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An expo comes in various forms and an exposition photographer is there to let the world in on the latest innovations in the field. Shows of that caliber draw huge numbers and reach around the globe, which makes them an effective means of marketing for companies in a related industry.

Expositions are held across the globe.

The first world expo was held in 1851. They’re global showcases for innovation where nations unveil their cutting-edge creations. Hosting an exposition is like planting a flag in a new territory. Industry leaders and entrepreneurs are staking a claim to their innovative direction.

When this kind of history is made, an exposition photographer must secure it for posterity. Well-known examples of images from the world’s fairs in the past include the Eiffel Tower, the Montreal biosphere and the Parthenon replica in Nashville.

Years later, many of these groundbreaking structures fall into disrepair, sometimes not surviving the century, which is what makes the exposition photographer who captures them on film so important.

One of the latest to hold a world expo is Dubai, bringing the Middle East into the centuries-old event, hosting for the first time in the region. The largest global festival in an Arab nation, the themes for Expo Dubai 2020 include opportunity, mobility, and sustainability.

According to Skift, the most popular European cities for conventions are London, Barcelona, and Amsterdam. There’s been a shift toward international events in Asia, with Singapore in the top spot. But half of all conventions are held in the United States, with sites such as the San Diego Convention Center in the top five.

The Coldea Productions team has provided trade show photography for corporations in convention centers, hotels, and numerous other venues. Our technical expertise makes it possible to get all the moving parts on film, from keynote speakers to booth operations. Your trade show doesn’t have to be worldwide or include groundbreaking technology to deserve high-quality event photography.

Expositions are held for a range of industries.

One of the world’s most widely known, the Japan Expo in Paris, features popular culture from the Asian country. Outside of shows that take place in Japan, it’s the largest of its kind, held every summer since 1999.

Thanks to exposition photographers, anyone in the world can have some of the experience without being there. Americans have plenty of opportunities to attend an expo in person as well. Nearly every industry you can name holds a large convention annually.

They vary in size – both physical and in numbers attending. Examples include:

  • The Water Expo
  • Gifts & Handicrafts Expo
  • CK Scrapbook Convention & Expo
  • Police Fleet Expo
  • NoCo Hemp Expo
  • Health and Wellness Expo
  • Home & Backyard Expo

Los Angeles Convention Center event photographer has a year-round schedule of large corporate functions including electronics conference E3 and the Anime Expo. Though half the size of the L.A. venue, Long Beach Convention Center photography shows it serving Southern California with such events as the state’s HR conference.

Many of the largest expositions are held in Las Vegas, Nevada – and perhaps the widest variety of industries. The Army-Navy Military Expo held at the Rio is successful enough to take place in both summer and winter.

The Digital Dealer Conference at the Mandalay Bay Resort is a good example of how expos draw individuals from multiple levels of the industry. It appeals to automotive dealers, social media managers, general sales staff, eCommerce directors, as well as principals from many of the firms represented.

Gathering that many industry giants create a synergy you can never capture the same way again, which is why every expo is different. But expo photography is a form of encapsulating its strongest points, which can be useful for your marketing efforts.

The skill of an exposition photographer has a direct reflection on the event organizers and impacts the success of the promotional material. Expo executives need images and convention videography to draw crowds year after year.

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