keywords is far from natural and will surely because of your trouble.

For the backlink to look natural, you must use your brand name with other keyword variants.


Do not try to have very fast traffic to your site and many incoming links in a short period of time, because for this it will be necessary to resort to a link firm that is not recommended.

If you want a sustainable blog (and therefore a sustainable website with good traffic and ranking), the best way to create links is to do it naturally by providing intelligent content.

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