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When the kinds of photos your marketing team calls for are impossible to create in the setting available to you, the project may call for green screen photography. There are a lot of applications for green screen photo shoots and your company can benefit from the work of a seasoned professional.

The green screen photographer you choose has to have technological expertise to do a comprehensive job, because your photos aren’t going to Photoshop themselves. It’s simple on paper, but more complex when applying the technology to your needs.


Green Screen Photography for Company Events

You’re hosting a convention and the theme is seasonal – but you need a snowy background in July. Or the material for your industry’s trade show needs to feature huge farm equipment, however, there’s no time for a photo shoot in the fields.

A green screen in the background makes almost anything possible. If visitors to your corporate event are posing out front for a step-and-shoot opportunity, they will likely be even more enthusiastic with green screen photography. They can still post your event on social media, but with the added feature of that magical moment where they’re transformed into an invisible time and place.

Coldea Productions green screen photographers can provide the photo op before and during your event, plus maintain a presence by shooting breakout sessions, lectures, and parties. You get images that fulfill your loftiest goals – you have promotional tools for your next event, and your visitors, sponsors, and company executives have a visual symbol of your success.


Consistent Shots with Green Screen Photography

Green backdrops are sometimes used for simple needs, such as corporate headshots and portraits. It’s a technology for projects with disparities in place or time.

For instance, your website goes online with a united front, where all your C-suite executives appear to be seated in front of the same backdrop, even if they’re thousands of miles away from each other.

You can determine the colors and styles that match your brand – even change or improve your message – with professional green screen photography. Cruise ships do it, museums do it and so do theme parks. You can reward your customers and double down on your impact by creating a green screen photo op.

Green Screen Photography in Film/TV

Tune in to any news station and you know a green screen is being activated during the weather forecast, at the very least. It’s easy to find those new, young weather persons who seem to get confused about the series of images on the board.


Ad agencies call in a green screen photographer when they’ve booked the talent and they’re ready to shoot, but there’s a problem. It may be unexpected rain or another game-changing holdup.

Post-production teams, such as ours at Coldea Productions, go to work at the end of the process to pull together the project by mastering the Photoshop software, including the Lasso and Magic Wand.


Who Does the Best Green Screen Photography?

Though the technology may seem simple, the success of your project will hinge on the ability of the green screen photographer you hire. Coldea Productions staff members know the importance of lighting in creating shots with the quality you’re looking for.

We use equipment to light the screen evenly, so the composition of the shot is maximized. The individual in the frame (the subject) is lit differently than the background to prevent shadowing and we know how to detach the foreground so the desired background can change color or be customized according to your wishes.

After the shoot, you need your green screen photographer to begin the editing process, which means you want someone who understands chroma key imaging and is adept at using the tools included in Photoshop software.

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