Tips for Hosting Multiple AirBnb Properties

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Tips for Hosting Multiple AirBnb Properties

Being an AirBnb host can be a great way to build up new streams of income, so think about the possibilities of hosting more than one AirBnb property. Even still, this great income opportunity doesn’t come without some added challenges, so let’s go through some tips for those who are interested in leasing multiple units on AirBnb.

Follow AirBnb & Local Rules

Before you start renting out two or more properties on AirBnb, you need to be aware of some of the regulations they have so you’re adhering to the rules at all times. Importantly, even if you’re operating multiple properties, you can only have one account on the platform. So, don’t create separate accounts for each property, or you could face some problems with the company and your account. 


In addition to AirBnb’s rules, your local city or state may have regulations around how many properties one can list as short-term rentals, so make sure to double-check what rules apply to you so you don’t end up making a costly mistake or being unable to list your property. 

Utilize a Property Management Company 

One duty that hosts have on AirBnb is to respond to messages and inquiries quickly, or else you could face troubles with your accounts and your listings. So if you find yourself unable to respond to all the messages you’re receiving for each of your properties, you may need to outsource some of the work.

Hiring a property management company allows them to respond to messages for you, and you’ll pay them a small percentage of your rental income as compensation. Plus, you can benefit from the expertise of property management companies that are seasoned in managing multiple AirBnb properties from one account. 

Enlist the Help of a Co-Host

Lastly, another great way to keep things squared away when leasing out more than one AirBnb property is to use a co-host. They can help you respond to guest issues and questions, and provide you with valuable tips and suggestions from their point of view.

It can be great to share the workload of managing multiple AirBnb properties together, though you should be aware of some of the rules that AirBnb has, including not allowing AirBnb users to be added as a co-host for multiple properties. So dig into the regulations a bit to make sure you’re adhering to all rules because the last thing you want is to end up with your account banned and being unable to rent out your multiple properties. 


Leasing out multiple properties on AirBnb can be a challenging yet rewarding endeavor, so follow some of these tips above to give yourself the recipe to success. 

Bailey Schramm is a writer in partnership with Ximplifi vacation rental accounting solutions

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