Product Photography Tips That Can Boost Fashion Sales

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Product Photography Tips That Can Boost Fashion Sales

Product photography is a tried and tested advertising strategy that utilizes images to give potential customers a glimpse into something they might want to purchase. Every industry makes use of this particular method, with the fashion industry being one of the most notable examples. Magazines publish images from professional shoots or runways to showcase to readers the current fashion and product trends to follow and faux pas to avoid. These images then dictate what people wear and which styles other retailers will produce for their stores.

Having quality images can be a deciding factor in whether or not customers will buy your product so it is important to take the time and resources to ensure that you have the best photos possible. With that in mind, here are a few tips for upgrading your product photography to boost your sales:

Have good equipment

While good pictures can certainly be taken on a cellphone, great photos are captured using quality equipment. Even beginner photographers know how having a tripod can help with stabilizing shots or how professional lighting fixtures ensure a clean and crisp image. Furthermore, having a good DSLR camera will allow you to take high-resolution photos that can entice customers to click on the product. A model like the Nikon D3500 comes with a 55-milimeter lens and can capture images at 24 megapixels, highlighting product details that you want people to see. Investing in good equipment will result in better quality photographs overall, boosting the chances that more people will be drawn to your product, which hopefully will result in more sales.

Product Photography Tips That Can Boost Fashion Sales

Get creative with light manipulation

Most people associate photo manipulation with the post-production process but having to heavily edit your pictures can be tiresome and labor-intensive. From the get-go, you should already plan your creative shots and simulate different effects practically, using editing to enhance them rather than add them to the photo. One way to do this is by utilizing different lighting tools that can cast an interesting effect on your picture. You can use diffusers to give a soft glow around your subject or a party light to emit different hues. Neon strips are also a popular option for textured and bright images. For instance, a sunset lamp from Tsrarey is great when taking photos of beachwear. In product photography, aesthetics is everything and light manipulation can be a great way to catch a customer’s eye and entice them to purchase your clothes.

Product Photography Tips That Can Boost Fashion Sales

Tell a story

At its core, fashion is a form of art and your product photography should reflect that as best as possible. You will mostly see curated photographs from designer brands. Many high-fashion photographers like Jingna Zhang and Annie Leibovitz are known for being able to take pictures that are gallery-worthy. If you are making premium clothes, or want to cater to a more discerning demographic, your product photography should reflect this. Try to tell a story through your images via small details like your model’s eyes, the way they’re positioned, or their facial expressions as well as the setting you put them in. Bustling streets and a fierce stare can emulate power while a small smile against a backdrop of flowers will portray softness. Use your ensembles to symbolize emotions like happiness, power, and love. Make viewers feel something so they remember your clothing. Good product photography will be able to sell not only clothes but the artistry that goes behind them.

Focusing on quality, creativity, and artistry are some of the ways you can use product photography to boost fashion sales. Giving customers an image that is eye-catching and makes them feel things will attract them to your pieces. When in doubt, you can also seek help from a professional product photographer to get the job done efficiently and effectively. 

By Celeste Dailyn

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