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The goal for a trade show exhibitor is to attract crowds with attention-getting exhibit booth photography, signage and other details of their display. The more visitors you have, the better your odds for expanding your customer base and scaling your company.

Exhibit Booth Strategy

Hiring an exhibit booth photographer before you construct your space for the show gives you the added benefit of professional input into the design. With Coldea Productions you get a creative team with experience in helping you design a look that’s head-turning and consistent with your brand.

When like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs gather for education and exposure to ideas, you want to be seen by your potential clientele. That requires an exceptional presentation, which you get with a team of professionals who knows what’s visually appealing.

There is an infinite number of trade show varieties, from anime and sci-fi to construction and the service industry. You need an exhibit booth photographer with the breadth of experience to work as needed in every capacity.

Your project is the highest priority when you hire Coldea Productions to help you construct a one-of-a-kind display for your booth.

Exhibit Booth Construction

Your trade show booth is competing for attention from your prospective clients, and the way you can stand out involves a number of steps. An article on Handshake lists five phases where you make decisions that can generate productivity for the show.

They include:

  • Pre-show marketing
  • Preparation
  • Booth staff training
  • Lead generation
  • Guerilla marketing

To create an unforgettable presence there are a few strategies to choose from in constructing an eye-catching booth.

2D Booth

Graphics that make bold statements are important in attracting potential customers at a convention or trade show. Your exhibit booth photography communicates your brand in an instant, so it must be on point. In fact, the article suggests that, in addition to your visual brand, you also have a six-word tagline that readers can digest in three seconds.

Your focal point for a small or medium-sized booth is the back wall. That’s where you place that message. Larger booths sometimes have two back walls, so they can include more meat and potatoes about your company.

No one knows your business better than you, so at Coldea Productions, we meet with you to gain a deep understanding of your industry and the attributes of your company so we’re on the same page.

3D Booth

The space you rent has an appeal that’s based on location, size and the level to which you maximize its design. It needs to be more than just three walls and a table.

You gain attention through color and graphics, plus you can use high-tech features as well. You can offer chargers and free Wi-Fi to show attendees, plus expose them to your website at the same time. Additional display screens can also serve as walls.

But you don’t want to build “walls” at a conference, convention or trade show between you and your client base – you want connection. Of course, what you bring in terms of personality matters. But what you get from Coldea Productions exhibit booth photography is a design boost that lifts your business bottom line.

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