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A commercial photographer at corporate events isn’t optional. In fact, corporate event photography serves you before, during and after the function you’re organizing. Our creative services offer the complete corporate photography package, from the planning phase to your event’s long life afterwards.


Corporate Event Photography – Before

Promoting your event begins before the first ticket is sold or booth is built. Attendees want to see who the keynote speakers are, and other principals involved, before committing. That’s why you need professional headshots and other media for posters, brochures and web pages.

In our experience, hiring one corporate event photography team to complete the entire promo package is preferable. You don’t want variation between the backgrounds or styles of each of the photos in the project. They need to have a unified look.

We work closely with our clients to become fully informed before the project begins. You know your target audience, which has a huge bearing on the nature of the images.

Your shot list provides us with on-scene priorities to ensure that we capture everything that’s important to you and your clients. They may include candids of meetings, guests of honor, interaction among top management, speakers, etc.

If you’re a nonprofit’s convention director, you know which content is the most compelling to attract vendors and boost attendance. Annual events rely on images your corporate event photographer captures during the function.


Corporate Event Photography – During

Face it – you can’t be everywhere and do everything, no matter who’s watching. But when you’re the event organizer, you are carrying the lion’s share of responsibilities, depending on what type of function you’re planning:

  • Conference
  • Trade show
  • Organization milestone
  • Employee appreciation
  • Product launch
  • Team building

There could be thousands of selfies posted during your event, but they don’t take the place of professional corporate event photography. When you invest a lot of money into an event with a lot of moving parts, experienced professionals need to be in place to make it a success.

While you have bigger fish to fry (catering, transportation, the comfort of guests, etc.), we handle your trade show photography independently.

Our years of experience includes corporate event photography such as:

  • Corporate team building events
  • Collaborative group activities
  • Golf tournaments
  • Company parties
  • Awards presentations
  • Trade shows
  • Athletic events
  • Nonprofit conventions

Our creative services also cover out-of-the-box events as well. We handle the popular step-and-repeat shots at your logo wall, but we’re also equipped to facilitate unusual requests, from overhead performances to audience participation sessions at interactive conferences.

If your needs for corporate event photography include live streaming, we set that up for you, like our team at Coldea Productions also offers corporate videography.

Professional photography for corporate events serves many purposes, but during the function, it’s the attendees you need to please. They will typically pose for the camera gladly, but they light up when the images are converted into the on-the-spot swag.

Corporate Event Photography – After

At Coldea Productions, though our business is camera work, we have a team to help you with the optics of your company – in every way.

You want professional photos attached to your brand, nothing less. Our corporate event photography increases your exposure by adding quality to your company’s image.


Want to change your brand? You’ve got the power.

If you find that the public’s grasp on the nature of your business isn’t what you’d hoped – we get you results using corporate event photography to reshape their view of your company.

There are many ways to improve your image. Is your brand too stuffy? Then you need to promote images of event guests laughing and partying. Or does your company appear like a small group of amateurs? You need to reposition yourself with high-profile images from your event photographer. Did anybody famous show up at your event? Boom.

Even for employee relations, corporate event photography can serve to benefit you. Throwing a killer party isn’t in our wheelhouse, but if you put your resources toward employee-centered perks, we’ll be there to put it on film. Imagine the amount of exposure from social media sharing.

You already know that Twitter research shows that Tweets with a photo attached are retweeted at least 35% more often than those without a picture.

But you don’t need a lesson in the use of social media. Chances are you have masters on your team. As event management, you have a story to tell and you want to choose the best team to get it out there.

We’re here to tell you that our corporate event photography will continue to serve you long after the last vendor goes home.

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