How to Use Your Video for Branding with a Logo

Video marketing and branding is a hot topic in today’s fast-paced consumer environment, and no wonder! The average internet-user spends about 100 minutes per day watching video content, and 88 percent of marketers list video as providing a high return on investment.

In short, video is an excellent modality for effective branding.

But it isn’t just about […]

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Jun 28|

4 Ways to Brand Your Business as Secure & Confidential

Data theft has become a growing risk for companies, and with its rapid increase of over 650% year over year, information security has become top-of-mind for businesses. Security vulnerabilities and exposure cost organizations more now than it did even five years ago. The average cost of a data breach just last year was a whopping […]

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Jun 23|

Using Merchandise to Brand Your Business & Build Awareness

Is branding your business giving you a headache? Then why not reach for some Tylenol? Wait . . . not actually. Consider that what you’ve just accepted is that the brand name “Tylenol” is the actual product acetaminophen. These stand-in terms, known as proprietary eponyms, have brought us Coke for cola, Q-tips for cotton swabs, […]

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Jun 23|

The Power of Website Photography in Marketing Your Brand

We are living in a world surrounded by photos and videos. As a result, this powerful medium is lauded as one of the most effective ways to market a business.

That said, website photography alone has the potential to win the modern marketing game for your brand. Additionally, placing a particular emphasis on the photography of […]

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May 27|

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