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There are many reasons why you need a corporate group photographer, regardless of the size of your company. From creating your website to prepping for a trade show, high-resolution images have numerous applications. Getting proper company photography is an investment in the success of your branding. 



Even when you’re just launching your company, you need a corporate group photographer for your website. When your potential clients are doing internet searches, they’re more likely to stay on your site if they get to know you through high quality corporate photography. The more polished and professional your images, the more competent you come across.

Putting your best foot forward – visually – is a great way to lay the groundwork for a relationship with potential clients. By getting to know you and your staff or board members through web photos they feel more familiar with you and you’re more likely to gain their trust.

When companies simply ask new hires and principals to submit an already existing headshot, your marketing materials lack consistency and your branding may look like the work of an amateur. You need professional headshot photography, probably including all of your personnel, from company executives and board members to rank-and-file employees.


Corporate Group Photography

If your board of directors can gather for a corporate group photographer, you have both a record of management and a marketing tool. Depending on your industry, the shoot should reflect the style and messaging you want to convey to customers.

While it’s always an option to use memes and cartoon graphics on your website, you want to research the demographics of your target audience before moving forward. Because we are a creative services company, we have experience designing a wide range of corporate brands, we can offer you professional advice where these choices are concerned. 

Decisions about your corporate group photography involve such factors as lighting, location and wardrobe. In an industry such as construction you may choose an informal picture shot inside a warehouse where everyone is dressed in denim, for instance. But for a Fortune 500 company it’s probably a better idea to dress in coats and ties and reflect formality by standing uniformly in rows.

Customized Business Images

You probably want a record of your company’s administrative history, so while gathering the board members for professional photos may be challenging, it’s important. This is typically a formal setting, so you want to hire a photographer with experience in corporate America.


Coldea Productions team members have provided corporate photography in some of America’s biggest cities. We have experience in a range of settings for the following industries, among many others:

  • Entertainment
  • Real estate
  • Technology
  • Finance
  • Bridal
  • Special events

We are happy to discuss the nature of your business to provide a corporate group photographer who has the technical know-how and sensitivity to meet your needs. Like you and your C-suite executives, the success of your company is our goal.

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